Dedication Day, which from this Day forward shall be thorough all London, and for the Parrish Chirches in London that be hallowed, the III. Day of Octobre. Also
One Day of the principal Festes of the Patron of every Chyrch through London and the Suburbes of the same yerely, without Contradiction.

And if such inhabyted Houses be letten for XX Shill. [then each respective Inhabitant shall pay Ob. [i.e. an Halfpenny.] If for XXX Shill. Ob. q. If for XL. Shill. one Peny. If for L. Shill. one Peny Ferthing. And so every ascending and descending by X Shill. into what Somme that ever it be, shall alway offer a Ferthing after the rate of X Shill. in the Festes abovesaid.

And if such Dwellings, occupied and inhabyted Houses be not letten, but peraventure the Owner dwelle therein, or freely let, or otherwise occupie as for a Dwellyng, that than the Offerings shal be as it was letten before, or els after a common Value, and dowt thereof [made] the Rent to be extemyd by the Chirche Wardens for the time being.

And if a Man dwell and inhabit divers Places and Houses within the said Cite, in one or divers Parisshes, he than shal, after the Rate and Days aforesaid, offer every House to the Chirch in whose Parish they stonde: Provided alway, that when two of the Festes aforesayd fal upon one day, than the Offering shall be for one day.

Item, Where ony dwellyng in the sayd Cite, inhabyteth or occupieth a Dwellyng Place, a House under the Pryse, Rent, or Pensyon of VI Shill. and VIII Pence, that than he shal be bound to offer four Days in the Yere, in the four principal Festys of the Chyrch there as he is Parisshen of. And if such Pension or Rent extend to the ful Somme of VI Shill. and VIII Pence, or above, and not fully to the Somme of X Shill. that than them inhabytant for every Shilling shal pay to the Chyrche one Peny Ob. onys in the Yere. Provyded alway, that if the sayd Dweller com before his Curat, and say upon his Faith and Trouthe, that he may not pay his said Mony according to the Ordinaunce aforesayd, benethe X Shill. that than the said Curat shal hold him content with such as he wil give him, aught or naught, and the Dweller therupon shal be quyte.

Also, and the Pensyon of Rent of such inhabytant Houses, extend above the Somme of X Shilling, and not fully to the Somme of XXX Shill. and so to ony Somme being betwene X and X, than the Inhabitant shal pay ones a Yere to the Curat for every Shelyngis of the said Somme being betweene X and X, one Peny Ob. yerely.

Item, Wheras a Dwellyng House is hyred of grete, and after letten out by Partyes to sondry Folkes, that than the Hyrer in grete, yf that he dwel in the principal part of the same House, shal offer to God and to the Chirche, in the Days aforesaid, for the Rent of al the hole Rent, yf the said House be inhabyted and occupied as Dwellyng Places; and ellys after the Rule that followeth.

And yf the said Hyrer in grete dwelle not in ony parte thereof, but let it out againe, that than he that dwelleth in the principal part shal offer al, and the Remnant IV Pence by the Yere.

Item, Al tho in the said Cite or Suburbis, or that occupie Houses not inhabyted, as Shoppes, Celars, Shaddys, Warehouses, Stables, Wharfes, Kranes, Timbre Hawes, Teynter places for Fullers, or other Places, and Gardens, shall ones in the Yere, for every Pound that they be letten for, yf they be hyred, or after a common Value yf they be not hyred, given unto the Curat of the Chyrche there as such House ben VI Pence, without ony other Offerings for the said Houses, ascendingis or descendingis, after the Rate of VI Pence of the Pound, and for X Shill. III Pence, and so after the Rate ascendings and descendinges, without more Charge of offering for it.

Item, That al Apprentises, Servants, and hyred Men within the said Cite, not charged with such Rent and Housyngys, which shall be Houselded at Ester, or about Ester, shal four times in the Yere, at four principal Festys, offter to God and to the Chyrche.

Also for Personal Tyths, the Parisshens by this Ordynaunce shal neyther be charged nor discharged; savyng that hereafter shal no Curat vex, trouble, sue, ordaynye Sacramentis or Servyce, for no Payment of the same, but leve them to good Devocion and Conscyence of the Parisshens.

Item, Al Offryngs undone before this Day, or ony other attempted contrary, beside, or ageynst this present Writing, by ony Person or Persons, shall stonde quite, and not be remembred as unto ony Suite or Strif; but al such things before this Day done, shall clean be remett and forgeven on boothe Perties.

Be it in mynde, that this Bond and Arbitrement is made the XVII Day of Decembre, the Yere of the Incarnation of our Lord M.IIII.C.L.V.II. by Maister Laurence Bothe, Maister William Radclyf, Maister Lucas Lancok, Master John Aleyn, Maister John Lyleford, Geffrey Felding, William Taylor, Maister Robert Kent, Arbitratours, chosen upon the Premisse, as in the Tenor of the Compremisse thereupon openly made, it may appere.

Whereas mention was made above of an Archbishop's Letter, and of the Process against Robert Wright, and of a Letter of Pope Innocent, and a Bull of Pope Nicolas, concerning these Offerings, we shall here exhibit them, as they are preserved to us in the Old Book of Customs of London.

And first, the Archbishop's Letter was as followeth.

THOMAS Archbishop of Cantyrbury, Primat of England, to the Maior, Sheriffs, Aldyrmen, and Cytizens of London, Gretyngis.


ALMIGHTY God, to whom belongeth [the World, and all thingys] therto, and all that is theryn, commaundythe that Tenthis sholde be giuen him, and wolde be honoured Spiritually with Offryngis; and therefore the Reuerende Fader, Roger Nyger, late Bisshop of London, made a Constitucion, (as we find in our Visitacion) upon offring on Sondayes and solempne and doubly Festis, and nambly of the Appostils, whoes Vigils ben fastid, by the Inhabitantis of Houses, Hostries, and Shoppis within the Cyte of London: that is to say, that all and euery Inhabitantes Houses, Hostries, or Shoppes; for an House, Hostrie, or Shoppe, whoos Pension is X.s. by Yere, a Ferthing; and so forth, if it assende to XL.s. a Peny. Some yet hauing lytell regarde to their Soules, construed, that if the said Pension never so moch excedyd XL.s. that hee shall pay but one Peny. We therefore, wylling that all Alteracion as touching that sholde be remoued, Will by the Autoryte of this Letters, that if the said Pension excede XL.s. by Xs. that he shall pay one Peny Ferthing, and for euery X.s. assending, a Ferthing. And for as moche as we will not hereafter ony forward [froward] Exposicion of this Confirmacion to be had, We will that all tho that hereafter will not obey and follow this our Exposicion, stonde accursed by the gret Sentence by the same Dede. And for as moche as no Man shall excuse himselfe by cause of Ignoraunce, We will and ordaine, that all Curatis within the said Cyte,

The Archbishop's Letter to the City, for Offerings.