[S. Brides.] Faringdon Ward without. [Monuments.]266

[S. Brides.] Faringdon Ward without. [Monuments.]

Psalmes, as it seems, that were appointed to be used at Burials, in King Edward's Book of Common Prayer.]

Here lieth Edward Trussel, Citizen and Clothworker of London, Son of Avery Trussel, of Bilseley, in the County of Warwicke, Esq; with Anne his Wife, Daughter of James Philpot. Which Anne departed this Life Anno Dom. 1586. And hee having lived 38 Yeeres in this Parish, departed in the Lord the Nineteenth day of June, Anno Dom. 1613. Ætatis 67.

A comely small Monument in the South Wall of the Quire.

A. M.

He left behind three Sons by the said Anne, and one Daughter by Elizabeth his second Wife. Jacobus, filius natu maximus Pietatis ergô posuit.

Here lieth James Kinnon, a Gentleman of Lentilo in Monmouthshire, a Citizen and Cannoniere, and a Souldier. He dyed aged 67 Yeeres, overheating his Bloud in preparing of forty Chambers, at the entertainment of the Prince in the Artillery Garden. To the which Society he gave forty Chambers, and five Markes in Mony. To the Poore of this Parish hee gave 10l. per Annum for One and twenty Yeeres; and to the Poore of Lentilo the like Summe, and five Pound present. He had one Wife, and one Sonne. Obiit 19 Decemb. Anno Dom. 1615.

A fair Monument in the same Quire, in the East corner of the Wall.

It ever was his wish     
to dye in Field,
Or else at Sea. Fates     
halfe his wish did yeeld.
A Prince and Army     
stood about him round:
Yet Age (o're wearied)     
tooke the Mortall Wound.
Arts Mathematicke     
he both lov'd and knew;
In which his Skill increast,     
as his Yeeres grew.
Wales gave him Breath,     
faire was his Birth and Name,
And though Death stole     
his Life, he left his Fame.]

A very fair Monument standing in the South Ile, in the Chancel, with this Inscription.


In this Chancel lyeth buried Frances Trevor, Wife of Sir Thomas Trevor, Knight, Solicitor Generall to the Prince, at the time of her Death; and now one of the Barons of the Exchequer. Shee was Daughter and Heire of Daniel Blenerhasset of Norfolke, Esquire. Shee died the 6th of January, 1624. In whose Memory her said Husband, hæc piè posuit.

The had a Daughter buried near unto her.

In this Chancel also was buried, the 6th of January, 1614. Prudence Trevor, Daughter of Henry Butler, and former Wife to the said Sir Thomas; who bare him a Sonne, named Thomas, now living. Also John Trevor, of Trevallyn, in Comitatu Denbighe, Esquire, Father to the said Sir Thomas, died the 15th of July, 1589. and lieth buried here.

Randulp Trevor, Brother to the said Sir Thomas, died the 21st of July, 1590. and is buried here.

Margarite, Neece to the said Sir Thomas, and Daughter of Sir Richard Trevor, of Trevallyn, Knight, was married to John Griffith, of Lyn, in Comitatu Carnarvon, Esquire, and left many Children; and was buried here the 19th of March, 1624.

In the same Ile, at the upper end of this Church, on a fair Monument, is this Inscription.

Here resteth the Body of Sir George Curzon, of Croxall, in the County of Derby, Knight; descended from ancient Gentry, and of long continuance in that Place: Who, like the Race from whence hee came, was a Man of upright Life, Religious, and Hospitable. Hee tooke to Wife Mary, the Daughter of Sir Richard Levison, of Lelleshull, in the County of Salop, Knight. By whom hee had Walter, who died young, and Mary, then his onely Daughter and Heire. Who was married to Edward Sackvile, Earle of Dorset, Knight of the Honourable Order of the Garter. Which Lady caused this Monument to bee here infixed, to the Sacred Memory of her deare Father. He departed this Life the 17th of November, 1622.]



Moreover, there be several Monuments, and Monumental Inscriptions, for Persons more lately interred in this Church of St. Brides: Viz.

Late Monuments.

J. S.

In the Chancel. For Thomazine, late Wife of Henry Dove, D. D. Vicar of this Church, 1678. And for Henry and Thomazine their Children.

South Wall. In meditullio hujus Templi jacet mortale depositum JASPERI NEEDHAM, Med. Doctoris Principibus ac Præsulibus gratus, &c. 1679.

North Wall. James Molins, Master of Chirurgery, and Doctor of Physick; Servant to their Majesties K. Charles II. and K. James II. 1686.

The Vertuous and only Beautiful Mrs. Anne Blount, late Wife of Charles Blount, of the Middle Temple, Esq; 1686.

Flat Stones. Samuel Fortrey, Esq; 1681.

Thomas Flatman, eldest Son of Thomas Flatman, and Hanna his Wife, 1682. Aged 10 Years.

Who e'er thou art, that lookst upon,
And read'st what lyes beneath this Stone;
What Beauty, Goodness, Innocence,
In a sad Houre was snatch'd from hence.
What reason canst thou have to prize
The dearest Object of thine Eyes?
Believe this, Mortal, what thou valuest most,
And set'st thy Soul upon, is soonest lost.

These Verses are almost worn out and gone, and therefore I have preserved then here; being undoubtedly, the easy natural Strain of the Poet, the Father.

John Wynch, 1675. and Rob. Wynch his Son, 1676.

John Alsop, 1661. And Frances his Wife, 1687.

Sacred to the dear Memory of William Astley, Esq; Servant unto his Majesty when Prince, &c. Serjeant of his Majesty's Pastry, 1676.

Henrietta Francia Pool, Wife of Benjamin Pool, Esq; 1694.

Anne Coode, the beloved Wife of Will. Coode, of the Inner Temple, Esq; 1688.