Suburbs. Monuments in St. Giles's. 80

Suburbs. Monuments in St. Giles's.

Religion, Love,     
in suffering Breast,
Her Charity, Mildness,     
and the rest,
Hath crown'd her Soul;     
all mourn with Fame,
Her Husbands loss,     
and Midwives blame.
She died in Childbed.     
seventy times blest and seven,
Her Child and She deliver'd,     
both in Heaven.
Obiit octavo die Januarii, Ann. Dom. 1611. ætat. suæ 16.

On a fair Stone in the Churchyard is this Inscription.

Here under lieth buried the Body of Joan Barker, late Wife of Richard Barker, seventeen Years of this Parish, who deceased the last Day of July, Ann. Dom. 1626. Whom the Lord send a joyful Resurrection.
Expecta donec ventar.

Upon it thus:

Honesta Mors initium vitæ.
Turn again then unto thy Rest, O my Soul, for the Lord hath rewarded thee; and why? thou hast delivered my Soul from Death, mine Eyes from Tears, and my Feel from falling.
I will walk before the Lord, in the Land of the Living. Psalm 116.

This Stone was laid by her Husband Richard Barker, one of the Yeomen of the Guard to Queen Elizabeth and King James thirty Years, and now to King Charles. And was married to his late deceased Wife twenty Years and one Month, and had seven Children, whereof five live, Horatio, Anne, Elizabeth, Katharine, and Mary.

Close by this lies buried the Body of William How, April 3d 1626.

Also the Body of Elizabeth Mason, Wife of Amos Mason, Curate of the Temple, July 18. 1632.

Of John Cartwrite, Gent. August 13. 1620.

Of Richard Bestbitch, Son of Daniel Bestbitch.]

The Persons that have more lately been interred in the Church of St. Giles in the Fields, and have Monumental Memorials for them, are these:

In the Chancel North Wall.

Sir Tho. Widdrington, Kt. Sergeant at Law.

Later Monuments.

J. S.

Vir in dicendo cœlestis.

His four Daughters set up his Monument. He died 1674.

Christopher Wray 1645. in his last Will and Testament desired this Inscription following, Christ Jesus came into the World to save Sinners; of whom I am chief. 1 Tim. I. 5.

Rhoda, Widow, Relict of John Amcots of Astrope, in the County of Lincoln, Esq; 1659.

Frances Widdrington, the Wife of Sir Thomas, died in Childbed, 1649. Daughter of Ferdinand Lord Fairfax of Cameron. And their Daughter Dorothy, 1649. aged 12 Years.

To the Memory of the Right Honourable John Lord Bellasyse, Baron Worlaby, second Son of Tho- mas Lord Viscount Fauconbridge, his Wives and Children. Who, for his Loyalty; Prudence and Courage, was promoted to several Commands of great Trust, by Their Majesties King Charles I. and II. This Monument was erected to theit Memory, An. 1670.

William Thorold, Esq; Son and Heir Apparent of Sir William Thorold, of Marston in the County of Lincoln, Bar.

South Wall in the Chancel.

Philip Lord Stanhope of Shelford, and Earl of Chesterfield, Son and Heir to Sir John Stanhope, by Cordel, Daughter and Coheir of Richard Allyngton, Esq; and Jane his Wife, Sister and Heir to Sir William Cordel of Long Melford, Kt. 1656.

To the Memory of his dear Father, Arthur Stanhope erected this Monument. Which Arthur had Issue Philip and Henry, interred in this Church.

Another Monument next to it, the date 1660, but the Inscription gone. The Arms are, Or, a Lion Rampant with a double Tail Vert. (which is Dudley's Arms) impaling, Argent, a Fret Gules.

South Wall.

Thomas Cornwallis, Esq; Son of Sir Francis Cornwallis. He married Emma, Daughter of Sir Job Charleton, Kt. and Bar. 1703. His Grandfather Charles, his Father Sir Francis, and his Brother Charles, all lie buried in this Church.

Anna Maria, Countess of Shrewsbury; first married to Francis Earl of Shrewsbury, afterward to George Redney Bridges, Esq; of Avington in Hampshire, 1702.

Dorothy Wanke, 1690.

Two other Monuments on this South Wall, obscure and not legible by me.

Lady Katharine Cope, Daughter of Sir Edward Aston of Tixhal in the County of Stafford, Kt. and Wife to Stephen Slany of London, Esq; next to Sir William Chirwyn, Kt. and lastly, to Sir Edward Cope, Kt. 1646.

North Wall.

Ursula Hutton, only Daughter of Richard Hutton, of Popleton in the County of York, Esq; 1649.

Nathaniel Brackenbury, obiit funebri illo anno 1665. His Widow Elizabeth, after married to Leonard Sowersby, died 1672. buried in the same Grave.

Leonard Sowersby and his two Wives, 1694.

John Lewis, Son of William Lewis, late of the Van in the County of Glamorgan, Esq; 1670.

Elizabeth, Wife of Sir Edmund Andrews, Kt. 1703.

John Wooly, of this Parish, Esq; 1699.

Against a Pillar on the South.

Near to this Marble Judith Bailey lies,
Who was both Modest, Sober, Chaste and Wise,
Religion was her Study, and her Care,
A fervent Lover of the House of Prayer, &c.

She departed 1683, aged 18. Her Brother John also lies here; Children of John and Judith Bailey of this Parish. John Bailey the Father died 1696.

Elizabeth Bacon, 1663. Francis Bacon, 1666. Mary, Edward, and Elizabeth, Children of Francis Bacon of Grays Inn, Esq; by his Wife Elizabeth, eldest Daughter of Thomas Waller of Erleham in the City and County of Norwich, Sergeant at Law.

Towards the lower end of the Church.

Pleydal Hale, Gent. Son of Thomas and Elizabeth. 1694.