Suburbs. St. Giles in the Fields. Monuments. 82

Suburbs. St. Giles in the Fields. Monuments.

ton, his Wife and Grand Daughter and Coheir of Sir Watkinson Payler, late of Thoroldby Hall in the County of York, Bar. She died Oct. 14. Ann. Dom. 1716. Aged 15.
Sicitur ad Astra.

Upon a Tomb beneath that above.

Johannes Thornton, in Memoriâ charissimæ Uxoris Margarettæ, Filiæ Georgii Collins hujus Parochiæ Sti. Egidii in Campis, hoc Monumentum posuit.

Under this sad Marble sleeps,
She for whom even Marble weeps.
Her Praise lives still, tho' here She lies,
Seeming dead, that never dies.
Religion, Love in suffering Brest;
Her Charity, Mildness and the rest,
Have crown'd her pious Soul, all mourn with Fame,
Her Husbands Loss and Midwifes Blame.
She dy'd in Childbed seventy Times blest and seven,
Her Child and She delivered both in Heaven.
Ob. die Jan. Ann. Dom. 1610. ætat. 16.

About the Edges of the Tomb Stone.

THORNTONS of Thornton in Yorkshire bred.
Where lives the Fame of THORNTON being dead.
Full South this Stone four Foot doth ly.
His Father JOHN, and Grandsire HENRY.

Upon a mural Monument at the Outside of the North Ile.

All that was mortal of HUGH MERCHANT, Gent. Born in this Parish. A Person eminent for all Christian Vertues, and a great Lover of Art, lies interred underneath. In Memory of whom his beloved Wife, the Daughter of William Jarman, Citizen of London, (by whom he had Issue nine Sons and nine Daughers) erected this Marble. Ob. Jan. 24. 1714. ætat. 55.

When by Inclemency of Air,
These golden Letters disappear.
And Times old cankred Teeth have shown
Their Malice on this Marble Stone,
Vertue and Art shall write his Name
In Annals, and consign his Fame
To Monuments more lasting far,
Than Marble Stones, or Golden Letters are.

There are some few charitable Gifts taken Notice of, by Inscriptions in the lower Part of the Church.

Charitable Gifts.

Against a Pillar these Words.

To the Intent the Poor of this Parish may for ever hereafter receive the Gift of the Donor, this following Inscription was here fixed and set up.
Sir William Cony, of this Parish, Kt. hath been pleased to give to the Poor of the same Parish 50l. to the End that the Interest thereof may be for ever distributed in Bread to the Poor, that is to say, twelve Penyworth every Sunday in every Year; and eight Holidays in the same Year; such as are particularly mentioned in the Act Book of the said Parish, remaining in their Vestry. Given in the Year of our Lord 1672.       Churchwardens.
James Partherich
Robert Hulcup

Another Inscription is to this Tenor:

Deo Votiva, Pauperibusque Tabula, The Honourable Robert Bertie of this Parish, one of the Sons of the Right Honourable Robert, Earl of Linsey, L. Great Chamberlain of England, and General of all the Forces of King Charles the I. who was slain at the Battle at Edgehill; hath given into the Hands of the Churchwardens 50l. That so the Interest thereof may be distributed from Time to Time, and for ever, to the Poor in Bread, Viz. Twelve Penyworth on every Sunday in the Year, and on every New Years Day 5s. if Sunday, otherwise 4s. And on the last Sunday of August in the same Year 5s. Began the first Day of January 1677.


The Gifts of Richard Holford, in the Year of our Lord God, 1658.
R.H. of the Parish of St. Giles in the Fields, in the County of Middlesex, Esq; did give the Sum of 29l. Yearly, for ever: To be issuing out of three Messuages or Tenements, lying in the said Parish: To be distributed quarterly, among the most aged and necessitated poor People of the said Parish, by the Ministers, Churchwardens and Overseers of the said Parish, successively for ever: And to no other Person or Persons, or Use or Uses whatsoever.

On the Top is an Arm holding a Bag of Money.

Upon a Mural Monument at the West End of the Church over the Belfrey Door, South Corner, this Inscription.

In Memory of Mr. John Pearson, late of this Parish: Who at his Decease Ann. Dom. 1707. left a Gift of 50l. a Year, for 99 Years. Viz. 25l. a Year to put out five Boys, Sons of poor decayed House keepers of this Parish, Apprentices Yearly, to Handicraft Trades. And 25l. a Year to the twenty Women in the Alms Houses at the End of Monmouth street.       Trustees.
John Marriot,
James Cannon,
And after their Death, to the Care of the then Rector of the said Parish.

Upon a Monument fixt to a Pillar on the South side of the Church.

To the pious Memory of Alice, Wife of John Pearson, late of this Parish, and of John Pearson, Goldsmith, Son of the said John and Alice. She dyed the 13th of April, MDCLXXII. Aged 45. He dyed March the 30. MDCXCV. Aged 21. Also of the first abovesaid, John, Who dyed the 7. Jan. MDCCVII. in the lxviii Yearof his Age.

Upon the Gallery on the South side of the Church, is this Inscription.

William Bambrigg, late of this Parish Esq; gave toward the Building of this South Gallery 3000l. for the Use of the Poor, in the Year 1671.

But of all the Benefactors to St. Giles's Church and Parish, the Lady Alice Dutchess Duddeley must stand in the Forefront. She lived in her House near the Church, and there she died, at the Age of Ninety Years, and hath a Monument in the said Church, tho' her Corps was conveyed to the Church of Stonely in Warwickshire, and there entombed. In which Parish she was born. But now to give a Catalogue of this Lady's Charities, as Dr. Boreman, sometime Incumbent, took them out of the Churches Register, and published them with her Funeral Sermon, Anno 1669.

Dutchess Dudley a great Benefactor to St. Giles.

When the former Church of St. Giles, which was decayed by Age, lay as it were in Rubbish, there being a void space at the upper end of the Chancel, wherein were old Coffin-boards, and the Bones of dead Men thrown, she being offended at that unhandsome Prospect, erected a decent Skreen to divide the said Chancel from that Place, to hide it from the Eyes of those that passed by.