Suburbs without the Walls. A Proclamation. 36

Suburbs without the Walls. A Proclamation.

"thence hath most dangerously overspread and infected very many principal and other Parts of this Realm, (which Almighty God cease at his good Pleasure) His Majesty tendring the Safety of his loving Subjects, and minding as much as in himself lyeth, to avoid the Continuance, or renewing of such Mortality, doth by the Advice of his Privy Council, not only straitly require and command, that his Majesty's good and profitable Orders and Directions already published for the staying, if God so please, of the same Infection, be carefully, speedily and duly executed; but also doth straitly prohibit and forbid, that no new Tenants or Inmates or other Persons, be admitted to inhabit or reside in any such House or Place in the said City, Suburb, or within four Miles of the same, who have been so infected during the Continuance of this Plague or Mortality in or about the said City: Nor after, until such time as it shall be thought safe and expedient by the principal Officers there for the Time being, &c. "

" And the Aldermen and their Deputies, and every Justice of the Peace, to take special Care, that none of the foresaid Rooms, Houses or Places be hereafter pestred with Multitude of Dwellers, or with any Inmates. And that such of the said Rooms, Houses or Places, as by any Proclamation heretofore published are ordered to be razed or pulled down, shall forthwith, the same being now void, or as the same shall hereafter become void, be razed and pulled down, accordingly. And being once pulled down, that they suffer not any of the same to be newly erected, &c. Given at his Majesty's Manour of Woodstock the sixteenth Day of September in the first Year of Our Reign."

These Buildings in the Suburbs of later Times, were taken notice of in a Parliament Anno 1656. and an Act was then made for the preventing the Multiplicity of Buildings in and about the Suburbs and within ten Miles thereof. The Preamble sets forth, how these New Buildings, Outhouses and Cottages were found to be mischievous and inconvenient, and a great Annoyance and Nusance to the Commonwealth: and that divers Prohibitions heretofore had been made to the contrary: And yet the growing Evil was multiplied and encreased. So that there was a Necessity to take some further speedy Course for the Redress. That by the Law the said Houses and Nusances ought to be abated, and the Builders, Occupiers and Tenants fined, which if executed, might be the undoing of many Men. The Act now ran, that for every Dwellinghouse, Outhouse, or any other Building erected within the Suburbs, or any other Place within ten Miles of the Walls of the City, since the 25th of March, 1620. and not having four Acres of Land at least, according to the Statute de terris mensurandis, continually therewith used, occupied and enjoyed, there should be paid, for the Use of the Commonwealth, one Years Rent at the full and improved Yearly Value; To be paid by the immediate Tenant or Tenants, or Occupier of such Houses at a wrackt Rent: And after such Payment to be for ever acquitted and discharged from such Fine, Penalty or Forfeiture, as they were liable to loose, or pay for the Building. And all that should after this build any House or Cottage upon a new Foundation within the said Suburbs or within ten Miles should forfeit the intire Sum of 100l. And every Person that should uphold and continue such new erected House, to forfeit for the Use of the Poor of the Parish, where such Offence should be committed, the Sum of 20l. for every Month that any such House should be upheld or continued.

Penalties upon new Buildings, Anno 1656.

But to proceed to a particular View of the Suburbs, with the spreading Buildings, notwithstanding the Oppositions, made as we have heard, thereto.

Another Matter that required Remedy and Regulation, in these Suburbs especially, was this. It was customary for the People to carry their Filth, as Intrails of dead Beasts and other noisome Things, and to throw them into the Ditches, Waters, Fields and Highways, whereby the Air was in Danger of being corrupted: and so to create Infectious Diseases in the City. This gave occasion in the Year 1590. to the reviving of an old Act of Parliament in the Reign of King Richard the Second, which was at large set forth in the Queens Proclamation. Which Filth was upon a Penalty to be forthwith carried away. And it was thought convenient, that the Notice of it should extend not only to the City, but to all the Cities and Boroughs in the Kingdom. It followeth.

A Proclamation against dangerous Annoyances, Anno 1590.

A Proclamation, commanding the Execution of an Act of Parliament, provided for avoiding of dangerous Annoyances about Cities, Boroughs and Towns within the Realm.


"THE Queen understanding, that by a Statute made the twelfth Year of King Richard the Second, it was enacted that for so much Dung and other Filth of the Issues and Entrails, as well of Beasts killed, as of other Corruptions, were cast and put into Ditches, Rivers and other Waters; and also within many other Places within, about and nigh unto divers Cities, Boroughs and Towns, and the Suburbs of them; that the Air was thereby greatly corrupted and infected; and many Maladies and other intolerable Diseases did daily happen, as well to the Inhabitants, and also Dwellers in the same Cities, and Borough, &c. as to others, thither repairing and passing: It was accorded and asserted, that Proclamation should be made, as well in the City of London, as in other Cities, Boroughs and Towns throughout the Realm of England: And that all which did cast and put in Annoyances, Dung, Issues, Entrails and other Ordure, in Ditches, Rivers, Waters, and other Places, should cause them to be removed, avoided and carried away between that and the Feast of Michaelmas next ensuing, every one upon Pain to lose and to forfeit unto the said King 20l. And that the Maior and Bailiff of every such City, Borough, &c. should compel the same to be done upon like Pain. "

Statute 12 R. 2. about them.

" And moreover that Proclamation should be made in the City of London, as in other Cities, Boroughs, Towns, &c. that none should do, to be set or thrown from thenceforth any such Annoyances, &c. And if any did, he should be called by Writ before the Lord Chancellor. "

" The Queen finding how necessary it should be to have the same Act duely executed within the Cities of London and Westminster, and the Suburbs, and other Places near adjoyning; and foreseeing what Benefit may grow by the due Execution thereof in the Places aforesaid, as well to the Inhabitants, as also to all Noblemen, Gentlemen and others, who for sundry respects have occasion to remain, or to repair unto the same Cities; and for the avoiding of such dangerous Infection, as otherwise by means of these Annoyances, must grow within the Cities and the Suburbs; Doth will the same Act to be proclaimed within the Cities of London and Westminster, and the Counties thereunto adjoyning, &c. And charged all and every Person to abstain and forbear to "