Suburbs North East. 86

Suburbs North East.

An Abstract, or brief Relation of the two Manours or Lordships of Stebunhith, alias Stepney, and Hackney, Suburbs North East in the County of Middlesex. With the free Customs, Benefits, and Privileges to them belonging; and how they are holden by the Copyhold Tenants, of the Right Honourable Thomas Lord Wentworth. With some other especial and remarkable Notes, both of reverend Antiquity, and modern Memory.

Concerning the Indenture of Covenants &c.


WHereas (of late) Differences have arisen between the Right Honourable Thomas Lord Wentworth, Lord of the Manours of Stepney and Hackney, and his Lordship's Copyhold Tenants of the said Manours, for and concerning some of the Customs, Benefits, and Privileges of the said Tenants; It hath now pleased the said Thomas Lord Wentworth, in consideration of Three Thousand Pounds of lawful Money of England, in the thirtieth Year of the Reign of our late Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth, by the Copholders of the said Manours, unto the Right Honourable Henry Lord Wentworth (his Lordship's Father) then satisfied and paid: As also of other Three Thousand and Five Hundred Pounds more, to him the said Thomas Lord Wontworth now paid, by Indenture bearing date the twentieth Day of June, in the fifteenth Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord King James, of England, France and Ireland, and of Scotland the Fiftieth, made between him the said Thomas Lord Wentworth, Lord of the said Manours on the one part, and Sir John Jolles, Kt. and Alderman of London, and divers other of the Copyhold Tenants of the said Manours (whose Names are particularly in the said Indenture recited) on the other part: For the appeasing and final End of the said Differences, and for prevention of the like, and all other which (in time to come) might happen, arise or grow, betwixt the said Lord, his Heirs or Assigns, Lords of the said Manours, and the said Copyhold Tenants, their Heirs or Assigns, do covenant, grant, conclude, and fully agree to the effect following: that is to say,

The Cause of the now Compounding.

A. M.

The Consideration given for it.

30 Eliz.

15 Jacob.

The Deed of Covenants.

Imprimis, That the said Thomas Lord Wentworth is, and until a perfect Act of Parliament shall be had and made, (whereby all the Liberties, Privileges, Benefits, Customs, Immunities, Discharges, Additions, Alterations, Enlargements, Matters and Things, in the Scedules to the said Indenture annexed, mentioned, shall be for ever confirmed) shall be and continue seized of a good, absolute and indefeazable Estate of Inheritance in Fee-simple to him and his Heirs for ever in possession of, and in the said Manours, and either of them, and of the Copyhold Lands, Tenements and Hereditaments of the said Copyhold Tenants beforementioned, Parties to the said Indenture. And that he now hath, and then shall have, full Power and lawful Authority, to ratify, confirm, establish, and make good, all and singular the Covenants, Articles, Alterations, Enlargements, free Customs, Immunities, Discharges and Agreements contained in the said Indenture and Scedules, or either of them, to the said Copyhold Tenants respectively, and to their several and respective Heirs and Assigns, of and in the several respective Messuages, Lands, Tenements, and Hereditaments, whereof they are seized of any Estate by Copy or Court-Roll.

The Lord Thomas is seized in Fee;

And hath Power to confirm the following Articles.

And that the said Thomas Lord Wentworth, his Heirs, Assigns, and all other Lords of the said Ma- nours, shall for ever hereafter observe, perform, fulfil, allow, ratify, make good and keep all the said Articles, certainty of Fines, Usages, Customs, Privileges, Benefits, Immunnities, Discharges, Compositions and Agreements in the said Indenture and Scedules contained: And shall not at any time hereafter levy, take, require, or demand any other Fines, Suits, Customs, Works or Services, or in any other Manner, than in the said Scedules are specified: And the Rents which for the said Copyhold Tenements, by the Space of two Years now last past, have been yielded and paid by the Copyhold Tenants thereof. And also that the said Tenants, their Heirs and Assigns, shall for ever hereafter peaceably and quietly have, hold, maintain, and enjoy their several and respective Copyholds, with their Appurtenances, according to the several Grants thereof to them made; and under the several Rents for the same respectively, now due and payable according to the true Meaning of the said Indenture and Scedules, without Let, Suit, or Hindrance, Interruption, Alteration, Question, or Contradiction whatsoever of him the said Lord Wentworth, his Heirs or Assigns, or under any other claiming any Estate, Right, Title, Use, Interest, Office, Profit, Charge, or Demand, under his Lordship, his Heirs or Assigns, or under the said Henry Lord Wentworth deceased.

That these Articles for ever be observed.

And that the said Thomas Lord Wentworth, his Heirs or Assigns hath not, nor hereafter shall grant or convey, severed from the Manour thereof, the same is now holden; any of the Messuages, Cottages, Lands, Tenements, or Hereditaments of the said Copyholders, for any other Estate or Term, other than by Copy of Court Roll, according to the Custom of the said Manours, except the Freehold to be severed, at the Desire of such Person, as then shall be Copyholder thereof respectively: And that the Certainty of Fines, free Customs, Immunities, Liberties, Priviledges, Articles, Discharges, and Agreements in the said Scedules contained, for and concerning the several Messuages, Cottages, Lands, Tenements, and Hereditaments, whereof the said Parties to the said Indenture are Copyholders, or reputed Copyholders; shall (for ever) be, and be had, used, accounted, adjudged, taken and enjoyed, as the true Customs, Usages, Priviledges, Immunities, Discharges, and Liberties, of and within the said Manours, and either of them, not to be violated, altered, changed, or denied by the Lord or Lords of the said Manours, or either of them now or hereafter, at any Time or Times in any wise being.

That hereafter none of these Lands shall be severed from the Manour.

Item, That for the better ratifying, establishing, confirming, strengthening, perfecting, and making good of all and singular the said Articles, Covenants, Agreements, certainty of Fines, Usages, Customs, Enlargements, and Alterations of Usages and Customs, Compositions, Liberties, Privileges, Freedoms, Immunities, Discharges, Matters and Things in the said Indenture and Scedules contained, and for the setting forth of what Estate

That a Decree shall be had in the Chancery, to confirm the now Agreements.