Suburbs. Customs and Orders, &c. 100

Suburbs. Customs and Orders, &c.

Buildings to be erected, shall pay Fines, as those already built.


ITem, all Messuages, Tenements, and Cottages, that shall hereafter be built upon any the Copyhold Lands, whereof the Customs are hereby meant to be declared; shall be held and enjoyed by the Copyhold Tenants thereof, under the same Customs and Articles herein declared, as the Lands whereon they shall be built are holden and enjoyed; but shall pay such Fines therefore, as is before expressed or declared for Messuages, Tenements, and Cottages, that shall be new built.

The Lord shall not sever from the Manour any of these Copyholders, to any Persons in Fee-simple, or other Estate of Freehold.


ITem, The Lord of the said Manours, or of either of them, their Heirs or Assigns, shall not at any time hereafter grant, or convey (severed from the Manour whereof the same is now holden, or ought to be holden, any of the Messuages, Cottages, Lands, Tenements, or Hereditaments, whereof any of the said Persons, named Parties to the said Indenture hereunto annexed, is now Copyholder or customary Tenant, to any Person or Persons in Fee-simple, Fee-tail, or for Term of Life, or other Estate of Freehold, or for any Estate or Term, other by Copy of Court Roll, according to the Customs of the said Manours, and true meaning of these Presents, and the Indenture whereunto the same are annexed; except the Freehold to be granted or severed, at the Petition and Desire of such Person or Persons as then shall be Copyholder thereof, according to the true meaning of these Presents.

And if the Lord hath granted away the Freehold of any the Copyhold Lands or Tenements, whereof the Custom is hereby meant to be declared: he shall get and take the same back again; and the same shall (notwithstanding such Grant or Alienation) be annexed to the Manour whereof it was, or is held, and shall be held and enjoyed by the Tenant, his Heirs and Assigns thereof, by Copy of Court Roll of the same Manour, under the Rents, Services, and Customs in these Articles expressed, and not otherwise: and also, that the Lord shall admit by his Steward or his Deputy, all such Tenant and Tenants that ought of right to be admitted upon the Presentment of the Homage.

What the Lord is disabled of doing.