Suburbs. Monuments in St. James Clerkenwel. 65

Suburbs. Monuments in St. James Clerkenwel.
A fair Tomb in the North Wall of the Chancel.

The Lady Elizabeth Barckley of the Queens Majesty's Bed-Chamber, and second Wife to Sir Maurice Barckley, Kt. deceased, (Standard-bearer to her Majesty, to her Father, and to her Brother) departed this Life in this Parish, the 16th Day of June, Ann. Dom. 1585. (being 52 Years old) in the Faith of Jesus Christ, and was buried in the Floor under this Tomb. This Lady was the Daughter of Anthony Sonds, Esquire. She had Children, two Sons and one Daughter, Robert, Margaret and John.

Rogero Wood, Armigero, Servienti ad Arma, tam Serenissimo Regi, quam honoratissimo Conventuti Parliamenti. Rosa Conjunx hoc posuit Amoris pii, Memoriæ perpetuæ, Observantiæ debitæ, Sacrum Monumentum.

Qui legis, qui luges,     
Rogerum Wood
Ne perisse putes,     
superesse scias,
Extinctus extat,     
peremptus, perennis est,
Vivit in suorum     
desideriis, in bonorum
In Cœlorum gaudiis.
Obiit 18 Martii, 1609.
ætat. suæ 46.

A comely Monument in the same North Wall.

John Palmer of Clerkenwel, Esq; was buried here the 18 Day of February, Ann. Dom. 1585. He married Panclin, * the Daughter of Anthony Sondes of Kent, Esq; She was also buried in this Chancel. By whom he had Issue Anthony Palmer, Elizabeth Cheiney, Jane Thursby, and Mary Palmer. Jane Thursby had also one of her Daughters here buried, named Elizabeth.

A fair Monument in the South Wall of the Chancel.


In obitum Generosissimæ, Charissimæque Elizabethæ Croftes, nuper uxoris Caroli Croftes, Armigeri:
Christoph. Brook devotissimus, hoc memoriæ pignus posuit. Ob. 20. Decemb. 1597.

Gentle Beholder of these doleful Lines,     
With careful Mutes and mournful Accents sounding,
Resolve to Tears, viewing these sad Designs     
Of dreiry Sorrow, and Hearts deepest wounding.
Consuming Time, abridging Worlds desire,     
Insulting Death, fearful, prodigious strange,
Eclipsing, waxing heat of Natures Fire,     
With waining forc'd, and necessary Change:
Since you have done your Worst to date her Days,     
Whilome the Worlds, now Heavens gracious Ghost:
I, this sad Memory of her lives Praise     
Presume to write, in skilful Arts the least.
She was descended of right gentle Blood,     
Kind, courteous, affable and mild by Nature,
Modest her Thoughts, her Disposition good.     
Her Mind Exchequers store to every Creature,
Her Conscience spotles, her Religion pure,     
Her Life sincere, her Study Contemplation:
Her Hope was Heaven, with Life aye to endure,     
Her Faith was constant in her Souls Salvation.
Her vertuous Care her Children to direct,     
Conform'd to reason in her Husband's Will:
Her Bounty to her Servants, Friends Respect,     
Desire to help, and wish no Neighbour ill.
Thrice happy then (breathless) in Tomb that liest:     
Earth hath but Earth, thy better part survives:
From wordly Warfare, summon'd to the highest,     
Whose Death from Life, a second Life derives.
Death Life confirms, Heaven Earth unites in one:     
Her Life in Death, and Bliss when World is done.

A Table hanging on the Wall over her Grave.

Here lieth the Body of Thomas Bedtngfield, Esq; second Son unto Sir Henry Bedingfield, Kt. late of the County of Norfolk, and one of the Privy Councel to Queen Mary. Also this Thomas Bedingfield, was one of the honourable Band of Gentlemen Pensioners unto the late famous Queen Elizabeth, and Master of the Tents and Pavillions unto the most mighty King JAMES, Monarch of Great Britain. He departed this Life the 11. Day of August, Ann. Dom. 1613.
This Monument was made and placed here, at the Cost and Charges of John Skillicorn, Esq; being his Executor.

A fair plated Stone in a comely Chapel by the Pulpit.

Upon a very worthy Friend, Master John Weaver, a learned Antiquary.

Weaver, who laboured in a learned Strain,
To make Men long since dead to live again,
And with Expence of Oyle, and Ink, did watch,
From the Worms Mouth the sleeping Course to snatch,
Hath by his Industry begot a Way,
Death (who insidiates all things to betray,
Redeeming freely by his Care and Cost,
Many a sad Herse, which Time long since gave lost;
And to forgotten Dust such Spirit did give,
To make it in our Memories to live.
Where Death destroy'd when he had Power to save,
In that he did not seek to rob the Grave.
For where so e're a ruin'd Tomb he found,
His Pen hath built it new out of the Ground.
'Twixt Earth and Him this interchange we find,
She hath to him, he bin to her like kind.
She was his Mother, he (a grateful Child)
Made her his Theme, in a large Work compil'd,
Of Funeral Reliques, and brave Structures rear'd,
On such as seem'd unto her most indear'd.
Alternatefly a Grave to him she lent,
O're which his Book remains a Monument.


Mr. Wever upon himself.

Lankashire gave me Breath, and Cambridge Education,
Middlesex gave me Death, and this Church my Humation.     
And Christ to me hath given     
A Place with him in Heaven.

Persons that lie buried and have Monumental Remembrances of them in this Church of St. James Clerkenwel, are these:

Later Monuments.

J. S.

A Table on the North Wall of the Chancel, for Elizabeth, the Wife of Samuel Trotman, of the Inner Temple, Esq; Son of Edward Trotman of Cam in the County of Glamorgan, Esq; Daughter of Thomas Wayte of Keythorp in the County of Leicester, Esq; died in Childbed, 1640.

Her Mother, Barbara Wayte, under the Marble near the Communion Table.

Tho. Wayte of Ketythorp, Esq; Receiver for His Majesty in the Counties of Warwick and Leicester, 1642.

His Epitaph thus:

Hither no Tears, but Garlands bring,     
To crowne this good Receiver's Dust;
Who gave accompt to God and King,     
And lives rewarded with the Just.
So to his Faith and Office both gave rest,     
The King his Quittance, God Quietus est.

M.S. Juxta heic sita est Anna Bedingfield, filia e trinis Eustasii Bedingfield de Holmehale in agro Norfolciæ, &c. 1664.

Hic propè Sara, Relicta Thomæ Naylor, Gen. perantiqua prosapia Bedingfeldorum in Com. Norfolciensi prognata, &c. 1678/9