sones, Frendys, or Kennesfolke, for less Somme than they be worth yerely, or may be set.
Item, Whether the Chapleyns of the Parisshe solempnise Matrimony, the Banes not asked, or out of the Chirche, or other straunge Parisshes, without Lycence of the Curat.
Item, Whether the Laymen pay their Tithes of right diewe, or by Custume.
Item, Whether any weddyd Man be Avouterer, or kepe ony Woman beside his lawful Wyfe; or yf ony Woman be advoutrice.
Item, Whether they be joined together in Consanguynite or Affinite, or lawful ben coupled togyder; or yf they behave them ill, or yf they be Causers of Strivys and Debatys.
Item, Whether ony Chapeleyn haunt ony Houses of suspect Woman.
Item, Whether ony singel Man kepe ony Woman in Fornication, whereof ony Fame is sprongen in the Parisshe, or ellys where.
Item, Whether ony Layman resayve in his House Advouterers or Concubynes, or norysshe them in Synne.
Item, Whether ony dede Men hath made his Testament, that is not competently provyd before the Ordinary by his Executors, or mynyster without ony Auctthoryte of the Ordinary.
Item, Yf ony Man let the last Wyll of ony dede Man or Woman, whether it be hys own Wyfe, or ony other dede Body.
Item, Whether ony Man procure a Man or Woman in his Dethbed, to [gyve] his Goodes amonge Peple, to defraud the Kyng, the Chirche, and his Creditours. The whyche Procurours be excommunicat by the same Dede; and the Body of the Dede shal lacke Hooly Sepulture.
Item, Whether ony Executor of a Testament applye or appropyr ony thynge of the Goodys of the dede Man, without it be gyven to hym amonge lyfe People, or it be left to him in the Testament of the deed Body, or if it be dew to him of the deed Body.
Item, Whether there be ony Usurers, Wytches, or ony that usen Incantacyons.
Item, Whether there be ony common Laborers on Sondays, or other Holydayes, in the Parysshe.
Item, Whether there be ony common Jangulers in the Chirche, lettynge the Servyce of God.
Item, Whether there be any common Diffamours of theyr Neyghbours.
Item, Whether ony Men attache Men of the Chirche, or bryngen to be attached, or procure to be grevyd for that thynge, that they have ben sued before in holy Chirche Lawne.
Item, Whether ony Man or Woman have leyd violently Handys on a Clarke, or have smyten hym, or dyspysed him, or cast agaynst hym; or yf ony Man or Woman have smyten a Layman or Woman in holy Chirche or Chirchyarde.
Item, Whether ony Man or Woman detayne the Lyght of a Lamp, or ony other Right perteyning to the Chirche.
Item, Whether ony Layman or Woman presume to sit in the Chauncel whyle the Masse is songen, agaynst the Person's Wyll, Vicar, or Parish Pryeste.
Item, Whether there be ony other Notary and open Causes, upon the whyche ony Subyet, Clarke, or Layman be diffamyd.



How Matters stood in one Parish, namely that of St. Magnus, with relation to the above-mentioned Articles of Enquiry, the Presentment following will declare; where at a Visitation of the Ordinary were fourteen substantial Parishioners made Inquisitors, who found these Articles:

Articles found by the Inquisitors at a Visitation of St. Magnus's Parish.

Fyrst, THAT the Chirche and the Chauncel is not repayred in Glasyng in dyvers Placys.
Item, That the Bookys and Vestmentys ben broken and unhonest for Dyvyne Servyce.
Item, That many of the Preystys and Clerkys often were foul and unclenly Surplesys.
Item, We fynde not that ony clyere Inventory is made of the Goodys and Landys of the Chyrche.
Item, That the Londys and Tenementys of the Chyrche, by favoure of the Chyrchwardeyns afore tyme, ben laten under the very Value by XX Li. yerely, and more.
Item, We fynde, that for defaute of good Provysyon both of the Chirchwardeyns and also of the Maysters of the Salve, neyther the Preystys nor Clarkys that ben retayned for the Chyrche, wil not come to our Lady Masse, nor Salve.
Nor the Clarkeys and Preystys that ben retayned by the Maysters of the Salve, wil come to Masse or Matins in the Quyer, where it might be wel brought about of the Maysters of the Salve, and the Wardeyns of the Chyrche wolde, for the mayntenyng of Goddys Servyce, at the tyme of the receyvynge of such Preystys and Clarkys, gyve them Charge, for as moche as they have so profytable and resonable Salery, that they al sholde as wel attende upon Masse, Mateyns, and Evensong, as unto our Lady Masse and Salve, and other Servyce; the whych to do sholde encrease in the Preystys and Clarkys good Custume of Vertu, and grete Encrease of Dyvyne Servyce.
Item, That the Chyrchwardeyns will not shewe us the Wyllys of them that have gyven Goodys or Landys unto the Parysshe, wherby we sholde forther inquyre whether the Wyllys be performed, or nat. For without them we cannot have therof Understondynge.
Item, That the Wardeyns of the Chyrche and of the Brodyrhed have not gyven theyr Accomptys.
Item, That aforetymes for defaute of good Dylygence and Authoryte of Accomptys of the Wardeyns, ther hath ben many and grete Sommes of Money taken from the Chyrche; the whiche might wel come to lyght, yf the olde Accomptys were well examyned.
Item, There is in the Handys of dyvers of the Parysshe, Restys of Money of the Beame Lyght, and of the Almes Gaderynge, to the Somme of XII or XVI Li. And that can one Palmer shewe the Trouthe.
Item, That the Chyrcheyard is unhonestly kepte.
Item, That dyvers of the Preystys and Clarkys in tyme of Dyvyne Service be at Tavernes and Alehousys, at Fysshynge and other Tryfyls, wherby Dyvyne Servyce is let.
Item, That by favour of the Wardeyns there by the admytted bothe Preystys benefyced and Religious, where there myght be more convenyent and expedyent, and that have more nede to be receyved in theyr Placys. And these ben the Names; Syr Robert Smyth, benefyced, and a Monk; Syr Johan Botell, benefyced; Syr Johan Bate hathe a thynge that we cannot understonde.

The Names of the Inquysytours of the sayd Articles at the same Visytacyon,

Johan Halman,} 
Symon Motte,} 
Johan Robchaunt,} 
Johan Younge,} 
Wyllyam Dycons,} 
Rycharde Baronys,} 
Johan Eton,}Parysshens.
Thomas Broke,} 
Wyllyam Hertwell,} 
Thomas Davy,} 
Wyllyam Crene,} 
Robert Vincent,} 
Symon Nevyngton,} 
Johan Turke,}