Suburbs. Monuments in Bunhil Fields. 56

Suburbs. Monuments in Bunhil Fields.

71 Year of her Age. [Sometime Wife of Daniel Andrews of Low Leyton in Essex, Esq;]

John Sanisbury, Senior, December 1. 1690. Aged 77.

Mortale quod habuit hic deposuit Johanees Faldo, Vir ille Dei. Qui Evangelium Christi voce, Scriptis, Vita, exornavit: Vixeritne sanctius, an concionatus sit, incertum est. Paterna Christi gregem Cura pavit, Concordia fratrum propagationem Evangelii assiduo Labore feliciter procuravit. Qui zelo in terris arsit seraphico; refulget nunc adscriptus Choro Angelorum. Obiit vii. Idus Februarias. An. Salutis MDCXC. ætat. suæ lvii.

Here lyeth the Body of Mr. Richard Fairclough, the worthy Son of the late Reverend Divine Mr. Samuel Fairclough of Suffolk. He was sometime Fellow of Emanuel College in Cambridge, afterward Rector of Mells in Somersetshire. A Person like his Father, eminent for his natural Parts, acquired Learning and infused Grace. Endued with a most piercing Judgment, rich Fancy and clear Expression. And therefore a good Expositor, a rare Orator, an excellent Preacher. His Spirit and Temper was most kind and obliging, most publick and generous. A great Contemner of Riches and desire of Vainglory. Chearful, yet Watchful: Zealous, yet Prudent: a pleasant Companion and a most faithful Friend: a pious Guide and Instructor by Doctrine and Example. Ob. July 4. 1682. An. ætat. 61.

To the most deserving Memory of him and his Family, this Monument was erected, as a Testimony of Gratitude for many Obligations, by Thomas Percival of the middle Temple Gent. An. Dom. 1682.

Likewise the Body of Jane Persival, March the 10. 1692. Aged 52.

John Row, sometime Preacher in the Abby at Westminster, October 12. 1677. Aged 52.

Joseph Dorney of Brampton, Merchant. Novemb. 13. 1686. in the 66th of his Age. And his Brother Henry Dorney, April 25. 1683. Aged 69.

Thomas Ros. November 7. 1686.

The Reverend Mr. William Hook, March 21. 1677. Aged 77.

Richard Tayler, Citizen and Mechant Tayler, April 2. 1685. Aged 78. And Sarah, Wife of Daniel Tayler, of the Parish of St. Paul Shadwel; the 14 of August 1703. Aged 36.

Jacobus Lambertus his sepultus jacet. Ille olim dum esset in Vivis Theologus Orthodoxus, Pastor fidelissimus: Doctrinæ luminibus Vitæque resplendens. Laboribus indefessus; sub cruce invictissimus, in Mortem triumphavit. Qui adeo terris emicuit cœlestis, in cœlis refulgebat gloriosus. Ob Aug. die 9. An Salut. 1689. ætat. suæ 45.

Hercules Horsey, Esq; July 27. 1699. Aged 68.

Dame Elizabeth Foche, late Wife of Sir John Foche, obiit 13. of June 1693. ætat. suæ 32.

Elizabeth Downs, late Wife of James Downs, Jun. of London, Merchant; and eldest Daughter of John Bridges of Dunstable in the County of Bedford, Gent. and Elizabeth his Wife, March 24. 1690. in the 28. of her Age. Also Rebecca Goddard late Wife of John Goddard, Lorrinor, the second Daughter of John Bridges; Gent. Novomb. 5. 1692 in the 23. of her Age.

Mary Ellis, Wife of John Ellis, October. 17. 1680. And John Ellis, Citizen and Girdler of London, May 15. 1686. And John Ellis his Son, June 22. 1699. And Sarah the Wife of John Lint, Relict of John Ellis the Elder, February 25. 1703.

Hercules Collins, October 4. 1702. And Sarah his Wife, April 6. 1703.

