Suburbs. St. Giles in the Fields. Monuments. 81

Suburbs. St. Giles in the Fields. Monuments.

Frances Cotton, Widow, Lady Boscobel, of the Privy Chamber to the Queen, 1677.

Joyce Burford, Widow 1677.

Theodosia Ingoldsby, 1693.

James, Son of William Woodman and Elinor his Wife, of this Parish, 1686. With his Sisters Elizabeth and Elinor, and Richard their Brother, and Mary.

The Right Honourable the Lady Frances Kniveton, Wife of Sir Gilbert Kniveton of Bradly in the County of Derby, Bar. She was one of the five Daughters and Coheirs of Sir Robert Dudley, Kt. Duke of the Empire, by the Lady Alice his Wife and Dutchess. The Honour and Title of Dutchess Dudley was, by Letters Patents of K. Charles I. allowed, and confirmed by K. Charles II.

The Right Honourable the Lady Anne Ho sister of the said Lady Frances. Another Daugher of the said Duke and Dutchess died 1663.

Susan Bradford, youngest Daughter of Charles Parry, Rector of Colwick near Northampton; and Wife to John Bradford, 1691.

South side.

Alice, Wife of John Pearson, Goldsmith, 1692.

Susan Wynn, Daughter of Francis Dayrel of Lillingston Dayrel in the County of Bucks, Esq; Wife of Thomat Wynn, of Bodvean in the County of Canarvan, Esq; 1664.

Barbara, their Daughter, 1662.

M.S. Hic sita est mulierum castissima Elizabetha Conyers, Gulielmi Langhorn Armigeri filia, natu maxima, uxorque charissima Conyers Armigeri, &c. Proh! dolor puerpera, ob. 1644.

P.M.S. Quod mortale fuit Margarettæ Beaw, uxoris Gulielmi Beaw, Legum Doctoris Com. Essexiæ, Suffolciæ, Norfolciæ Admiralitatis Judicis Regii, & filii natu maximi Guil. Episcopi Landavensis, &c. 1694.

Anne Gifford, 1632.

Benjamin Bradborn, Gent. 1676.

Arthur Newman, Gent. and Elizabeth, his Wife 1659.

Thomas Harculus, late of this Parish, Gentleman, 1697.

Lionel, Son of Lionel and Elizabeth Fletcher, 1678. And Elizabeth the Mother, 1678. And Lionel the Father, 1683.

John Hind, 1698/9. And Rose, his Wife, 1697.

John Ball who married Mariamne Hind, their eldest Daughter caused the foresaid Inscription to be made, in Respect to his Wifes Relations.

In the Churchyard are many raised Tombs, and Tomb Stones. For John Hooker, Citizen and Tallow Chandler, 1658. And Agnes his Wife, 1666, with others of the Kindred.


Thomas Cock, Armig. Summa erga tres Reges fide conspicuus &c. Cunctis Sphæristeriis Regiis per Angliam præpositus, &c. 1697.

Mary, the Wife of Edward Brisco, of London, Gentleman.

Robert Edwards, Esq; born in Wrexham in Denbighshire, once a Servant to the Right Honourable William Earl of Pembroke. Laid in a Vault, which according to his Desire his Wife Judith, Daughter of Thomas Dyke, of Horeham in Sussex, Esq; purchased of the Parish. Obiit 1673. Aged 78.

Richard Pendrel, Preserver and Conducter to his sacred Majesty King Charles II. after his Escape from Worcester Fight 1651. Who died 1671.

Against the East Wall outwards.

John the Son of Robert and Constance Wight, 1678.

Francis Harrowel, 1652. He bequeathed to the Poor of this Parish 5l. the Year for twenty Years and upwards, beginning the Year 1652. to be distributed overy Christmas by the Minister and Churchwardens, then in being.

James Hearnden, 1658. Prudence, his Wife, 1656. And William his Son, 1662.

Reader, let thy Reason know,
We were once as thou art now,
While we liv'd, we wrought in Stone;
Now attend the Corner One, &c.

George Chapman, the Poet, MDCXX

Ignasius Jones, Architectus Regius ob honorem bonarum Literarum familiari suo hoc Mon. D.S. P.F.C.

Against the South Portal.

Thomas Walton, 1668. And his two Sons and two Daughters.

Richard Shepheard, Churchwarden, erected this Stone in Memory of Elizabeth, his Wife, who died 1685. With three Daughters and one Son, her Mother and Brother.

Petrus Reggio: Cujus Corpus ex adverso jacet, natus Genuæ, divinam Musicæ Scientiam, a clariss. in sua Patria utque a Deo in toto Orbe Magistris excultam, ab ipso ulteriùs ornatam, &c. in Angliam transulit. Postremò, ad cœlestes Choros secum evexit, 1685.

Robert and John Wogden, Sons of John Wogden and Susanna, his Wife, 1678. And Edward another Son, 1687.

John, Anne and Obadiah, Children of John and Anne Easton, 1674 and 1676. Also Anne, his Wife, 1679.

Jane Baker, 1701. And Edmund Wright, her former Husband.

Worly Benion, 1698. And Judith, his Wife, 1700.

Upon a Monument on the middle Pillar on the South side of the Church.

M.S. Heic juxta jacent Exuviæ MIRABELLæ & MARIæ, charissimarum & amantissimarum, Conjugum ROBERTI LEGARD de Anlaby in Com. Kingston super Hull, Militis, In Curia Cancellar. Magistri. Hæc fuit Filia JACOBI STONEHOUSE de Amerden Hall in Com. Essex. Baronetti. Illa Wilhem. PHILIPPS Staffordiens. Gen. Filia & Hœres. De quâ uberrima gravisus est Prole. Quarum 4. hic sepeliuntur. MARITUS, Virtutum suarum eximiarum Cultor, hoc Monumentum in earum Memoriam & Honorem, mœstus, lugens merito P.P.

Upon the middle Pillar on the North side.

Sir ROGER L'ESTRANGE, Kt. Born the 17th of Dec. 1616. Dyed 11 of Dec. 1704.

Another Monument on the same Pilllar, for Elizabeth Downing, Daughter of Richard Dickson, Esq; Died Jan. 18. 1713. Also for Mrs. Sarah Dickson, Oct. 2. 1709.

On the small Monument on the next North Pillar;

H.S.E. PLEYDEL HALE, Gent. Tho. & Eliz. F.E. Familia Pleydellorum de Shrivenham in Agro Bercheriensi. Quem è Schola Ventæ Belgarum ad Literas Regis secretas vocatum, intercipiunt Variolæ & hoc condunt Sepulchro.

O! Mortem nimis invidam!     
Quæ ex eadem manu rapuit
Calamum Poetæ, Oratoris, & Secretarii.     
O! Fatum tamen non infanstum!
Quod Juveni, cui nihil plus ultra     
Datur vel Literaturæ, vel Ingeut,
Vitam dedit nunquam     
Ob. iv. Oct. MDCXCIV. ætat. xviii.

A Monument on the outside of the South Wall in the Churchyard: in a Vault, is,

Interred the Body of Alatheia Payler, Daughter of Watkinson Payler, Esq; and Dame Mary Stough-