[White Friers.] Faringdon Ward without. [Monuments.]268

[White Friers.] Faringdon Ward without. [Monuments.]

Hugh Courtney, Earl of Devonshire, about the year 1350. the 24th of Edward III.

The Curriors seemed formerly to live hereabouts. It is certain they had a Guild in this Church, founded Anno 1367. of which they brought in this Account into Chancery, about the 12th of Richard II. as did other Guilds in London, at this Time.

A Guild of Curriors in White Friers.

J. S.

Certific. of Guilds.

On litel Companie of a Light of on Taper in the Queer of the White Freers in Fletestrete, of the Yomanrie of Curriours, whereof ben Maistres Geffry Tolyngdon and Robert Stor. It was begon 41 E. 3. and now [about the Year 1389.] the foreseid Brethered ys almost a falle. So that ther be noe more at thys tyme that payeth therto, but x or xii Persones. And they han in Catel at thys tyme xxiii Shyllings iid. ob. And there be of Dettes the Summ of iiiil. The whych the Maistres ne mold nought gete.]



John Lufken, Maior of London, and the Communalty of the City, granted a Lane, called Crockers lane, reaching from Fleetstreet to the Thames, to build in the West end of that Church. Sir Robert Knowles, Kt. was a great Builder there also, in the Reign of Richard II. and of Henry IV. He deceased at his Manour of Scone Thorpe, in Norfolk, in the Year 1407. and was brought to London, and honourably buried by the Lady Constance his Wife, in the Body of the White Friers Church, which he had newly builded.

Crockers lane.

Sir. Rob. Knowles.

Persons buried in White Friers.

Robert Marshal, Bishop of Hereford, builded the Quire, Presbytery, Steeple, and many other Parts; and was there buried about the Year 1420.

There lie buried also in the new Quire, in the midst, Sir John Mowbray, Earl of Nottingham, 1398.

By him lieth Sir Edward Courtney.
In the South Wall lieth Sir Hugh Montgomery, and Sir John his Brother.
John Wolle, Son to Sir John Wolle.
Thomas Bayholt *, Esq.
Elizabeth, Countess of Athole.
Dame Johan, Wife to Sir Thomas Say of Alden *. Sir Pence * Castle, Baron.
John, Lord Gray, Son to Reginald, Lord Gray of Wilton, 1418.
Sir John Ludlow, Kt.
Sir Richard Derois *, Kt.
Richard Gray, Kt.
John Ashley *, Kt.
Robert Bristow, Esq.
Thomas Perry *, Esq.
Robert Tempest, Esq.
William Call *, Esq.
William Neddow *.

* Baylaott.



*De Royes.





In the old Quire, below the Altar, lie Dame Margaret, &c.

This Dame Margaret unknown, seems to be the Lady Margaret, Countess of Kent. Who by Will, 1540. bequeathed her Body to be buried in the Church of the late White Friers in Fleetstreet, under the Tomb where Richard Earl of Kent, her late Husband, lay, if it might be suffered.]

J. S.

Elianor Gristles *.
Under the Lamp, Sir John Browne, Kt. and John his Son and Heir.
By him, Sir Simon de Berford, Kt.


In the Walk between the Quire and the Church.

Peter Wygus *, Esq.
Robert Matthew *, Esq.
Sir John Skargell, Kt.
Sir John Norice, Kt.
Sir Geffrey * Roose, Kt.
Matthew Hadocke, Esq.
William Clarell, Esq.
John Aprichard *, Esq.
William Wentworth, Esq.
Thomas Wicham *, Esq.
Sir Terwit, Kt.
Sir Steven Popham *, Kt.
Bastard de Scales.
Henry Blunt, Esq.
Dame Elizabeth Blunt.
Jo. Swan, Esq.
Alice Foster, one of the Heirs of Sir Stephen Popham *.








Also in the said Friers lie these that follow.

Sir Robert Brocket *, Kt.
John Drayton, Esq.
John, Son to Rob. Chanlowes *, and his Daughter Katharine by him.
John Salvin, William Hampton, John Bampton *, John Winter, Edmond Oldhall, Will. Appleyard *, Thomas Dabby *, Esquires.
Sir Hugh Courtney, Kt.
John Drury, Son to Robert Drury.
Elizabeth Gemersey *, Gentlewoman.







In the East part of the Church.
Sir Thomas Townsend, Kt.
Sir Richard Greene, Kt.
William Scot, Esq.
Thomas Federinghey *.
J. Fulforde, Esq.
Edward Elsemere, Gent.
William Hart, Gent.


In the South Part of the Church.
Dame Mary Senclare *, Daughter to Sir Thomas Talbot, Kt.
Aucher *, Esq.
Sir Will. Moris *, Kt. and at his Foot Dame Christian his Wife.
Sir Peter de Mota, Kt.
Richard Hewton *, Esq.
Sir John Heron, Kt.
Richard Eaton, Esq.
Hugh Stapleton, Gent.
William Copley *, Gent.
Sir Raph Saint Owen, Kt.
Sir Hugh Bromeflete, Kt.
Lord Vessey, principal Founder of that Order, the 6th of Edward IV. &c.






This Lord was Sir Henry Bromfield: Who by his last Will, (made May 21. 6 Edw. IV. and proved 1468.) bequeathed his Body to be laid in the Church of the White Friers, London.

Sir Henry Bromfield, Lord Vesey.

J. S.

And though William Marquess Berkley, was buried in the Church of the Friers Augustines, yet he bore such good Will to these White Friers, that he appointed two Friers to sing perpetually in this Church, for his Soul, and the Souls of his Ancestors.

Will. Marquess Berkley.

And besides these, John Wollasel, Gent.
Elizabeth, Wife of Rob. Tawfeld.
Yuglow, Esq.
In the Chapter House, Henry Bedil.
In the Cloister, Ry. Beyton, Sir Rafe St. Owen.]

Sir Richard Grene, by ghis Will made die Dominica prox' post Festum S. Mich. Arch. A. D. 1386. bequeathed to the Prior and Convent of Carmelite Friers, Lond. pro Mortuario & sepultura ibm. habend. 20 Marks. Item, towards the new Work of their Church, 10 Marks.

E. Regro' Testam.

J. Worthing.