Suburbs. Customs and Orders. 89

Suburbs. Customs and Orders.

The Scedules, containing the free Customs, Orders, Immunities Discharges, Benefits, and Privileges of the Manours of Stepney, alias Stebunhith and Hackney, in the County of Middlesex: Agreed unto, approved, allowed and ratified, as well by the Right Honourable, Thomas Lord Wentworth, Lord of the said Manours; as also by his Lordships Copyhold or Customary Tenants, or reputed Copyhold, or Customary Tenants of the said Manours, or of either of them, named Parties to the said Indenture, whereunto those Scedules are annexed. By which, all and every the same Copyholders, or Customary Tenants, their, and every of their Heirs and Assigns, are to hold, use, and enjoy, inherit, alien, demise, or dispose all and every, or any of the said Lands, Messuages, Tenements, Cottages, and Hereditaments, which they, every, or any of them respectively do hold, claim, or enjoy, by Force, or Pretext of any Grant heretofore made by the Copy of Court Roll of the said Manours, or either of them, the Day of the Date of the said Indentures: That is to say, the twentieth Day of June, in the Years of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord JAMES, by the Grace of God of England, France, and Ireland King, Defender of the Faith, &c. the fifteenth, and of Scotland the Fiftieth.


These Copyholds are of Inheritance, held of the Lord by the Rod, according to the Custom.


IMprimis, By the Customs of the said Manours, and either of them, all the Copyhold Lands, Tenements, and Hereditaments, which the particular Persons (named Parties to the Indentures, whereunto these Scedules are annexed) do hold or enjoy, and (time whereof the contrary hath not been within the Memory of Man) have been Copyhold and customary Lands, Tenements, and Hereditaments of Inheritance, demised and demiseable by Copy of Court Roll of the Manours aforesaid, or one of them respectively, according to the Customs of the Manour whereof the same are holden: And all Copies of Court Rolls of the same Manours, and either of them, by all the time aforesaid, for the same Lands, Tenements, and Hereditaments, have boen made, and ought to be made, to hold of the Lord by the Rod, according to the Custom of the Manour whereof the same is holden, by the Rents and Services therefore due and accustomed. And all the said Lands, Tenements, and Hereditaments have been passed, and are to pass and go from such Persons; as (according to the Contents of these Scedules) have Power, and are enabled to make Surrenders to any other Person or Persons by Way of Surrender, to be made to the Hands of the Lord, by the Acceptance of the Steward of the Manour, or his Deputy for the time being, in Court or out of Court; or by the Acceptance of the Reeve of the Manour, whereof the same are holden, or by his Deputy within the same Manour, or elsewhere, in Presence of six customary Tenants; or by any Headborough of some Township or Hamlet within that Manour, in Presence of six customary Tenants, in or out of the same Manours. Which Surrender or Surrenders have been, and shall, and may be to the Use of any Person or Persons, and their Heirs for ever in Fee-tail, or for Life or Lives, with Remainders or without Remainders, as Lands may be assured by the Course of the common Laws of this Realm, or else to the Use of the last Will and Testament of the Surrenderers, or of any other Persons, according to the Intent and Limitation of such last Will and Testament.

How Surrenders are to made.

See further in the nineteenth Article.

Quit-Rents are to be paid Yearly at Michaelmas.


ITem, The Rents of all the Tenants, both Freeholders and Copyholders, which hold any Messuages, Cottages, Lands, Tenements, or Hereditaments of the said Manours, or of either of them, are yearly payable only at the Feast of St. Michael the Arch-Angel, to the Lord and his Heirs; the same to be collected by the Reeves of the said Manours (severally and respectively to be yearly chosen, as hereafter is expressed) or their Deputies. And all and every the said customary Copyhold Tenants to pay the several Yearly Rents, now Yearly due and payable for their several Copyholds. And if any of the said Copyholds, for which any intire Quit- Rent is now paid, shall hereafter come into several Hands, the Rent thereof shall then be apportioned by the Homage, at the Court of the Manour whereof the same are holden; and so much only as by the Homage shall be appointed to be paid (pro rata) shall be paid to the Lord for the time being.

An intire Quit-Rent come into several Hands shall be apportioned.

At what Courts Tenants are bound to appear.


ITem, All and every Copyhold Tenant of the said Manours, or either of them, which now be, or hereafter for the Time being shall be, ought to appear Yearly at two several general Courts holden for the Manour, whereof his Lands or Tenements are holden, upon Warning, as hereafter followeth. And also so many of them, at all other set or appointed Courts, set, appointed, and kept for the said Manour whereof their Lands are holden, under the Number of eighteen, as shall be (for that Purpose) especially warned thereunto by the Reeve, or his sufficient Deputy for the time being. And the said Tenants shall do their Suits and Services according to their Tenures; except they be essoined, licensed, or have some other lawful Excuse, upon the Pain hereafter following. Which two general Courts have been commonly kept (and are to be kept Yearly) the one of them on Tuesday, the ninth Day after Easter Day; and the other, about the Feast of St. Andrew the Apostle, upon reasonable Warning: that is to say, in the Churches and Chapels within

The two general Courts yearly held.