Suburbs. Monuments in St. James Clerkenwel. 67

Suburbs. Monuments in St. James Clerkenwel.

BRUNSUICENSI collocarat. Postquam autem Dei Providentiâ singulari Regem GEORGIUM Sceptro Britanno potitum conspexerat, brevi jam, annorum & Felicitatis satur, à vivis excessit.
Duxit uxorem Dominam MARGARITAM KENNEDY, Comitis Cassiliæ filiam: Dein MARIAM SCOT, Haga Comitis. Quæ ei septem Liberos peperit. Quorum adhuc in vivis sunt, GULIELMUS, GILBERTUS, MARIA, ELIZABETHA, & THOMAS. Postremò Uxorem duxit viduam ELIZABETHAM BERKELII; quâ duos Liberos suscepit, fato præmaturo non multo post extinctos.
Amplissimam pecuniam in pauperibus alendis, & in sumptibus ad utilitatem publicam spectantibus, vivus continuò erogavit: Moriens duo Millia Aureorum, Aberdoniæ Saltonoque ad juventutem pauperiorem instituendam, Testamento legavit. Obiit 17o Martii Anno Dom. 1714/5 ætat. 72o.

Another Grave Stone within the Rails over the Reverend Mr. Solomon Ashburn, B.D. late Vicar of Crowle in Lincolnshire. Dyed Dec. 15. 1714. Aged 43.

A Monument against the Wall on the North side of the Chancel for Henry Penton of Lincolns Inn, Esq;, with this Epitath:

Vir era vitâ integerrimâ, moribus probis, in omnibus Jurisperiti muniis obeundis, summa Fide, indefessâ Diligentia: Rei alienæ non appetens, atque adeò suæ non profusus, ut opes suâ solum Industriâ Hæredi suo moriens reliquerit. Obiit Febr. 6to Anno ætatis suæ 75. æræ Christianæ 1714.

On the South Wall opposite to the foresaid, another Monument thus inscribed.

FRANCUS SCLATER St. T.B. Coll. C.C. Oxon. olim socius, Ecclesiæ Anglicanæ spes, Academiæ Gloria, Eruditorum Desiderium, sanæ Doctrinæ contra omnes Regnantes Errores, etiam inter iniquissima tempora, Propugnator acerrimus.
Vir fuit ingenio acri ac vivido, judicio sagaci, candore animi egregio. Quibus accessit Eloquentia singularis atque Doctrina omnibus numeris absoluta. Ideoque sive dissereret, sive concionaretur, ab illius ore non Populus magis quàm Clerus & Literati avidè pendebant.
Postquam per duos Annos apud St. MARIAM WOLNOTH in hac Civitate Verbi Divini ministerio summâ cum Laude fungeretur, Variolis correptus Obiit Maii 12mo. Ann. Dom. MDCLXXXV. ætat. suæ 35.
Deflendus quidem multum, sed magis imitandus. GULIELMUS SS.T.P. mœstissimus Pater P.

In the Churchyard an Epitath against the South Wall of the Church for a great Archer almost defaced and gone. I will preserve it.

Sir William Wood lies very near this Stone,
In's Time of Archery excell'd by none.
Few were his Equals. And this noble Art
Hath suffred now in the most tender Part.
Long did he love the Honour of the Bow,
To him long Love tho' that alone did owe.
But how can Art secure? Or what can save
Extreme old Age from an appointed Grave?
Surviving Archery much thy Loss lament,
That in Respect bestow'd this Monument.
Where whistling Arrows did his Worth proclaim,
And eternize his Memory and his Name.
Ob. Sep. 4. Ann. Dom. 1691. ætat. 82.

Here be also Tombs for Anne Weeks, and Caleb and Richard Weeks: And Nathaniel Spencer. And Margaret, Wife of John Sanders. And Elinor Turner. And Frances, Wife of Robert Hardwick, Surgeon. 1713.



William Hern, a Master of Defence, and Yeoman of the Guard, 1580, gave Lands and Tenements to the Clothworkers of London: They to pay yearly for every, Fourteen Pounds to the Churchwardens of Clerkenwell, and Fourteen Pounds to the Churchwardens of St. Sepulchers, towards Reparation of these Churches, and Relief of the Poor Men.


More he gave after the Death of one Man yet living, Eight Pounds the Year for ever, to the mending of Highways.

Thomas Sackford, Esq; one of the Masters of Requests, gave to the Poor of this Parish Forty Shillings the Year for ever, out of his Alms-house at Woodbridge in Suffolk, where he is buried.

Henry Stoke, Gardiner, buried there, gave Twenty Shillings the Year for ever, towards Reparation of that Church.

Besides these Charities of antienter standing, there be divers others: A particular Table of them all, both for Repair of the Church, and Relief of the Poor yearly, is placed against the North Wall of the Church, viz.

A Table of Benefactors in the Church.

J. S.

Henry Garret, every Christmas, by the Company of
Mr. Seckford, every Christmas, to be served by the
Hospital at Woodbridge,
Mr. Stokes, out of his Land every Christm.100
Thomas Bedingfield, every Easter,200
The Lady Kitson, by the Year,300
Roger Bellowes, yearly,400
Sir Michael Stanhope, and Lady Wesden, and Mr.
Roe, by the Year,
William Heron, by the Year, to be paid by the
Company of Clothworkers,
Mrs. Constantine Benet, by the Year2700
Mr. Scudamore, every Christmas from the Company
of Vintners,
Thomas Herbert, every Lady Day, from the the Com-
pany of Girdlers,
John Pool, yearly, paid by Thomas Christie,2120
Francis Snowsel gave, to be put into the Parish Stock,
for the use of the Poor,
Anno 1660. Anne Valence, Widow, late Wife of
Robert Valence, of this Parish, Esq; deceased, gave
the sum of 50l. to be distributed by the Vestry
among a hundred poor Men and Widows,
that live by their honest Labour.
Anno 1699. George French, to twenty poor House-
keepers, or Widows, that have a Charge of Chil-
dren, Two Shillings and Six Pence a piece, to be
paid them by the Haberdashers at Christmas,

This Gentleman was a Lodger in Clerkenwell, with Mt. Howard Churchwarden there: who communicated the Contents of his last Will to me; whereby he gave 18l. for ever to this and other Parishes in Charitable Uses. Which may not be amiss to give Account of in this Place.

It bore date the 10th of May, 1699. Therein he gave 10s. to the Minister of St. Antholins, (the Morning Lecture there he much frequented) to preach a Sermon on a suitable Text every third Day, or nearer, before Christmas Day, at nine a Clock in the Morning: the said Minister to read over his Charity before or after the said Sermon. The Master or upper Warden of the Company of Haberdashers, and the respective Churchwardens to have Notice of it five Days before, for the distributing of the Charity hereafter given.

To give unto twenty poor aged Freemen of the Company of Haberdashers, or the Widows of such whom the Master or upper Warden shall appoint