Suburbs. S. Leonards Shoreditch. Monuments. 52

Suburbs. S. Leonards Shoreditch. Monuments.
In English.

If Birth, if Vertue, if fair Feature deckt
With Gifts of Mind, if Piety breeds Respect;
Her Tomb then view and grace, kind Passenger,
With whom so many Graces buried were.
Conquer'd by Patience, yet She overcame;
Nor was her Youth Death's Triumph, but his Shame.

Middle Chancel this Inscription in Brass:

Georgius Gips, Generosus, side Subjectus, spe erectus, Charitate Deo unitus, vitam mortalem mutavit pro immortali 12 Julii 1611. Quatuor genuit filios, filiasque undecim. Quorum Richardus, Georgius, Thomas, Anna, Maria & Martha, Patris clauserunt, reliquorum ipse clausit Lumina.

A little below upon a Grave Stone.

May 22. 1618. Richard Leigh, Merchant and Citizen of London, placed this Stone in memorial of his dear Wife Anne Leigh: Who lyeth here interred by the Body of Richard Brattuph her first Husband; and of her three Children, Richard, Sarah and John, which She bare to the said Richard Brattuph.

In some sad Sickness Pain, and Pain Impatience,
In thee a patient Penitence it wrought.
Thy Sickness Joy, thy Tribulation Hope,
Thy Bodies Death gave Life unto thy Soul.
Thus for his Lambs the Lord can Hony draw
From th' all devouring cruel Lyons Jaw.
Ubi tua, O Mors, victoria? Ubi tuus, O Sepulchrum, Tumulus.

Over against this, in the Wall on the South side of the Chancel, in Brass:

Here lieth Katharine Lively, Wife of Edward Lively, Gent. and Daughter of Henry Hodge, Citizen and Brewer of London, and Joice his Wife: Who after She had run a vertuous and religious Course of Life 21 Years, finished the same the 15th Day of July, Anno Dom. 1623.
Proverbs 10. 7. The Memory of the Just is blessed.

Add to these. In the Northwal.

Here under lyeth Robert Hary Young: And Margery hys Wyf; and Rychard Hary Young hys Sonne; Elyzabeth and Margaret his Wyffs: sometyme both Provosts of the Kynges Mynt within the Towre of London. Which Rychard Hary Young deceased the xxiii. Day of August in the Yere of our Lord God MDXLV. in the xxxvi Yere of the Reign of Kynge Henry VIII. The rest scratched out.

Over this Monument is another: Viz.

Sir Alexander St. John Knight, Son of the Right Honourable Oliver Lord St. John, Baron of Bletso, caused this Monument to be erected in Memory of his late faithful and truly vertuous Consort, Lady Margaret St. John, Daughter of John Trye of Hardwich in the County of Gloucester, Esq; Whose Body lieth near unto this Place interred, expecting a glorious Resurrection.

On the South side in a Chapel, in Brass.

Hic jacent Johannes Gadde, quondam Civis & Scharman London: Qui ob die mensis An. Dom. M.CCCCo Et Anna uxor ejus, quæ ob. primo die mens Jan. An. Dom. M.CCCCLXXXIIIo.

The Prayer for their Souls defaced.]

Notwithstanding of late one Vicar * there, for Covetousness of the Brass, which he converted into coyned Silver, plucked up many Plates fixed on the Graves, and left no Memory of such as had been buried under them: A great Injury both to the Living and the Dead; forbidden by publick Proclamation, in the Reign of our Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth; but not forborn by many, that either of a preposterous Zeal, or of a greedy Mind, spare not to satisfy themselves by so wicked a Means.

*Dr. Meredith Hanmer Vicar there Anno 1585.

Monuments there be these of later Times in this Church of Shoresditch.

Later Monuments

J. S.

In the Chancel.

Johannes Austin, Armiger, 1659. Qui obiit Conscientia bona, & fama bona.

Thomas Austin, Armiger, 1651.

Cutbert Burbage and Elizabeth his Wife. They departed in September 1636.

On a flat Stone.

Venimus, Vidimus, Redivimus, Resurgemus.

William Fremlen, Esq; Eldest Son of Thomas Fremlen of this Parish. He resided Agent for the East India Company, at the great Moguls Court. Afterwards second in Council and Command at Surrat. Then President. He arrived in Safety after twelve Years and three Months, to find a Grave in England, and this Parish of his Nativity. And put a Period to his Life, 1645, having by his last Will bequeathed to charitable Uses 870l. And more partrcularly to the Poor of this Parish 200l.

North Ile.

Winifred: and Marina, Daughter of Sir Charles Pitfield of Hoxton, Knight, whose Daughter dyed 1673. And his Wife, 1676.

Juxta hunc Tumulum jacent Johannes Byde Civis & Aldermannus London, & Dorothea Conjux ejus 1665. superstites Filii Thomas Byde, Eques Aurat, & Edwardus Byde natu minor è Societate Lincoln. Armiger.

Thomas Austin and John Austin, Esquires, two most dearly affectionate Brothers: Both of the Honourable House of Lincolns Inn. Both married and had Issue. Thomas departed 1658. Aged 36. Years. John 1659. Aged 33.

Anne Slater, 1681.

Esther Haughton Wife of Samuel Haughton, Citizen and Scriviner of London. Departed 1668. And buried near her Father Robert Cock.]



A Table made at the Cost and Charges of Henry Hodge, Citizen and Brewer of London, containing the Names of the Benefactors to the Church, and the Poor of the Parish of St. Leonards in Shoreditch. Which Table hangeth up in the Chancel near the Communion Table; set up there, Anno Dom. 1623.

A Table of Benefactors in this Parish.

William Thornton of this Parish, Taylor, gave the Vestryhouse, with a Room under for the Minister to dwell in, and a Tenement by it, to this Parish for ever. He likewise built the Gallery at the coming in at the great Door in the Church, and made the Brick Wall on the West side of the Churchyard, at his own Charge, Anno Dom. 1581.

John Fuller of Bishops Hall, Esq; gave a Sum of Money for the building twelve Alms- houses, for twelve poor Widows of this Parish. Which poor Women did receive during the Life of the Lady his late Wife, and after Wife to Sir Thomas Mansfield, the Sum of 8l. per Annum. And after the Lady's decease, there is to come 50l. per Annum, to the said poor Almswomen for ever. The Lady being dead they do now receive it.

William Peake of this Parish, Esq; gave, to be dealt in Bread unto the Poor of this Parish, weekly, the Sum of Two Shillings on every Sunday for ever.

Robert Brainforth of this Parish, Gentleman, gave yearly 8l. for ever, unto the Poor of this Parish, viz. upon every St. Thomas Day before Christ-