Bridge Ward without. St. Olaves. Monuments. 22

Bridge Ward without. St. Olaves. Monuments.

Februar. 1579.

To you that live possest,     
great Troubles do befal,
Where we that sleep by Death,     
do feel no harm at all:
An honest Life doth bring     
a joyful Death at last.
And Life again begins,     
when Death is over-past.
Death is the Path to Life,     
and Way to endless Wealth,
The Door whereby we pass     
to everlasting Health.
These threescore Years and six     
have passed here my Life,
Thirty seven Years thereof,     
Thou Helen wert by Wife.
A Citizen also,     
and of the Cutlers free,
And Warden of the same,     
so worthy thought to be.
My loving Wife farewel,     
God guide thee with his Grace,
Prepare thy self to come,     
and I will give thee place.
Acquaintance all Farewel,     
and be assur'd of this,
You shall be brought to Dust,     
as Thomas Malledge is.

A graven Plate in the end of the Choir.

Hic jacet corpus Joannis Thomas, nuper Civis & Groceri Civitatis London. Qui obiit die Mercurii, viz. 23 Augusti, Anno Domini 1564. Hic tres Uxores habuit, viz. Christianam, Matildam, & Joannam. Ex Christiana suscepit hos liberos, Rogerum, Joannem, seu Willielmum, Joannem inter Richardum, Lambertum, Henricum, Beatricem, & Petrum. Ex Matilda, Aliciam, Agnetem, & Susannam. Ex Joanna, Thomam, Martham, Margaretam, Annam, Richardum & Saram.

A plated Stone by the Communion Table.

Hic jacet corpus Richardi Philip, Civis & Groceri London. Qui obiit 10. die Mesis Aprilis, Anno Domini 1412. & Isabella Uxor ejus: Quæ obiit, &c. Quorum, &c.

Another like Stone by it.

Here resteth, in the Mercy of God, the Body of John Eston, Esq; late Justice of the Peace, and of Southwark Steward; leaving behind him Margaret his Wife. Which John died the eighth Day of May, Anno Domini 1565.

How rich be they certain,
That Heavenly Kingdom gain?
No Tongue can well express
Their Joys that be endless.

The like Stone on the other side of the Table.

Hic jacent Robertus Faireford, quondam Serviens excellentissimi Principis Henrici Regis Angliæ Quarti, ac nuper Coronator Curiæ Marescalciæ Hospitii Metuendissimorum Principis Henrici Regis Angliæ Quinti, & Henrici Sexti. Qui obiit 21 die Aagusti, Anno Domini, 1456, &c. Et Agnes Uxor Quæ obiit

An ancient Marble Tomb in the Chancel.

Persons of later times buried in this Church of Saint Olaves, with Monumental Remembrances and Inscriptions are these.

Later Monuments.

J. S.

In the Chancel.

Hic jacent exuviæ Johannis Ramsey, Armigeri, cum dilecta Uxore Lucia, & Johannis Filri, Annæque Filiæ, &c. Lucia obiit 1668. Johannes maritus, .

George Rooks, Gent. Merchant of the Staple of England; and some time chief Searcher for Custom Causes in the Port of Sandwich. 1646.

Elizabeth West, late Wife of George West. 1680.

Barbara Thomason.

Captain Simon Nichols, and Joan his Wife, lived 55 Years Man and Wife, 1688.

North Ile.

Captain Thom 1661.

Robert Clark, Citizen and Apothecary. 1693.

Leonard Harper, Citizen and Merchant of London. 1670.

Jane Walter, Wife of William Walter. 1702.

South Ile.

John Freeman. 1689. And Barbara his Wife. 1688.

Mary Jackson, late Wife of Thomas Jackson. 1689.

Tho. Cotton, 1694.

In the Churchyard, Monuments for,

Edward Brent, Eq; 1676.

Captain Richard Briant, 1676. And Anne Briant his first Wife. Likewise Sarah Briant his second Wife, 1659. And Eleanor his fourth Wife, 1668. And Anthony Briant, late of Peckham in the County of Surry, Esq; 1683. And John Briant, 1702. And Richard Briant, 1703. Sons of Capt. Richard Briant.

Edward, George, and Elizabeth, Children of Edward Davis and Hannah his Wife. .

Mary Yeames, Daughter of James Yeames of Ratcliff. 1698.]



The Charitable Gifts belonging to this Parish, with the Donors Names, and Years when given, appear by a Table of Benefactors above the Organ Loft, viz.


J. S.]

Years.Donors.Gifts per ann.
1501.Richard Douset gave400
1600.Lady Osbourn and Clark,400
1610.Walsel Webling,400
1626.Henry Smith, Esq;3000

There is a Copy of Instructions of this Henry Smith's, hanging up in a Table at the West End of the Church, for the Churchwardens and Overseers, their just Disposal of his said Charity of 30l. per Ann. issuing out of certain Manours, viz. That it was to be for the Relief of aged, poor, and infirm Persons: Married Persons having more Children born in lawful Wedlock than their Labours can maintain: Poor Orphans, and such poor People as keep themselves and their Families to Labour, and put forth their Children Apprentices at 15 Years of Age. These and other Instructions and Directions for distributing this foresaid Charity, were signed by Henry Smith, 1626. the 26th Day of January.

His Instructions.

Another Table there is hanging up, being an Account of the yearly Gift of that 30l. given by the said Henry Smith, deceased: Laid out in buying Coats, Shifts, Shoes and Stockings, by Edmund White Renter Warden of the said Parish of S. Olaves; and which were by him given and distributed to and among the poor People of the same Parish, according to the Will of the Donor, on St. Thomas Day, An. 1703. viz.

Imprimis,For 30 Coats with Badges,9130
Item,For 125 Shifts,12122
Item,For 18 pair of Stockings,0136
Item,For 53 pair of Shoes,714

1626.Robert Brookbank,200
1629.Tho. Burt,800
1631.Tho Dickinson, every two Years5134
1633.Sir John Fenner,1100
1634.William Humfrey,500
1636.Michael Dowel,200
1638.Mary Paradine,600
 The Bridge House payeth2134
1640John Sampson,100

1642. Ed-