Monuments. The Parish of St. Mary Savoy.109

Monuments. The Parish of St. Mary Savoy.
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Map of the Parishes of St. Clements Danes, St. Mary Savoy
  Map of the Parishes of St. Clements Danes, St. Mary Savoy ]

On either side of her these Lines.

Morti præda jaces,
potuit nec plurima forma,
Gratia, nec mentis
vincere fata pudor:
Et tamen in terris ultra
spes sigitur, alto
Quærenda est merces
non peritura polo.

Peregrinatio est vita.

Vivis & æternum victa
de morte triumphas,
Exuvias tantum
possidet illa tui:
Omnia sic patrias sedes
unde orta revisunt,
Redditur & Cœlo
mens pia, corpus humo.

Mors meta laborum.

Next to the other is a very ancient Monument with this Inscription.

Pray for the Souls of Sir Richard Rokeby, Kt. and Dame Jane, his Wife: Whose Bones rest here under this Tomb. Which Sir Richard deceased the 27th of April, 1523. and the said Dame Jane deceased the 15th. On whose Souls Jesu have Mercy.

Over the Vestry Door in the Chancel, is a very fair Tomb with these Words.

Hic jacet Alicia, Filia Simonis Steward, de la Kingheth, Suff. Obiit 18 Junii Humanæ salutts, 1573.

Virtutis præmium Virtus.

Upon a fair Marble Stone in the Chancel, is this Inscription.

Here lies interred the Bodies of Peter Lilly, Doctor of Divinity, one of the Brothers of the Savoy, Prebend of Pauls, and Archdeacon of Tanton, who died at the Savoy, Anno Dom. 1614. And of Dorothy Lilly, his vertuous Wife, who also died at the Savoy, the 1 of June, Anno Dom. 1627. And of Mary Lilly, their only Daughter, who departed this Life at Fulham, the 10 of October, 1625.

Close to the other, this,

Here under lieth the Body of Francis Bulbeck, late of Clevedon, in the County of Somerset, Esq; the eighth Son of John Bulbeck, of the same Place and County, Esq; deceased. Which said Francis died, being never married, the 9 of November, in the Year of our Lord God, 1585.

Close to the other, this,

Here lieth buried Peter Richardson, Goldsmith and Jeweller, born in Holland, in the Parts beyond the Seas, Servant to the most famous King Henry the Eighth and King Edward the Sixth, to Queen Mary, and to our most dread Sovereign Lady, Queen Elizabeth. Which Peter having married Anne, the Daughter of Robert Wilson, lived to the Age of 84 Years, and died a faithful Christian, the 24 of March, in the Year of our Lord God, 1586.

There is also in this Chancel buried the Body of one David Bedo, Batchelor of the Law, and Steward to the Lord of Carleil, &c. 1541.

Close by the former.

Lieth buried the Body of Humphrey Lovel, Esq; with his two Wives and five Children. He died the 16 of November, 1585.

Close to the other is this.

Hic jacet Dominus Richardus Ellis, quondam Hospitularius hujus Hospitalis. Qui obiit 3 die Augusti, 1550. quadragesimo 5. [ætatis anno] Cujus animæ propitietur Deus. Amen.

At the upper End of the Chancel, in the East Corner, is an ancient Monument with this Inscription.

Wilielmus Chaworth, secundus Filius Johannis Chaworth, de Wynerton, in Comitatu Notingham. Militis, hic in suo Cœlibatu repulverescit. Cujus Spiritus in Cœlis, carnis reassumptionem expectat.

Obiit 24 die Martii, Anno salutis à Christo 1582. & suæ Nativitatis 28.

Necessitudinis Symbolum.

A very fair Table with a rich Coat of Arms, on the East Wall, toward the lower end of the Church.

Over it these Words

So good a Father and Mother are never to be forgotten.

Under it these.

Here lieth the Body of Rebecca Burton, Wife to Captain Nicholas Burton, and Daughter to Henry Somaster of Painsford in Devonshire, Esq; Who departed this Life the 28 of February, Anno Dom. 1632.

In the Wall on the West side of the Church, is this ancient Memorial.

The first sepulted in this Place
after they it sacrated,
Was Humphrey Summerset,
Deacon, which here doth lye,
Batchelour in the Arts,
when cruel Death oppressed,
The fifteen hundred and fifteenth Yeere
of God Almighty,
The fifteenth Day of April.
Which Humphrey doth call and cry,
With lamentable Escrikes,
and good Devotion,
All devout Christen Men
and Women that pass hereby,
Pray for my dolorous Soul,
for Christs bitter Passion.

On an ancient Place close to the former, is this Inscription.

Here by this Wall side buried is William Vevian, Son and Heir unto Michael Vevian of Cornwall, Esquire. Which William was Servant unto the Right Noble, Charles Sommerset, Earl of Worcester, the King's Chamberlain, and by Misfortune drowned in the Thames, on Passion Sunday at afternoon, in the year of our Lord God, 1520. For whose Soule pray of your Charity, as you would be prayed for.

In the Body of the Church, upon a brass Plate on the Ground, is this Inscription.

Here lieth Humphrey Gosling, of London, Vintener, of the White Hart of this Parish, a Neighbour of vertuous Behaviour, a very good Archer, and of honest Mirth, a good Company keeper.