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Suburbs. Monuments in Bunhil Fields. 55

Suburbs. Monuments in Bunhil Fields.

George Walker of the Parish of St. James Clerkenwel: dyed December 3d 1673. And Sarah, his Wife 1683. And Caleb their third Son 1685. [Interred under a good Monument.]

Quiescant, nam vivant.

Anne Knollys, Daughter of John Cheney, Esquire. Wife of Hansard Knollys, Minister of the Gospel. By whom he had Issue seven Sons and three Daughters. She dyed April 30. 1671.

My only Wife, that in her Life     
Liv'd forty Years with me,
Lives now in Rest, for ever Blest     
With Immmortality.
My Dear is gone, left me alone,     
For Christ to do and dye,
Who dy'd for me, and dy'd to be     
My Saviour God most High.

On a Head Stone,

The Body of the faithful Minister of Christ Benjamin Holme: who went to his Rest October 5th 169 in the 24th Year of his Age.

Mrs. Frances Woolaston the Wife of Richard Woolaston, Esq; July the 25th 1688. in the 86 Year of her Age.

Colonel William Stile, late Citizen and Leatherseller of London: A Man from his Youth devout towards God, and pious to his Parents, singularly just, industrious and diligent; second to none in Courage, kind to his Friends, and courteous to all. Who on his Death-bed enjoyed plentifully the Conscience and Joy of a good Life. Dyed the second of March 1670.

On a Head Stone

Mr. John Locker, 16th June 1698. Aged 74.

On another Tomb this Inscription:

Here lyes interred the Body of Mr. Edward Bagshaw, Minister of the Gospel: Who received from God Faith to embrace it, Courage to defend it, and Patience to suffer for it; when by the most despised, and by many persecuted: Esteeming the Advantages of Birth, Education and Learning (all eminent in him) as things of Worth, to be accounted Loss for the Knowledge of Christ. From the Reproaches of pretended Friends, and Persecutions of professed Adversaries, he took Sanctuary, by the Will of God, in eternal Rest; the 28th of December, 1671.
Here lyes also the Body of Margaret late Wife of Edward Bagshaw, who departed the Twentieth of February 1671.
Here the Wicked cease from troubling, and here the Weary be at rest. Here the Prisoners rest together: they hear not the Voice of the Oppressor.

John Topping and two of his Children, 1675.

Edward Green, Citizen and Haberdasher of London, 1701. Aged 73.

A Head Stone.

In the Grave the Wicked cannot oppress:
For there the Weary are at Rest.

Here doth the Body of John Dewbery rest;
Waiting for the Resurrection of the Just:
When Tears and Mourning shall be turned to Joy,
Then Sorrow and Sighing shall flee away.
Who departed this Life, March the 26th 1685.

Francis Archer, Merchant; October the fourteenth 1673. Aged 59. And John Archer his Son, 1683.

A Head Stone.

To the Memory of Mrs. Patience Briggs. July the 16th 1696.

What need of Marble to preserve a Name.
Who lives inrol'd on the Records of Fame.
All noble Vertues that adorn the Mind,
In Mistress Patience Briggs in Luster, shin'd.
The Piety which lodg'd within her Breast
In all its beauteous Forms her Life exprest.
A Patroness, that with the mildest Awe,
Prescrib'd to her respectful Servants Law.
And yet observ'd the Honours that were due
Unto her Parents and her Consort too.
A brights Example in each State of Life,
A vertuous Daughter, and obedient Wife.
Here also lies Patience her Daughter.

Mrs. Grace Cope, Wife of Christopher Cope, late of Hackney. April the Twelfth 1676. And Rob. Roe of Ratcliff, Merchant, 22d of December 1680. And Katharine his Wife, twenty seventh of February, 1682/3. And Christopher Cope, Citizen and Merchant Taylor of London, December the fourth 1700. Aged 67.

A Head Stone.

John Sharp, Minister of the Gospel. February 17. 1687.

A Head Stone.

Thomas Sampson, May 25. 1702. In the twenty eighth Year of his Age.

Elizabeth Twisleton, Eldest Daughter of the Right Honourable the Lord Viscount James Fynes, Say and Seal; Wife to John Twisleton, Esq; at Dartford in Kent. She dyed March the 28. 1673.

A Flat Stone, just adjoining.

Susanna Fish, Wife of William Fish, late of East Smithfield. By whom She had a Son and two Daughters, the Eldest Daughter surviving at her Mother's Death. Who desires, when it shall please Almighty God to take her to himself, to have her Body interred under this Stone, upon her dear Mother being Aged 62 Years.

Underneath this Stone doth ly
A Pattern of true Grace and Piety.
Who while she liv'd did shine most bright
And in God's Word did most delight.
And here She lyes entomb'd in Dust,
Till Resurrection of the Just.

To the pious Memory of the Reverend Richard Marriot, a faithful Servant and Minister of Christ his Church. Who having fought a good Fight, finished his Course, and kept the Faith, exchanged this mortal Life for one of Immortality and Glory, November 18. Ann. Dom. 1696. ætat. 42.

The lovely Picture of this holy Man
What curious Pensil can?
In his House a Josiah, in the Church a Paul;
A good Samaritan he was to all.
Born from above, of a celestial Birth;
He dwelt in Heaven, while he walkt in Earth.

Grace Manton late Wife of William Manton. April 17. 1699.

Mary late Wife of Nathaniel Wyersdale, of the Parish of Benet Fink, London; May 22. 1689. Also Samuel Son of the said Nathaniel, and Mary, June the 9. 1689.

Benjamin Cox, Merchant, of the Parish of St. Martin Orgars. October 1. 1692. And Anne Cox his Wife, March the 11. 1697/8.

Elizabeth, Wife of Joseph Fen, July the 25. 1692. Aged 68.

Grace Andrews Widow, August 8. 1700. in the

71 Year

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