Suburbs. S. Leonards Shoreditch. Monuments. 51

Suburbs. S. Leonards Shoreditch. Monuments.
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Sir Humfrey Starkie, Recorder of London, Baron of the Exchequer.

John Gadde, Shereman of London, and Anne his Wife, 1480.

Sir Thomas Seymore, Maior of London, deceased, 1535.

Sir Thomas Ligh, Doctor of Law, 1545.

Item, under one fair Monument lieth buried the Lady Katharine, Daughter to Edward Duke of Buckingham, Wife to Ralph Nevel, Earl of Westmerland; who died 1553. And Eleanor, Daughter to Sir Walter Paston, Wife to Thomas Mannors, Earl of Rutland, 1551.

Margaret, Daughter to Ralph Nevel, Earl of Westmerland, and Wife to Henry Mannors, Earl of Rutland, 1560.

Katharine, Daughter to Henry Nevel, Earl of Westmerland, and Wife to Sir John Constable of Holderness, 1591.

Anne Daughter to Thomas Mannors, Earl of Rutland.

Sir Thomas Mannors, fourth Son to Thomas Earl of Rutland, 1591.

Oliver Mannors, fifth Son to Thomas, Earl of Rutland, 1563. All under one Monument.

Richard Hary Yong, 1545.

Orate pro animabus Humfredi Starky, Militis, nuper Capitalis Baronius de Scaccario Domini Regis Hen. 7. & Isabellæ uxoris ejus, & omnium, &c.

An ancient Marble Tomb in the Quire.

A. M.

This Monument is erected in Memory, that within this Church do lie buried the Bodies of the Right Honourable and Noble Ladies, Lady Katharine Stafford, Daughter to Edward Duke of Buckingham, and Wife to Ralph, Earl of Westmerland, who dyed 1553. Lady Elianor, Daughter to Sir William Paston, Knight, and Wife to the Right Honourable Lord Thomas, Earl of Rutland, buried 1551. Lady Margaret Nevel, Daughter to Ralph Earl of Westmerland, and Wife to Henry, Earl of Rutland, who dyed 1560. And the Lady Katharine Nevel Wife to Sir John Constable of Holderness, Knight, and Daughter to Henry, Earl of Westmerland. And Lady Anne Manners, Daughter to Thomas Earl of Rutland: which Katharine died the seven and twentieth Day of March, Anno Domini, 1591.
And that here do lie also the Bodies of two right worthy Gentlemen, honourably descended; Namely, of Sir Thomas Mannors, Knight, and Oliver Mannors, Esq; Brethren, being the fourth and fifth Sons of the aforesaid Thomas, Earl of Rutland. The first died about his Age of fifty, in June, 1591. after many valiant Services performed by him for his Prince and Country, both in Ireland and in Scotland, where he was Knighted; and witnessed by sundry great Wounds he therein received. The second died in his younger Years, 1563. about his Age of twenty, yet not before good Proof made of his Valour and Forwardness, in the Service of New-haven, against the French; where he took the Sickness, whereof he dyed shortly after, in Shoresditch.
Founded by the Lady Adeline Nevel, at the Direction of the said Lady Katharine Constable, deceased, her Sister, in February, 1591.

Theodosia Vavasour
Oleum effusum nomen tuum, Ideo Adolescentulæ dilexerunt te. Cant. 1.
Fallax est gratia, & vana pulchritudo: mulier timens Deum, ipsa laudabitur. Pro. 11.

A very fair Tomb in the upper End of the Quire.

Hac tuleris quicunque gradum, sta, perlege, plora,
Hic decor, his pietas, Nobilitasque jacet.
Virgo, annis animisque Dei (Theodosia) donum,
Qua meritis certat fama, decore pudor.
Sed famam meritis superavit, moribus annos,
Ingenio sexum, Relligione genus.
Quam neque Nobilitas tumidam, nec forma procacem,
Fecerat, una humilis, clara, pudica, decens.
Flos ævi, florem dixi? dixi ergo dolorem;
Ut matura brevi est, heu! ita rapta brevi est.
Rapta, sed æthereis Rosa transplantanda viretis,
Læta ubi perpetui tempora a veris aget.
Inter & æternas Agni comes Agna choreas,
Ignotum casto succinet ore melos.
Candida Virginei tumulo date Lilia cœtus,
Virginis O partus, virginis esto memor.
Ereptam Domino sociat lux ultima fælix.
O fælix virgo quod cupit usque tenet,
Anno Domini 1616. Martii 17.

A comely Monument in the Wall near to the Tomb.

Here lyeth buried Elizabeth, the Wife of the late Reverend Father in God, John Skory, late Bishop of Hereford. The said Reverend Father, in the Reign of King Edward the Sixth, was Bishop of Rochester, and translated from thence to Chichester. He departed this Life at Whitborn, in the County of Hereford, the 26th Day of June, Anno Domini 1585. And the said Elizabeth deceased in Holywel, in this Parish, the eight Day of March, 1592.

Beati mortui qui Domino moriuntur.

Her Corps here lyes in Chest,     
Her Soul in Heaven now lives;
And she enjoys that Rest,     
Which God to his Saints gives;
For in Christ did She trust,     
That he will her restore
Again out of the Dust,     
To live for evermore.

A fair Tomb in the Chancel.

Here lieth the Body of Sir Thomas Seymer, Knight, late Alderman and Lord Maior of London, and Dame Mary his Wife. The which Sir Thomas deceased the eleventh Day of December, Anno Dom 1532.

An ancient Marble Tomb in the Chancel.

Here under lye the Ashes and the Bones     
Of Sir Thomas Leigh, that good and learned Knight;
Whose hasty Death (alas) the godly still bemones,     
Though his Soul always rejoyce in God's Sight.
Great was his Wisdom, and greater was his Wit,     
His Visage comely, with no sad Change dismayed:
A Man in all Affairs, a King to serve most fit,     
Had not Death so soon his mortal Life betrayed.

An engraven Plate in the North Wal of the Quire.

He died the 25th Day of November, Anno Dom. 1545.

South side of the Chancel.

Jeane the Wife of Ralph Hansby, Esq; Daughter to William Vavasor, Esq; Granchild to Thomas Manners, Knight, dyed the twenty second Day of July, in the Year of our Lord 1617. and of her Age the 23. To whose blessed Memory her Dear Husband dedicates this said Monument, to signify, that with her his Joy lies here interred.

Si genus & virtus & moribus aucta figura,     
Pulchra bonis Pietas siquid honoris habent;
Hunc JANæ tumulum spectans venerare, Viator,     
Cum qua tot bona, tam bella sepulta jacent.
Nec minor his aderat victrix Patientia victæ,     
Nec spolium mortis, sed pudor illa fuit.