[Temple Church.] Faringdon Ward without. [Monuments.]273

[Temple Church.] Faringdon Ward without. [Monuments.]

Unless for War or Chastity,
Would here vouchsafe an Elegy.
She dy'd a Wife, but yet her Mind,
(Beyond Virginity refin'd)
From lawless Fire remain'd as free,
As now from Heat her Ashes be.
Her Husband (yet without a Sin)
Was not a Stranger, but her Kin:
That her chast Love might seem none other
Unto a Husband, than a Brother.
Keep well this Pawn, thou Marble Chest,
Till it be call'd for, let it rest.
For while this Jewel here is set,
The Grave is but a Cabinet.

Memoriæ Sacrum.
Here resteth the Body of Clement Coke, of Langford in the County of Derby, Esquire; youngest Sonne of Sir Edward Coke, Knight, late Chiefe Justice of England; and of Bridget his Wife, Daughter and Co-heire of John Paston, of Paston, in the County of Norfolke, Esquire. This Clement married Sarah, Daughter and Co-heir of Alexander Rediche, of Rediche, in the County of Lancaster, Esquire; and of Katherine his Wife, sole Daughter and Heire of Humphrey Dethick, of Newal, on the County of Derby, Esquire. And had issue by the said Sarah, living at his death, Edward, Robert, Bridget, and Avise. Hee in the Inner Temple, being a Fellow of the same, Christitanly and Comfortably, in his flourishing Age, yielded up his Soule to the Almighty, the three and twentieth of May, Anno Dom. 1629.]

Sir Will. Dugdale, in his Book intitled Origines Juridiciales, hath taken notice of most of the Monuments, and set down their respective Inscriptions. To wit, those of John Portman, Richard Wye, Tulsington, Blackmore, Selden, Roger Bishop, John Den, Quatreman, Turner of Parington, JohnWhite, Bishop Brownrig, [sometime Preacher here, who was buried ascending towards the Altar; but his Gravestone is now removed, and placed at the going into the Church. As also was the Stone for White removed to the round Chapel, where it now is.] Plowden, Roop, Cole, Newcourt, Heyhoe, Richard Lemster, Chaplain, Tho. Mayhull, Chaplain, Edmund Berford, Dirland, Tho. English, Chaplain, Robert Thorne, Willielmus Langham, sometime Custos of this Temple, 1437. For the Epitaphs and Inscriptions of all these, I refer the Reader to Dugdales Book, before mentioned.

Origin. Juridicial.

J. S.



The Monuments and Gravestones more lately placed and laid in this Church, are for the Remembrance of these Persons following.

Later Monuments.

J. S.

South Ile. Johannes Witham, Baronettus, qui prosapia in agro Eboracensi ortus inclyta & antiqua, &c. Nobilissimæ in Barbados insulæ Coloniæ Præpositus, summà Magistratu maxima cum laude functus est, &c. 1689.

Depositum Thomæ Robinson, Barti. Templi interioris Socii & Thesaurarii, & in Curia communium Placitorum Protonotarii, &c. 1683.

Thomas Williams, Gent. 1645.

Heic subtus jacet corpus Willielmi Morton, Militis, unius Justiciariorum ad Placita coram ipso Rege tenenda, &c. Collonellus equorum atque pedum Caroli beatæ memoriæ primi, &c. 1672.

Lady Anne Morton, late Wife of Sir William Morton, Kt. 1668.

John Morton, Esq; eldest Son of Sir William Morton Kt. and Anne his Wife, of the Inner Temple. And Captain of a Regiment of Foot in Ireland, and Governour of Kilkenny, 1668.

Sir John Williams, of Minster, in the County of Kent, Kt. 1668.

Sir John Vaughan, Kt. Justice of the Common Pleas, 1674.

Edward Vaughan, J.C.

Depositum Thomæ Nash, Generosi: Of a good Family in Worcestershre; Author of many Books, which either he wrote, translated, or set forth. 1679.

Sir Timothy Littleton, Kt. one of the Barons of the Exchequer, 1679.

Hic situs est Gulielmus Wylde, Miles & Baronettus primò Justiciarius de Banco, deinde ad Placita coram Rege tenenda, &c. 1679.

Edward Littleton, eldest Son of Sir Thomas, Grandson of Edward, Baron Littleton de Mounslow, Keeper of the Great Seal, 1664.

West Wall. Hic situs est Johannes Vaughanus, Eques auratus, Capitalis Justiciarius de communi Banco, &c. 1674.

In the middle Ile. Mary Gaudy, only Daughter of Sir William Gaudy, of West Herling, in the County of Norfolk, Bart. 1671.

Bassingborn Gaudy, and William Gaudy, both in the Year 1660. Sons of Sir William.]

Framlingham Gaudy, second Son of Sir Charles Gaudy, of Crowes Hall, in Debenham, in the County of Suffolk, Kt. 1660. All these four last died of the Small Pox, fatal to the Family.

North side, next the East Wall, a very goodly Figure of Plowden the great Lawyer, lying along, with his Hands together, in his Coif and Gown, a little Ruff about his Neck. Repaired and beautified 1683.

Huttonius Byerley, Armiger, ex agro Dunelmens. oriundus, &c. 1695.

Æternæ M.S. Dni Georgii Treby, Eq. aurati, J. Cm. Qui agro Devon. oriundus, genus antiquum suis Virtutibus mirificè illustravit, &c. Electus (quod dicitur) Recordator magnæ Urbis sub Caroli II. Rege, immunitatum Civicarum & Chartarum (etiam tum formidabili lite intentatâ) Assertor strennus, Custos tenacissimus. GULIELMO IIIio. rerum potienti dictus Attornatus Generalis, ita partes regias tutatus est, ut subditorum jura sarta tecta conservaret. Exin, summis meritis apud eundem Regem Capitalis Justitiarius de coi' Banco constitutus, &c. Excessit 1702. Ætat. suæ 56.

This Epitaph is much longer, and largely expressive of this Worthy Lawyer's Abilities and Vertues.

Martix, sometome Recorder of London.

Thomas Agar, Clerk of the Crown in Chancery, 1673.

Jacobus Howel, Cambrobritannus, Regius Historiographus, in Anglia Primus, 1666.

At the West end of the Church.

Depositum Thomæ Agar.

Heic, situs Thomæ Keck, J.C. 1671.