[S. Bride's Benefactors.] Faringdon Ward without. [VVhite Friers.]267

[S. Bride's Benefactors.] Faringdon Ward without. [VVhite Friers.]

Middle Ile. Tho. Higham, Armiger, M.D. 1672.

A Vault in the North Ile, belonging to Frederick Hern, Esq.

Dr. Jasper Needham, in his Life time, an eminent Physician, lies buried under a Stone in the Chancel, middle Ile, with a short Inscription. Ob. 31 Oct. 1679. Ætat. 57. And also his Wife Penelope, buried here according to her desire, Oct. 31. 1706. Aged 74.

A Monument on a Pillar on the North side of the Church, for John Cale. Ob. 29 Feb. 1715. Aged 80. And Judith Cale his Wife, February the 17th, 1716. Aged 70.

What the Benefactions to the Poor of this Parish, or to the Church, are, may appear by a Table of Benefactors set up here.




Given Annually for ever. 
Joan Sandbach220000
Mr. Crawthorne, Cutler,100000
Henry Flick, Girdler,040000
Joseph Parrat060000
James Trussel030500
George Davinson, Girdler,011000
John Hyde, Merchant Taylor,011000
The Company of Brewers011000
Tho. White070000
Mr. Scudamore, Vintner,010000
Mr. Acham030000
Edward Thatcher050000
Henry Jordan, Fishmonger,000608
Anne Raymond gave her House
for eight Widows.
Barbara Sharp gave five
Chaldron of Coals.

Given at once in Money. 
Sir Tho. Trevor, Kt. and Bar.1000000
His Lady1000000
Mrs. Parthenia Lowman1600000
Tho. Arnold, Esq;500000
Rick. Billingsly, Vintner,500000
John Alsop200000
Divers less Sums.
Lady Mary Trevor200000
Mr. Will. Wheatly2000000
Sir Hugh Parker, Bar. and his
Lady, and Sir Henry Parker, Bar.
have given and paid to the Poor,
and to put forth Apprentices

There is another Table of Benefactors to the Organs.

Another Table of Benefactors to the Church: Viz.

Sir Jer. Whichcote, Bart. gave
in Velvet and Gold Fringe, for
the Communion Table, Pulpit,
and Pall
Sir John Thorowood, of Kensington1000000
Sir John King, Kt.500000
Sir John Trevor, Bar.500000
Dr. Needham, M.D. in Plate,
Books, and Forms

Sir Tho. Fitch, Kt. for three
Brass Branches, and hanging them
Sir Edw. Lutwitch, gave the
Crimson Velvet Altar Cloth
Paul Boston, Vicar of this
Parish, gave in Plate, Value
John Turner, Serjeant at Law,
in Plate, and in Poors Boxes
Henry Hothersal, the Marble
Font, &c.
Lesser Sums given by several
others; as, Sir Edward Rich
Sir Hugh Windham, one of the
Barons, &c. each of them
Paul Bows, Esq; gave the King's Arms270700

Before the great Fire, there was a Parsonage House in Brides Lane; long since leased out by the Church of Westminster, which hath the Impropriation and Parsonage. It is now divided into several Tenements. That Place is now called Parsons Court,


The Minister's Maintenance is 120l. a Year, by Act of Parliament; and paid by the Churchwardens quarterly.

John Hill, left for a Sermon every New years Day, 10s.

Gift Sermon.

There is a School kept here, but not Free; held by the Curate that now, or lately was, named Daniel Kidley.


Here was a Fraternity in this Parish, founded An. 1375. of St. Brigide, for the Light to be set up in the said Church, before the Image of the Virgin St. Brigide, in the Feast of the Translation and Nativity of the said Virgin. And to pay 4d. at the four Quarters of the Year, yearly. Afterwards they procured a Chaplain to say Mass before the said Image, in the said Church.]

A Fraternity of St. Brigit.

The next is Salisbury Court, a Place so called, for that it belonged to the Bishops of Salisbury, and was their Inn, or London House, at such time as they were summoned to come to the Parliament, or came for other Business. It hath of late time been the Dwelling, first of Sir Richard Sackvile, and after of Sir Thomas Sackvile, his Son, Baron of Buckhurst, one of the Queen's Privy Council, afterwards Lord Treasurer; who very greatly inlarged it with stately Buildings.

The Bishop of Salisbury's House.

Thence it was sometime called Sackvile House. And being in long Lease made by Bishop Capon, Bishop there in the Times of King Henry VIII. Edward VI. and Queen Mary, was exchanged in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, by the greatly Learned Jewel, Bishop of that See; for Recompence of good Value, in Lands lying in his Diocese, or elsewhere in the West.]

Exchanged by Bp Jewel.

Reliq. Spelm.

J. S.

Then is Water lane, running down by the West side of a House called the Hanging Sword, to the Thames.

The WHITE FRIERS, or The Friers of our Lady of Mount CARMEL.


Then was the White Friers Church, called Fratres beatæ Mariæ de Monte Carmeli, first founded (saith John Bale) by Sir Ric. Gray, Kt. Ancestor to the Lord Gray of Codnor, in the Year 1241. King Edward I. gave to the Prior and Brethren of that House, a plot of Ground in Fleetstreet, whereupon to build their House; which was since re-edified or new builded, by

Water lane.

White Friers.

John Bale.