Thomas Bonner, Drugster of London, January 11. 1679.

Humfrey Beane of London, Esq; Jan. 17. Anno salvationis Mundi 1679. ætat. suæ 66.

Who after he had liv'd to see
In two Worlds much Vanity:
But in the Third he is at Rest
With the Eternal, and there blest.
A God he did believe to be
Triune in one and Veritie.
His Form is ceast, his Life cant dy;
But's gon from Time into Eternity.
So that blest Soul hath tane his Flight
From earthly Body into Heaven's Light.
Where he in Glory now's at Liberty,
To praise the Lord to all Eternity.

[This Beane fined for Alderman, and was of the Sect of the Sweet Singers; and some of that Society, I suppose, made these Verses for him.]

A Head Stone.

Mr. John Jeams, Minister of the Gospel. Jun. 24. 1694.

A Head Stone.

Mr. Henry Dent, late Minister of the Gospel. Mar. 16. 1694.

Nathaniel Upton, eximius dudum Medicinæ Professor, Artis suæ æsculapius, Facetiarum & Urbanitotis probè gnarus, inculpatæ vitæ studiosus. Vir suavissimi moris, & notissima Liberalitatis: Amicis pariter & Cognatis æquè charissimus. Cujus vires gravissima illa Pestis Anno 1665. apud Londinenses violenter prædus agens, non prius sentit, quàm obstupuit. Jam tandem sub hoc tumulo inter charissimæ Conjugis & Liberorum utriusque Sexus Reliquias, feliciter obdormivit in spem beatissimæ Resurrectionis. Ob. 3. Junii, Anno 1696. ætat. suæ 56.

Elizabethæ Hedworth, Petri Harvey, Edwardstoniensis agri Suffolcien, Gen. filiæ. Quæ Corporis Formâ, animi Prudentiâ, Modestiâ, & rei familiaris Curâ exemiis conspicua, vivis, excessit 18o die Junii, Ann. Dom. 1694. 57um agens annum, Henricus Hedworth, Richardi Vico-Cestriensis in agro Dunelmensi, Armigeri filius 4us optimè meritæ Conjugis H.P.M.

Elizabeth, late Wife of William Robinson, Apr. 9. 1694. in the 60 Year of her Age. Also William Robinson, Apothecary in Shoreditch, May 9. 1697. Aged 77.

IN-Dom. Guli. Jenkyn, M.V.D. Lond. Cujus graâ inter graves Ecclesiæ procellas Novopylo, [i.e. Newgate,] incarceratus, Martyr obiit, Anno ætatis LXXII. Minrii. LII. Dom. MDCLXXXIV. Ejusdemque filiæ Annæ Gurdon, generique Dom. Geo. Scot, cum filio suo Gul. Scot, Dom. Eliz. Juyce proles sola superstes soror, uxor atque Mater hæc Sepulchralia D.S.P.L.M. fieri curavit, Anno Dom. MDCXV.

Thomas Goodwin, S.T.P.
Agro Norfolciensi oriundus; Re antiquaria, præsertim Ecclesiastica [versatus] nec augustæ Lectionis, nec in expeditæ. Sacris, siquis alius, Scripturis præpotens: Inventione admodum feraci, nec solido minus, subactó judicio, variis inter se locis accuratè collatis, reconditos Spiritus Sancti sensus, mira cum felicitate elicuit: Mysteria Evangelii nemo mortalium [melius] aut penitius illo introspexit. Theologia (quam vocant) Casuum versatissimus, Cognitione, Prudentia, dicendi Facultate, Ecclesiæ Pastor omnimodè Evangelicus. Multos tum privato quam publico Ministerio Christo lucri factos, porro ædificavit, Donec, qua agendo, qua patiendo, omnib. exaltatis pro Christo Laboribus, placide assecutus est in Christo quietem. Ab editis, edendisque (viri maximi optimo Monumento) nomen repor-