Suburbs. St. Giles in the Fields. Monuments. 79

Suburbs. St. Giles in the Fields. Monuments.

Under Hope this:

Tres Elohim: pater est     
primus qui procreat, inde
Filius est, ex his     
Spiritus almus adest.
Sunt Tria dona Dei:     
sit prima Fides pia Mater;
Filia Spes, ex his     
tertius ortus Amor.
Nam Spe servati sumus, Spes autem si cernatur non est Spes: quod enim quis cernit, cur speret? Rom. 8. 24.

Under Charity this:

Now remain these three, Faith, Hope, Charity, but the greatest of these is Charity, 1 Cor. 13. 13.
Scriptum est, Justus ex Fide vivet, Rom. 1. 17.

Next to this downward, the last of this North Ile, is a plain Window, without either Colour of Inscription.]

This Church is built all of rubbed Brick, and so is the Steeple. The South Gallery was built in the Year 1671. by Gift, for the Benefit of the Poor; and made uniform to the other Galleries. The North and West Galleries as they appear now, were begun 1676/7.

The Church of Brick.

J. S.

Now for the MONUMENTS in this Church of St. Giles in the Fields.

Upon a fair Grave Stone in the middle Ile is this Inscription.



Here lieth buried the Body of Elizabeth, late Wife of Richard Maunsel, Esq; one of the Daughters and Heirs of Roger Wingfield, of great Dunham, in the County of Norfolk, Esquire. She departed this Life upon the sixth of October, in the Year of our Lord God, 1620.

Upon a fair Stone near to the other, is this Inscription:

Inter'd, the Corps of Baron Birch lies here,
Of Greys Inn sometime by degree, Esquire;
In Chequer eighteen Years a Judge he was,
Till Soul from aged Body his did pass.
Alive his Wife Eliza doth remain,
Of Stydfolk Stock, one Son and Daughters twain.
She bare by him; the Eldest in his Life,
He gave to Thomas Boyer for his Wife.
His Body sleeps till Angels Trump shall sound,
God grant we all may ready then be found.
Johannes Birch, obiit. Ann. Dom. 1581. Maii 30. ætatis suæ 66.

On another Stone near to the former, is this Inscription.

Here lieth buried the Body of Elizabeth Birch, Widow, late Wife of John Birch, Esq; and one of the Barons of her Majesty's Court of the Exchequer, Daugher of John Stydfolk, Esq; who deceased the third Day of December, 1588.

Close by the former,

Lieth buried the Body of John Densill, sometime Serjeant at Law, and Mary his Wife.

In the same Ile is a very fair Stone, which hath been beautified with many fair Figures in Brass: but much of it being gone, all we can see now of it is this:

Here lieth George Carew, the fourth Son of Sir Edmund Carew, &c. 1583.

In the South Ile,

Lies buried the Body of Alexander Barns, Vintner, sometime Churchwarden of this Parish, &c. He deceased the fourth of November, 1614. being of the Age of 57 Years.

Alexander Barns     
here doth lie,
Glory be     
to God on high,
For he on Earth     
hath finished his Days,
And now liveth in Heaven     
to give God Praise.

On the North side of the Quire.

Charissimæ Matris Alliciæ, Uxoris venerabilis olim viri Alexandri Sheppard, Legum Doctoris: necnon Suavissimæ nuper Conjugis Annæ ex antiquâ Daunteseyorum Familia in Agro Wilton oriundæ,
Pietatis & Amoris ergô
Posuit Thomas Sheppard hic loci; juxta quem (si Deo videbitur) mortales suas [Exuvias humandas, designavit providus, Anno Dom. 1631.

Another Monument on the North side.

Here before lieth buried the Body of William Styddulphe, third Son of John Styddulphe of Mickleham in the County of Surrey, Esquire. He had Issue by his Wife Elizabeth, Daughter of John Fox of St. Johns in London, Gent. William, Jane, Mary, Thomas and Elizabeth. He departed this Life at the Age of 55. being the last of December, Anno Dom. 1600.
Here also before resteth the Body of the abovenamed Elizabeth; who departed this Life at the Age of 60 Years, the 10th of February, 1623.

And now having done with the Monuments in the Church, we begin in the Churchyard with this Inscription, standing in the middle of the South Wall.

Laus Deo.
In cujus, & Christianæ Sepulturæ, honorem, nimis arcti olim CÅ“meterii fines, novi hujus, 128, pedes longi, & 17. lati, Donatione, Abrahamus Speckart. Arm. & Dorothea Uxor ejus Ampliarunt, Anno Dom. 1630.

A very fair Tombstone in the Churchyard. About it these Verses.

Thornton of Thornton,     
in Yorkshire bred,
Where lives the Fame     
of Thornton's being dead;
Full South this Stone     
four Foot doth lye,
His Father John,     
and Grandsire Henry.

Upon it,

Johannes Thornton, in Memoria Charissimæ Uxoris Margaretæ, Filiæ Georgii Collins, hujus parochiæ sancti ægidii in Campis, hoc Monumentum posuit.

Under this sad     
Marble sleeps,
She, for whom     
even Marble weeps:
Her Praise lives still,     
though here She lies
Seeming dead,     
that never dyes: