Suburbs. St. Giles's. Streets, &c. 85

Suburbs. St. Giles's. Streets, &c.

there made at the House so called. The Bugle Bull Inn, of good Account: and Plough Yard. Then on the South side of the Market is Lyon Street, but short, and gives an Entrance into Holborn. And Westwards of the Market is Hide Street, and Brewers Street, both but narrow, and of no great Account.

Bugle Bull Inn.

Plough Yard.

Lyon Street.

Hide Street.

Brewers Street.

Bow Street comes out of Holborn, and falls into Peter Street, dividing Hide Street from Brewers Street, both narrow Streets, and not over well Inhabited. Out of Hide Street is Hides Alley, which gives a Passage into Holborn.

Bow Street.

Peter Street.

Hides Alley.

Great Russel Street, a very handsome large and well built Street, graced with the best Buildings in all Bloomsbury, and the best inhabited by the Nobility and Gentry, especially the North side, as having Gardens behind the Houses: and the Prospect of the pleasant Fields up to Hamsted and Highgate. Insomuch that this Place by Physicians is esteemed the most healthful of any in London. This Street takes its beginning at Kings Street, and runs Westward into Tottenham Road being of a great length, and in its Passage saluteth Southampton House, Montague House and Thanet House; all three the Seats of Noblemen: But for Stateliness of Building and curious Gardens, Montague House hath the Pre-eminence, as indeed of all Houses within the Cities of London and Westminster, and the adjacent Parishes.

Great Russel Street.

Southampton House.

Montague House.

Thanet House.

Opposite to Montague House is Queen Street, a good broad Street, indifferently well built and inhabited. On the East side is Gilbert Street, as also Little Russel Street; both which fall on the backside of Allington Row, used for Coach Houses and Stables. These Streets are but ordinary.

Queen Street.

Gilbert Street.

Little Russel Street.

Duke Street cometh out of Great Russel Street, and passing by Little Russel Street and Castle Street, falls into St. Giles's, through a narrow Passage of a Brewhouse. At the upper end, near Great Russel Street, is Nags Head Yard, a small place for Stabling. And near Little Russel Street is another small Place called Plough Court.

Duke Street.

Nags Head Yard.

Plough Court:

Castle Street hath on the East side Hart Street, and on the West Phenix Street; both which are but ordinary. Here is a small Place called Castle Yard. Brewers Street also of no great account, as is Peters Streets, which is but short.

Castle Street.

Phenix Street.

Castle Yard.

Brewers Street.

Peters Street.

Vine Street very long, coming out of Great Russel Street, passing by Phenix Street and Castle Street and falleth into St. Giles's through an Arch.

Vine Street.

Dyot Street also cometh out of Great Russel Street, and falleth into St. Giles's, almost against Monmouth Street. And at the end next St. Giles's is the Maidenhead Inn, of great resort by Mealmen and Country Waggons. It is very long, with Buildings and Inhabitants answerable to the rest of these Streets. And at the upper end of this Street, Eastwards, is Nottingham Street, which falleth into Plumb Tree Street, but short, narrow, and ordinary. Over against which is Bainbridge Street, which falleth into St. Giles's by the Pound. Where there is a small Place called Maynard Lane, which falls into Laurence Lane.

Dyot Street.

Nottingham Street.

Bainbridge Street.

Maynard Lane.

Laurence Lane.

Buckridge Street also on the West side of Dyot Street, another narrow and ordinary Place, which falls into St. Giles's by the Pound; and is overagainst Hog Lane.

Buckeridge Street.

St. Giles Pound.

Church Street, another such like Place, which falls into Banisters Alley against St. Giles's Church.

Church Street.

Church Lane, also but ordinary, cometh out of Bainbridge Street, and also falleth into Banisters Alley.

Church Lane.

Then on the North side of Bainbridge Street, near Tottenham Road is Wells Yard, very ordinary, and scarce worth the naming.

Wells Yard.