Suburbs. St. James Clerkenwel. Benefactors. 68

Suburbs. St. James Clerkenwel. Benefactors.

by their Names in Writing, 2s. 6d. apiece, with these Words, Give God the Praise.

Likewise, to twenty poor aged Housekeepers or their Widows, of the Parish of St. Andrews Holbourn below the Bars, whom the Churchwardens and Overseers shall appoint by their Names in Writing, to be presented by their Beadle, 2s. 6d. apiece,

Also, to twenty aged and poor Housekeepers, or the Widows of such as have a great Charge of Children in the Parish of St. James Clerkenwel, whom the upper Churchwarden and Overseer shall appoint by their Names in Writing to be presented by the Beadle, 2s. 6d. apiece.

And also to the Parish of St. Giles Cripplesgate, whom the upper Churchwarden and Overseer shall appoint to twenty of their Poor 2s. 6d. apiece.

And so also, to twenty Aged or poor Housekeepers, or their Widows, in the Parish of St. Olaves Southwark, that is, of such Poor that live in or near George Alley, alias Crosskeys Alley in Barnaby Street; their Names to be presented by their Beadle, as aforesaid, 2s. 6d. apiece.

The like to twenty aged or poor Housekeepers, or their Widows, namely, such as are frequent Hearers of the Morning Lecture at St. Antholins, whether they live in, or out of the said Parish: such as the Minister, Churchwarden or Overseer there, shall appoint by their Names in Writing 2s. 6d. apiece.

None to receive it that is of a loose and scandalous Life.

The Minister and Clerk, the four Trustees, Master of the Company, or in his Absence the upper Warden, with the five Churchwardens, to meet in the Vestry before Sermon, and fit themselves with a Pair of the best white Kids Leather Gloves: and the Executor and Successor for ever do the like, for that Day, in Remembrance of the Donor.

The Clerk, and Sexton, and Beadles, to each one Shilling apiece. Out of the Mony remaining to spend ten Shillings at a friendly Dinner for those that have Gloves: and to give the Rest to other Poor.

The Trustees to be Assistants to the Executor, in seeing the Charity fully performed.

The Estate in George Alley; and 7l. 10s. a Year, Ground Rent, bought of Samuel Pensax, being the Front House in the Possession of Mr. William Nightingal, Victualler. Also 5l. Ground Rent, due from a House in Walbrook, now in the Possession of Anthony Herrenden, Surgeon: and of the Star in the Wall, shall stand charged with the abovesaid 18l. a Year; and to make it good. He gave more 300l. as a further Additional, secured, to make good the abovesaid Charity.

Since his Death, with this Money, are bought two Houses fronting to St. John's Street, and the back House behind them, fronting to St. John's Lane.

In case the Executor performeth not this whole Charity, without deduction for any manner of Tax whatsoever, then the Trustees, with the Master of the Company of Haberdashers, and Churchwardens of the said Parishes, to make their legal Entry upon all the foresaid Premisses, and keep Possession, till he pay double Cost and Charges.

If Samuel Smith, Executor, and other Children of Mathuselah Smith, have no Children of their Bodies lawfully begotten; then all the Estate, that is, the Whole of the abovesaid Inheritance, to go as a further Addition to the abovesaid Charity.

The Trustees are Richard Edes, Sen. of the Prerogative Office, Gent. Joseph Cames, Citizen and Haberdasher, Daniel Hayes, Upholder, and Edmund Howard, Bridlecutter in Clerkenwel.

The Trustees to have Rings of 20s. a piece, with this Poesy, A good Conscience the best Treasure.

The Natives of this Parish of Clerkenwell used to have an annual Meeting and Feast, for the keeping up Friendship and encouragement of Charity; and putting out yearly a poor Child of the Parish.

The annual Feast of the Natives.

This Feast was revived in the Year 1698. And there is a Table hanging up in the Church entring on the South side, containing a List of the Names of the Stewards that Year, and so continued.

This Parish bought their Church sixty Years ago, or thereabouts: whereas before they rented it. They purchased it of one Drake, living at Tottenham Court, which is out by St. Giles's. But he reserved the Rector's House: Which was formerly one House, but now is divided into two, one wherein the Reverend Mr. Pede, the present Minister, did formerly live; and the other, wherein Mr. Edmund Howard liveth. These Tenements Mr. Drake reserved for himself and his Wife and Children, out of the said Purchase. But they are lately bought and enjoyed by the said Howard.

The Parish purchase their Church.

Rectors House.

The Parish is bound by Vertue of this Purchase to provide a Reader to read Prayers every Day in the Week at eleven a Clock in the Morning, and in Lent in the Afternoon also: For which they are bound to pay the Minister that so officiates, 4l. 18s. 9d. which they make 5l. And besides, he hath 6l. more, being a Gift, for preaching a Monthly Sermon, Preparatory to the Sacrament. Which is preached every Fryday Morning before the first Sunday in the Month. They choose their own Minister, and require him to preach twice every Lord's Day. For which they, beside his Salary make a Collection in the Parish. And if he cannot conveniently preach himself, they allow him to take a Lecturer to be his Assistant; such as they shall like of. And they have at present one who reads Prayers and Preacheth once a Day.

Their Reader.

Their Minister.

Add to the Charities belonging to this Parish, a Gift Sermon to be preached every Michaelmas Day. When these Payments are made:

A Gift Sermon.

To the Minister100
To the Reader026
To the Sexton010
To forty Poor Widows at 6d. apiece,100
To be spent among the Minister, Churchwar-
dens and Overseers of the Poor

Given of late to the Parish, 100l. the Income whereof is for the Use of the Poor of the Parish, to be distributed in Bread every St. John Evangelists Day. Mr. Francis Loveday was the Donor. The Parishioners being somewhat straitned for Room in the Church, Mr. Howard Churchwarden, thought it the best Way to improve this 100l. by building a Gallery on the West End of the said Church; and the Pews or Places there to be let. From the Benefit whereof is reserved for the Use of the Poor according to the Will of the Giver, 6l. per annum, the full Interest thereof.]

A late Gift, how improved.

This Priory was valued to dispend 262l. 19s. by the Year: And was surrendred the 30 of H. VIII. Many fair Houses for Gentlemen and others, are now builded about this Priory, especially by the Highway towards Iseldon.

The Priory.

So much of the Church which remaineth: (For one great Ile thereof, which fell down) serveth now as a Parish Church of St. James, not only for the Tenants and near Inhabitants, but also (as is aforesaid) for all up to Highgate, Moswell, &c.

Near unto this Church, besides Clerks Well, lie divers other Wells, as I told you, namely, Skinners Well, Fogs Well, Tode Well, Loders Well, Rede Well,