Borough of Southwark. Streets, &c. in St. Saviours Parish. 27

Borough of Southwark. Streets, &c. in St. Saviours Parish.
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And now for the present State of this Ward of the Borough of Southwark.

The present State of this Ward.

No Part of London, or the Suburbs (quantity of Ground considered) is more populous than the Borough of Southwark and Parts adjacent. And from an actual Survey thereof shall now an Account be given, of the various Streets, Lanes, Alleys, Courts and Places as now stand built and Inhabited. And in this shall be included all those Places which lie between London Bridge Westward, and the Parish of Lambeth: And from London Bridge Eastward unto Rotherhithe, which (tho' out of the Ward) shall be included. And from London Bridge Southwards, unto Newington Parish, taking in all the Streets, Lanes, Alleys and Courts on both sides, Westwards and Eastwards, so far as the Buildings extend, which is in the least three Miles in length, and above one in breadth. Within which extent are these Places following.

R. B.

First, Southwards from London Bridge.


The BOROUGH of SOUTHWARK, or Long Southwark, reaching to St. Margarets Hill.

St. MARGARETS HILL extending to St. George's Church.

BLACKMAN STREET from St. George's Church to Newington.

Westward from London Bridge.


STONY STREET, running from the Thames, unto Deadmans place.

COUNTER STREET, reaching Southwards from Deadmans place to St. Margaret's Hill.

FOULE LANE, lying between the Borough and St. Saviours Dock.

DEADMANS PLACE extending from the East end of Bank end to Counter Lane.

All these following new Streets made out of Winchester Park, seated betwixt the River of Thames on the North, St. Georges Fields on the South, and Gravel Lane on the West, viz. RED CROSS STREET, WHITE CROSS STREET, WORCESTER STREET, CASTLE STREET, MAIDEN LANE, EWERS STREET, QUEEN STREET, DUKE STREET, GEORGE STREET, BLUEGATE STREET, PEPPER STREET, BENNETS RENTS, BANDY LEG WALK, DIRTY LANE, &c.

GRAVEL LANE reacheth from the Thames to St. Georges Fields.

The UPPER GROUND, between which and the Thames are divers Timber Yards and Wharfs.

Between Gravel Lane on the East, Angel Street on the West, the Thames on the North, and St. Georges Fields on the South, are these new built Streets and Passages, viz. BENNETS STREET GREEN WALK, and ANGEL STREET.

Eastwards from London Bridge are,


St. OLAVES or TOOLIES STREET, extending to Horsleydown, betwixt which and the River Thames are these Places, viz. MILL LANE, MORGAN LANE, GREEN BANK, STONY LANE, VINE YARD, and WEAVERS LANE.

On the South side of St. Olaves Street are, The MAZE or MAZE POND, PARIS STREET.

From the middle of St. Olave Street Southerly, from St. Georges Church Easterly, are two fair Streets, which both meet together at St. Mary Magdalens Bermondsey, viz. BARNABY STREET South from St. Olaves Street, and LONG LANE East from St. Georges Church.

And Southerly from St. Georges Church is KENT STREET.

From the East end of St. Olaves Street runneth South East Horsley down unto FAIR STREET; which extends itself to Five Foot Lane, almost to the Head of St. Saviours Dock, and between Horsley down, Fair street, and the Thames, are these Places, viz. FREEMANS LANE, HORSLEY DOWN LANE, MOSS ALLEY, ROPE YARD, SHAD THAMES, S. SAVIOURS DOCK, and FREE SCHOOL LANE.

Then from about the middle of Barnaby street is CRUCIFIX LANE, extending Eastwards unto ROPER LANE, which runs Southerly unto FIVE FOOT LANE, and that leads to the Head of S. SAVIOURS DOCK.

Again along the River of Thames, betwixt Lambeth and Rotherhithe are several Publick Stairs, or Landing Places, beginning Westward, viz. Lambeth Bridge, Stand gate or Sun gate, Cupids Stairs, Old Bargehouse, Bull Stairs, Marigold Stairs, Paris Garden Stairs, Falcon Stairs, Bank end, S. Saviours Stairs, Pepper Alley Stairs.

Stairs or Landing Places.

Then Eastward from London Bridge are Toolies Stairs, Battaile Bridge Stairs, Pickle Herring Stairs, Still Stairs, Old Stairs, New Stairs, Savoy Mill Stairs, East Stairs, Mill Stairs, Rotherhithe Stairs, Cherry Garden Stairs, Elephant Stairs.

In this long Tract of Ground there are, in the Borough of Southwark, generally so called, these Parishes, viz. S. Saviours Southwark, S. Georges, S. Thomas, S. Olaves, and S. Mary Magdalen Bermondsey. Then on the West side, the Parishes of Christ Church and Lambeth: On the South side the Parish of Newington: and on the East side the Parish of Rotherhithe. To speak of these in their order.




This Parish, of all the rest of the Borough, is the largest, the best built and Inhabited, being well resorted unto, especially the two high Streets, viz. the Borough and St. Margarets Hill. As to the description of this Parish, I shall begin at the Bankside next the Falcon Westwards.

St. Saviour's Southwark Parish.

The BANKSIDE is very long, running Eastwards unto Deadmans Place; and is a Row of Buildings on the South side fronting the River of Thames, which affords a pleasant Prospect and a Walk by the River side, yet it is a Place not over well built, or Inhabited, except by some few Dyers there seated for the Conveniency of the Water. In this Place called the Bankside, are divers Courts, and Alleys, and Places of Name, most of which have a Passage into Maiden Lane, as appears by the Map. First,

The Bankside.

PARIS GARDEN, or PALLACE GARDEN LANE, very narrow, and runs to the Water side. Where there is a pair of Stairs, a place chiefly Inhabited by Watermen. In this Lane is GRAVES COURT consisting of small Houses. GEORGE YARD very ordinary, but large and open having Gardens to the Houses. CLERKS ALLEY, being only a passage to the Water side, and without Inhabitants. STEYREYS BREWHOUSE, a large Yard newly built and Inhabited; adjoyning to this Brewhouse is CHAPMANS YARD, large and open, but very ordinary both for Buildings and Inhabitants. MEDHOUSES ALLEY runs to the Water side very narrow, with two or three ordinary Houses in it. BROWNS YARD graced with one new long Brick House at the upper end. COCKPITT YARD, with narrow Passages falls into Gravel Lane, having in it only two Glass Houses. LOVE LANE hath a narrow Passage to the Thames, hath one side taken up by a Carpenter's Yard, and the other by small Houses. MOULSTRED DOCK hath a Passage to the River for a Cart. PYE GARDEN ALLEY falls into Maiden Lane, having several

Paris Garden Lane.

Graves Court.

Clerks Alley.

Steyrey's Brewhouse.

Chapman's Yard.

Medhouses Alley.

Browns Yard.

Cockpit Yard.

Love Lane.

Moulstred Dock.

Pye Garden Alley.