Suburbs without the Walls. Allome house. 40

Suburbs without the Walls. Allome house.

there overthwart the Mouth of the Dock. And upon the emptying of the Water (out of the Lighter) which issued from the Grease, there did arise a most noysome stinking Scum of a frothy Substance, and did spread all about the Mouth of the Dock, and run down into the Thames: and there was a Vessel caused to be filled with it, and it did so stink; that we were were not able to endure the Scent of it, insomuch that it endangered all the Wells and Ponds thereabouts: This was seen and done in the Presence of these under written.

Master Cornelius Godfrey, Merchant.
Mr. George Freeman.
Mr. Joseph Jaques.
Mr. Leonard Leonard.
Mr. Michael Leech.
Mr. Fulk Wormleighton.
Mr. John Byrks.
Thomas Pope.
Henry Chandler.
Thomas Davies.
Thomas Knight.
Thomas Jones.
Augustine Cope.
Thomas Powel.
Nicholas Bugden.
Tobias Green.
George Raymond.
William Cook.
William Curteis.
John Cope.

All which were ready to testify the Truth hereof upon Oath.

The Inhabitants also put up this Petition to the Justices against this Allome House, as followeth:

To the Right Worshipful His Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the County of Middlesex, and Commissioners for Annoyances, and to all other His Majesty's Officers, whom in this Case it shall concern,


WE His Majesty's loving Subject inhabiting within the Parish of Whitechapel, in the County of Middlesex, and St. Botolphs without Aldgate, London, and in the Hamlets of Stepney, Wappin, East Smithfield, and St. Catharines near the Tower of London, finding and being continually choaked and poysoned up with the daily and continual Stink, and most noisome and infectious Smell that is lately begun amongst us, by a Workhouse for making of Allome (as is reported) by Mr. William Turner, Mr. George Lowe, and Mr. Thomas Jones, and others, erected at the West end of Wappin, adjoining upon the River of Thames, and near unto the Tower of London, and to His Majesty's Storehouse on Tower Hill, where the Provision for His Highness's Shiping is daily provided; Do humbly shew, That we find that the noisome Smell that cometh of the making of the said Allome (which we suppose to be Urine, and such other infectious Materials, being long kept, and then boiled for the use aforesaid) doth breed and make such an infectious and most noisome Smell amongst us, that we are not able to live in our Houses, nor to keep our Families at work about us, the detestable Stink thereof is so infectious and intolerable now this Winter Time (much more will it be in the Heat of Summer:) So that if speedy Redress thereof be not had, we shall not be able to continue our Habitations there, wherein we have long time lived. And it is generally thought it will be a decay and dangerous Infection to all Inhabitants both on this side and the other side the Water, within two Miles compass of the Place it standeth; for the Stink thereof (as the Wind standeth) is further smelled, both by Land and Water: and daily Complaint made thereof. And now there is begun but two or three Furnaces, but shortly there will be many more Furnaces made there, to the further great Damage and Annoyance of his Majesty's Subjects, which we humble refer to your Worships grave Consideration, humbly desiring your speedy Aid and Reformation herein, otherwise we shall be compelled to leave our Houses and Dwellings to our utter undoings: for the noysome Smell is so dangerous, that no Man will dwell thereabouts, if he might have his House Rent free: And we as bound shall daily pray for your Worships:

Richard Main.
Fulk Wormleighton.
Thomas Clark.
Thomas Champion.
William Mott.
James Ruddam.
James Coulyn.
Andrew Fursland.
John Parsons.
Henry Munter.
Henry Bludder.
George Preston.
Peter Leover.
William Winson Hooft.
John Harrington.
Romboult Jacobson.
John Wessels.
Richard Rolfe.
John Weeks.
Richard Pountis.
Jenkin Ellis.
Robert Haddocke.
Richard Studder.
John Vandeford.
Robert Thomas.
Austin Reinolds.
Jeffrey Farmer.
William Parsons.
Reinold Thompson.
John Green.
William Plasse
William Popular.
Thomas Warton.
William Peacock.
John Broocker.
Matthew Fallen.
George Flood.
Thomass Gray.
William Welch.
Cornelius Godfrey.
Thomas Cobb.
John Dearsley.
Joseph Jaques.
William Rayniborowe.
Peter March.
Richard Cooper.
Arion Williams.
Willliam Fox.
John Note.
Thomas White.
William Speering.
Michael Ungle.
Richard Cray.
Thomas Bercher.
Osmond Colchester.
William Webbe.
William Bundrocke.
William Evans.
Michael Leech.
John Cope.
Tobias Green.
John Birke.
John Harris.
John Teabye.
Robert Merret.
William Clark.

To the Kings most excellent Majesty.


The humble Petition of your Majesty's Liege People and Subjects, being in number many Thousands, inhabiting within one Mile compass of your Majesty's Tower of London, within Middlesex and Surrey, and the Borough of Southwark.

The Inhabitants Petition to the King.

Most humbly sheweth,
THat whereas of late divers Rooms have been newly erected in the Parish of St. Mary Matfellon, commonly called Whitechapel, in the County of Middlesex, by William Turner, Gentleman, George Low, Gentleman, and Thomas Jones, Gentleman, and others, near unto many great Brewhouses, which breweth Beer for the Use and Service of your Majesty's Navy, and for divers within London and Middlesex: which said Rooms have been ever since their first erection imployed for boyling of Urine, for making of Allome, which hath and doth daily cast so noysome a Savour and evil Air to all the Parts thereabouts, and to all Passengers that Way, or by the River of Thames, that they are in no Sort able to endure the same, nor their dwelling Houses by Reason thereof, and the same