Suburbs without the Walls. Allome Works. 41

Suburbs without the Walls. Allome Works.

hath already cast many of them into Extremity of great Sicknesses and Diseases, by which evil and unwholesome Savour, of late many Fishes in the Thames there near unto, have been found ready to die, and dead, supposed to be poysoned by some ill Substance issuing into the River of Thames: and all the Inhabitants thereabouts are much annoyed, and all the Pasture Ground lying near thereabouts is tainted and spoiled in such Manner that the Cattel do refuse to feed on the same. And they further humbly shew, that they having preferred their Grievances unto your Majesty's Commissioners of Annoyances, and having caused the same to be presented unto them by Indictment, by several Jurors, sworn upon Oath before your Majesty's Justices of the Peace, in their general Sessions for Middlesex, upon due Proof and the Testimony of Witnesses there also sworn and examined, upon which Evidences the said Jurors have given up several Verdicts, and presented upon their Oaths the same Annoyance to be exceeding great and intolerable to all Inhabitants dwelling thereabouts, and to all other Passengers by the same, or upon the River of Thames: Yet your Petitioners having no Redress thereby, are compelled by extreme Necessity to complain unto your Majesty, and with much Grief and with all Humility beseech your Majesty to take to Consideration the speedy Redress in that behalf, the same Annoyance being so great and unsavoury, that otherwise your poor Subjects, being many thousands in Number, shall be compelled to forsake their Houses, and abandon their Dwellings, to the Loss of their Trades and Lives, and the utter undoing of them and their Families.

Wherefore they most humbly beseech your Majesty to commit the Examination thereof unto the Right Honourable Thomas Earl of Cleveland, Sir Allen Apsley, Knight, Lieutenant of the Tower, Sir Henry Spiller, Knight, Thomas Sanderson, and George Long, Esquires, or any three or two of them, or any others, being Justices and Commissioners of Annoyances within the said County of Middlesex: who by Your Majesty's gracious Reference being thereunto required, may examine and hear the Allegations on all Parts: And that upon the Certificate of their Opinions therein, Your Majesty will be pleased to vouchsafe your poor Subjects such Relief as the Case requireth.

And the Petitioners, according to their bounden Duties and Legiance shall daily pray for Your Majesty's long and prosperous Reign over us.

At Whitehall the 25th of July, 1627.


Lord Keeper.
Lord Treasurer.
Earl of Dorset.
Earl of Bridgewater.
Mr. Secretary Cook.
Mr. of the Rolls.
Mr. Chancellor of the Dutchy.

WHereas upon a Complaint formerly made by divers Aldermen of the City of London, on the Behalf of the Inhabitants of the Parishes of St. Butolphs Aldgate, and divers other Parishes thereabouts, concerning a great Annoyance unto the said Inhabitants, caused by certain Allome Works, erected thereabouts by His Majesty's Farmers of the said Works: It was by an Order of the twentieth of this present Month ordered, that the President of the College of Physicians, accompanied with six other Doctors of Physick of that Society, as likewise, that some of the Aldermen should upon View of the said Works, and such Observations by them made as falls within their Experience, return Certificate to the Boord, of their Opinions touching the same: Forasmuch as those whose Names are here under written, did this Day accordingly make their Certificate in writing to the Boord, as followeth; In hæc verba: "May it please your Lordships, according to an Order of this Honourable Boord of the twentieth of July last; We have viewed and observed the Allome Works at St. Katharines, and considered the Materials therein used and imployed. And thereupon do humbly certifie unto your Lordships, and are of Opinion, that the Works standing in that Place, must necessarily breed great Annoyances both to the near Inhabitants, and by the spreading Vapours from thence issuing to many Places more remote, and to all such Passengers as either by Land or by Water have Occasion to frequent those Parts, not only by their continual noysome Savours to make all their Habitations grievous and unpleasant, but also by their putrid Qualisy to endanger their Healths: And so we humbly rest at your Lordships Commands, July the 24th. an. 1627. Signed, John Argent, Pres. John Gifford, William Harvey, William Clement, Robert Flud, Samuel Baskernite, Ottuel Meverel, and by Hugh Hamersley." Their Lordships upon Consideration had thereof, did resolve, that the said Allome Works in and about the City, were fit to to be supprest. Nevertheless, for that a Petition was now presented to the Boord by the Farmers of the said Allome Works, shewing that it was not possible for them to erect and finish any new Works in the Countoy before our Lady day next, and that if they should be restrained from working here in the mean time, the Kingdom would be unserved of Allom, of which there is great Use, and they likewise disabled to pay his Majesty's rent. And therefore besought the Boord that they might have leave to proceed in their making of Allome here until our Lady day next as aforesaid. It was thereupon thought fit and ordered that they should be at Liberty to make Allome in those Places where their Works are already erected until our Lady day next only and no longer; and that in the mean time they presume not to erect any other Works in any Places in or about this City. Provided nevertheless that they suffer not the Dregs and Excrement proceeding from the boyling and making of the said Allome to be cast or fall into any Places leading into the River of Thames, but that they cause the same from time to time to be either buried in the Night time in the Grounds where their Works now are, or otherwise to be carried and buried in the Night time in some other convenient Place, where the same may breed no Infection or Annoyance to any his Majesty's Subjects.

The Councils Order about these Allome Works.

At Whitehall the 12th of September, An. 1627.


Lord President.
Earl of Holland.
Earl of Kelly.
Master Secretary Cook.
Master Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Chancellor of the Dutchy.

WHereas an humble Petition was this Day exhibited to the Boord in the Name of the Inhabitants of the Parishes of St. Buttolphs near Aldgate, St. Katharines, White Chapel, Stepney, Redriff, St. Olaves, and others adjacent and near his Majesty's Tower of London: Shewing, that whereas it had pleased the Boord (on the 27th of July last, after divers Hearings and Reports made by six Doctors of the College of Physitians of London) to order that the Farmers of his Majesty's Allome Works (who had transported themselves out of the Northern Parts of the Kingdom near unto his Majesty's Royal Chamber and City of London)

Another Order of Council about the same Matter.