Suburbs without the Walls. Monuments. 46

Suburbs without the Walls. Monuments.

10th of July, 1620. she being of the age of 25 Years; and was Mother of a Son and a Daughter. But Thamozin the Daughter, departed this Life on the 18th of December 1621, being of the Age of six Years, and lieth here buried.

Every wise Woman buildeth her House, but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.

As you are now, so was she:
As she is now, so you must be.
William Eeles.

Later Monuments erected, and flat Stones laid to preserve the Memory of Persons buried in St. Mary Matfelons, are these.

Later Monuments.

J. S.

In the Chancel.

M.S. To the Memory of Judith Meggs, Widow, the beloved Wife of William Meggs, of this Parish, Esq; &c. 1662. Aged 83. And the said William her Husband. 1620.

William Meggs Esq; and James Meggs, D.D. their two Sons caused this Monument to be erected.

William Meggs Esq; 1678. Who was a most worthy Member of this Parish, and the principal Benefactor towards the reedifying of this House of God. His loving Nephew Sir William Goulston Kt. in much Gratitude erected this Monument.

Jonathan Ambrose Esq; 1699. Also his Daughter Theodosia, 1701.

Bathshua Marsh. One that truly loved and feared God, and heartily embraced the Faith of a crucified Jesus, &c. Departed 1701/2.

North Ile.

John Boston, 1689.

William Stanbrow, Citizen and Mason, 1694/5.

Anne Cannin, 1696.

Mordecai Fromanteel, 1697/8. And Hannah his Wife, 1701. and Mordecai their Son, 1679.

Christopher Worth, 1683.

Rachel, Daughter of John Skinner, 1688. And Thomas Butler his Grandson, 1694. And Mary Skinner, 1695.

Mary Crisp late Wife of Henry Crisp, 1699. And Henry Crisp, 1701.

William and Anne, Children of Captain Edward Rhodes and Mary his Wife.

Captain Francis Mainard, 1699. And Thomas his Son: And Elizabeth his Daughter, 1699.

A Hatchment for the Honourable Col. Thomas Lewis, Esq; 1689.

Mary the Daughter of William and Elizabeth Hollier, 1687.

On a Pillar, South.

Thomas, James, Daniel and John Caine, Sons of Captain John Caine.

Churchyard. North.

David Sandel, Citizen and Silkthrower of London, 1688. Sarah Lane his Daughter, 1687. Sibilla his Wife, 1687.

Sibilla Shaw, 1694. And John Shaw 1679.

David the Son of David Sandel, 1674.

John Martin, Citizen and Mason of London, 1691. Also Ten Children of the said John Martin: and Elizabeth his Wife, 1683.

Mary the Wife of Thomas Cripps of this Parish, Gentleman, 1693. Also Thomas their Son, and Elizabeth their Daughter.

Captain Dennis Morrice, 1690. And Katharine his Wife, 1694.

Elizabeth, Wife of Jabez Jeffery, 1670.

John Cooper. John Morris, 1690.

Sarah Lessingham, late Wife of Thomas Lessingham, 1702.

Mary Butler, Wife of John Butler, Citizen and Goldsmith of London, 1693. And Martha and Thomas their Children.

Alice Jordan, late Wife of John Jordan, 1701/2. And John Jordan Nephew of John Jordan.

A Grave Stone in the Chancel at the Steps to the Altar, covering the Body of Captain JOSIAS CROWE. Whose Example is worthy the Notice of Posterity. As he was a gallant and brave Commander, so he was no less a meek and humble Christian, and a sincere good Man; truly pious toward God, and generous and beneficent to Men. He was a publick Benefactor to this Holy Place, a Friend to the Helpless, a tender Father, and a careful Husband. And as he lived so he dyed, in a certain Hope of the Resurrection of the Just. Let us follow him in his Life, as we must do to the Grave. Objit 21 Sept. An. Dom. 1714. ætat. suæ 56.

A Tomb in the Churchyard for Alice Jordan, late Wife of John Jordan of this Parish, March 14. 1701/2 Aged 52.

Stand, Reader, and spend a Tear,
And think of me, who now lyes here.
And while you read the State of me,
Think on the Glass that runs for thee, &c.

Also John Jordan Nephew to the said John, is here buried.

Another Tomb in the Churchyard for Thomas Bridgewater, Son of Thomas Bridgewater of this Parish, Silkthrower and Citizen of London. September the Tenth 1704. Aged one Year and four Months.

No Change of Place, nor Climate can prevent
The Stroke of Death, when once Mans Life is spent, &c.

At the West End of the Churchyard, a handsome raised Monument for James Roberts late of this Parish, Silkthrower, 1688. Also three James's, William, and Samuel, his Sons.

This Parish hath an House belonging to the Minister. It is situate on the East end of the Church: lately built of Brick. A Carpenter now dwells there.

Parsonage House.

There is a fair Free School also belonging to the Parish, for poor Children of the Parish to be taught gratis. It is situate on the left Hand fronting the Street, that leads out of Town. Founded in King Charles II. His Reign by Mr. Ralph Davenant, late Rector of this Parish. But wanting Endowment, it lately by a good Providence was enriched by the Gift of a Thousand Pounds: As is expressed by an Inscription on a Gallery in the Church, West, where the Children of the School sit, Viz.

Free School.

Anno 1701. A worthy Benefactor unknown gave one Thousand Pounds towards the further Maintenance of the poor Children educated at the School House of Whitechappel Towns End: Erected and built at the proper Cost and Charges of Mr. Ralph Davenant late Rector of this Parish. Which one Thousand Pounds purchased Fifty Five Pounds a Year at East Tilbury in the County of Essex: being chiefly managed and compleated by the Care and Industry of Mr. Richard Welton, Rector.
Mr. John Watmore
Mr. Thomas Palmer
Mr. Benjamin Desarmeus

There be about Eighty Boys taught at this School. This nobly minded Person is yet unknown that gave this Thousand Pounds, but they

Boys taught.