Sacrament of the
Lord's Supper
Lecture Sermons.Charity
St. Mary at RotherhithW.F. 11  *Every 3d Sund. E. 5
Every last Thursd. M. 10
Boys 20
St. Mary at IslingtonW.F. 11
Lent 11
Sat. 3   
St. Mary at LambethW.F. 10Sat. 3   
St. Mary at WhitechapelW.F. 11Sat. 3 *Every last Sunday E. 5B. 60. Caps
and Bands.
B.C. 20
G.C. 40
St. Mary Woolnoth in Lom-
D. 115   
St. Matthew in FridaystreetF. 10 Every other Sund.
M. 6
From Lady Day to New-
Years Day every Fr. M. 10
St. Michael Bassishaw, Basing-
W.F. 116 From Sept. 29 to Mar. 25
every Wednesd. E. 5
St. Michael in Cornhill W.F. 11  Every Sunday M. 6
Every Saints Day M. 10
St. Michael in CrookedlaneW.F. 10    
St. Michael at Queenhith 6   
St. Michael call'd Abbey in
Old Fishstreet
 6 Every Thursday M. 10 
St. Michael Royal on Col-
lege Hill
W.S. 116 Every Friday Sum. 4
Wint. 5
St. Michael in Great Wood-
W.F. 11    
St. Mildred in BreadstreetW.F. 10    
St. Mildred in the PoultreyW.F. 11  Every last Wednesday 4 
New Chapel in Westminster 6 *4 Sund. in Advent, 10, 2
Every last Friday 3
B.C. 50
St. Olave in Hartstreet W.F. 11  Every Thursd. M. 10, from
Mich. to Midsummer
St. Olave JewryF. 10  Every Wednesday M. 10 
St. Olave in Southwark W.F. 11  From Mich. to Lady Day
Wednesday E. 5
Oxenden Chapel in St. Mar-
tins in the Fields
D. 93 Every Friday M. 10 
St. Paul's Cathedral D. 6, 103Every Sunday 11Mr. Boyle's Lecture every 1st Monday
from September 29 to June 24 at 10
Every Saints Day 9
St. Paul at Covent GardenD. 6, 10 3, 6Every 3d Sun. M. 6Every last Sunday E. 6B.C. 25
St. Paul at ShadwellW.F. 11  Every 2d and last Sunday E. 5Boys 40
St. Peter in Cornhill D. 114Every Sunday 12  
St. Peter Poor in BroadstreetW.F. 11  *Every Sunday E. 5Boys 50
St. Peter, alias Westminster-
D. 6, 103 Every Holiday 9 
Poplar ChapelW.F. 11 Every 3d Sund. 12Every Thursd. E. 3. before
the 3d Sun. in the Month
Boys 30
St. Saviours SouthwarkW.F. 11  Every 1st Sund. E. 5 
St. Sepulchres without New-
D. Sum. 6
Wint. 7
3Every Sund. from
Easter to Tri-
nity, 12
*Every 2d Sunday E. 5
From Sept. 29 to June 24,
every Thursd. at 10
B.C. 50
G.C. 45
St. Stephen in Colemanstreet D. 11 Every Sunday 12  
St. Stephen in WalbrookD. 11Sat. 4   
St. Swithin at LondonstoneD. 116 Every Tuesd. from Sept. 29
to June 24, E. 5
The Tabernacle in Spittle-
D. 118 Every Wed. E. 7. before
the 1st Sun. i' th' Month
Temple Chapel in Fleetstreet Vacat. 8
Term 7
Holiday 9
4, 32d Sunday every
Term 12
Trinity Chapel D. 113 *Every Wednesd. M. 10 
St. Vedast in ForsterlaneW.F. 11Sat. 4   
Whitehall ChapelD. 7, 115Every Sunday 12Every first Sund. M. 7
W.F. in Lent. 11

Note, That on every third Friday in February will be preached annually a Sermon at Bow Church before the Corporation Society, erected for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts. And the first Monday after Christmas and Lady Day will be preached a Sermon before the Societies for Reformation of Manners, at the same Church.