Suburbs. The Lady Duddeley's Gifts. 83

Suburbs. The Lady Duddeley's Gifts.

When the foresaid old Church was fallen, with the fall whereof that Skreen was demolished, the Parishioners erected a new Church in the room and place where the former stood. It began to be built Anno 1623, and was finished with the Wall about it, Anno 1631. many Hundreds of good Christians in other Parishes contributing to so good a Work. And then did this Lady give to the said Work, and the Wall encompassing the Church, many Hundred Pounds. Of which her magnificent Bounty the then grateful Parishioners erected a Monument, which is placed over the great Gate on the North side of the Church. The Words engraven in a large square Stone are these:

Quod fœlix bonúmque sit Posteris, Hoc Templum loco Veteris ex annosa Vetustate Collapsi, mole & splendore auctum multò, Parœcorum Charitas instauravit. In quibus pientissimæ Heroinæ D. ALICIæ DUDDELEY Munificentia gratum Marmoris hujus meretur Eloquium. Huic etiam accessit aliorum quorundam pietas. Quibus provisæ in cœlo sunt Grates.

The Church being finished, that the Inside of it might correspond with that which is without, the said Lady gave Hangings of Watchet Taffata, to cover the upper end of the Chancel, and those bordered with a Silk and Silver Fringe.

Item, For the back of the Altar, a rich green Velvet Cloth, with these three Letters in Gold, I.H.S. embroidered on it.

Two Service Books in Folio, embossed with Gold.

A green Velvet Cloth with a deep Gold Fringe, to cover the Altar on Sundays.

A Cambrick Altar Cloth, with a deep Bone-Lace round about.

Another fine Damask Altar Cloth.

Two Cushions for the Altar, richly embroidered with Gold.

A large Turky Carpet, to be spread on the Week Days over it.

A beautiful Skreen of carved Work: Which was placed where the former in the old Church stood.

Moreover, She gave a neat Pair of Organs, with a Case richly gilded.

Item, Very costly handsome Rails, to guard the Altar, or the Lords Table, from prophane Abuses.

Item, The Communion Plate of all sorts in Silver and Gilt, for that sacred Use: Which is as large and rich as any in the City and Suburbs.

Besides all this, She was at the Charge of paving the upper End of the Church with Marble. And gave the great Bell in the Steeple: which, as oft as it ringeth, sounds her Praise. And was at the Charge of casting and hanging the other five Bells.

Only this Bell, and the foresaid Plate excepted, all the forenamed Ornaments of the Church (being counted Superstitious and Popish) were demolished and sold (under pretence of relieving the Poor out of the Money received for them) by the Reformers (as they were called) in the Civil War time.

Besides these Largesses and Christian Liberalities to St. Giles, She gave long since to the Churches of Stonely, Mancester, Leke Wooton, Ashow, Kennelworth and Monks Kirby all in Warwickshire, twenty Pounds and upwards per Ann. apiece, for a perpetual Augmentation to the poor Vicarages of those respective Churches for ever.

Moreover, She bestowed on the same Churches, and likewise upon the Churches of Bidford in the foresaid County of Warwick, Acton in Middlesex, St. Albans in Hartfordshire, Patshil in Northampton; divers Pieces of fair and costly Plate, to be used at the Celebration of the Holy Communion in each of them.

Besides all this, She purchased a fair House and Garden near the Church of St. Giles aforesaid; and gave it for a perpetual Mansion to the Incumbents after three Lives, whereof two were expired, Anno 1669.

She also allowed a Yearly Stipend to the Sexton of this Church, to tole the great Bell, when the Prisoners condemned to die, shall be passing by, and to ring out after they shall be executed.

She likewise gave great Sums of Money for the repairing of the Cathedral Church at Litchfield, and for the re-edifying of St. Sepulchres in London.

All these, with many more were the Products and Fruits of her noble Charity, while she lived. And at her Death, she made these following Bequests.

I. For the Redemption of Christian Captives from the Hands of Infidels, 100l. per ann. for ever.

II. To the Hospital situate near the Church here in St. Giles, 400l. for 20l. a Year, for ever.

III. Fot the placing out for ever of poor Parish Children of St. Giles's Apprentices, 200l. to purchase a Piece of Land at 10l. per Ann. And two to be put out every Year.

IV. To the Poor of the aforesaid Parishes of Stonely, Kenilworth, Leke-Wotton, Ashow, Bidford, in the foresaid County of Warwick; and Patshil, Lichborow, and Blakesley in the County of Northampton, 100l. per Ann. to be disposed and distributed among them, in such sort and manner as her Will directs her Executrix. And

V. Upon the day of her Funeral 50l. to be distributed among the Poor of the said Parish of St. Giles's, and other adjoining Parishes.

VI. To fourscore and ten Widows, according to the number of Years she lived, she bequeathed to each a Gown and a fair white Kerchief, to attend the Hearse wherein her Body was carried; and one Shilling a piece for their Dinner after that Solemnity was performed: Which was on the 16th Day of March 1668.

VII. She appointed by her Will 5l. to be given to every Place or Town, where her Corps should rest in its Passage from London unto Stonely; where she had a Noble Monument long since prepared by her self.

VIII. She ordered that Six-pence should be given to every poor Body that should meet her Corps on the Road.

IX. She gave to Blaksley, Litchborough and Patshil 10l. a piece, to be distributed among the Poor the same Day her Corps was interred.

X. To the Parish of Stonely 50l. Which was distributed the same Day.

There is a Monument set up for her in St. Giles's Church thus inscribed:

A Lady of a vast charitable Mind, ad who did many good Deeds to that Parish. She dyed Anno 1669. third Daughter of Sir Thomas Leigh, of Stonely in Warwickshire, Kt. and Bar. Her Mother was Katharine, Daughter to Sir John Spencer, of Wormleighton, Kt. and great Grandfather to Earl Sunderland. The foresaid, Sir Thomas Leigh had by the said Katharine, John Leigh, Kt. Who was the Father of the Lord Leigh, Baron of Stonely.
There is her Funeral Sermon preached by Dr. Boreman Minister of St. Giles: And a Narrative of her Life and Death, which was published after the Sermon.
She was the Relict of Sir Rob. Duddeley, Kt. Son to Robert, late Earl of Leicester. And for his excellent Merits created a Duke by Ferdinand II. late Emperor of Germany. She was by Letters Patents bearing Date at Oxford the 20. of May, 20 Car. I.