[S. Dunstanes in the West.] Faringdon Ward without. [Monuments.]261

[S. Dunstanes in the West.] Faringdon Ward without. [Monuments.]

Dunstan, than to thee     
chanc'd this many a Yeere.

Earth from her Coffin     
heave thy ponderous Stones,

And for thy sacredst Relique     
keepe her Bones.

Since, spite of Envy,     
it cannot be deny'd,

Saint-like she liv'd,     
and like a Saint she dy'd.

A Table hanging upon a Pillar, in the middle Row of Pews, with this Inscription.

On the Death of the Discreet and Vertuous Mistrisse Mary Davies, Daughter of Thomas Croft, of Okley Parke, in the County of Salop, Esquire, and Wife of John Davies, of Hereford. She died on New-yeeres day, 1612.

Here lies her Dust,     
who in a span of Life,
Compast the Vertue     
of the worthiest Wife:
If oddes there be     
(well measur'd) 'twill be found,
She more acquir'd;     
so her bright Stocke renown'd:
And to those Wives     
that Glory most doe gaine,
She was a Mirrour     
that no Breath could staine.
Though she a Female were,     
her Judgement was,
To truest Masculines,     
a truer Glasse:
For she by Nature, Grace,     
and Wisdome too,
Shew'd by a Woman,     
what best Men should doe
In their best Actions:     
For she acted nought
That came not from a grave     
and gracious Thought.
But Nature (though familiar,     
yet most strange,
Shewing how much     
she doth delight in change,
In thousand Fashions     
doth her Selfe array)
Permits nought heere     
to stand at constant stay.
And Time and Death     
with her therein conspire,
Else had these Ashes still     
held vitall Fire.
But these just Lines,     
in Time and Death's despight,
Shall leade all Times     
to doe her Vertue right.

A good Name is better than a good Oyntment, and the day of death, than the day that one is born. Eccles. 7. 3.

Queen ELIZABETH's Monument.
Here lies her Type, who was of late,     
The Prop of Belgia, Stay of France,
Spaine's Foile, Faith's Shield, and Queene of State,     
Of Armes, of Learning, Fate, and Chance:
In briefe, of Women ne're was seene,
So great a Prince, so good a Queene.

Sith Vertue Her immortall made,     
Death (envying all that cannot dye)
Her Earthy Parts did so invade,     
As in it wrackt Selfe-Majesty.
But so her Spirit inspir'd her Parts,
That she still lives in Loyall Hearts.

Many Daughters have done well, but thou excellest them all.

I have fought a good Fight, I have finished my Course, I have kept the Faith.
From henceforth is laid up for me a Crown of Righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge shall give mee at that day; and not me only, but to them also that love his appearing. 2 Tim. iv. 7, 8.]

Robertus in the Hay, per Testomentum suum, Anno 1414. dat Tenementum suum, cum Gardino, in Scholane, in Procia' Stæ Bridgettæ, ac Tenementum in Fleetstreet, in P'roca Sti Dunstani in Occiden. London, Ministro & Custodibus Fabricæ Eccliæ Sti Dunstani predict. in perpetuum, ad inveniend. idoneum Capellanum ad celebrand. Missam singulis diebus pro Anima sua, &c. ad opus Fabricæ Eccliæ.

St. Dunstan in Occiden.

Regist. Ep. Lon.

Ed. Alex.

Tho. Duck, Cives & Pelliparius Lond. per Testamentum, Anno 1416. dat Vicario & Guardianis dcæ' Eccliæ 10 Marcas Sterlingor. annui reditus, percipiend. de Tenementis suis in dcta. Procia. situat int. Tenementa Decan. & Cap. liberæ Capell. Sti Stephani Westm. ac Prioris Sti Bartholomæi in Smithfield, ex parte Orient. & Tenement. Joh'is Crowee, vocat. Le Harrow on the Hope, ex occident. & vicum vocat. Fleetstreet, ad austrum, usq; ad Tenement. Dni. de Audeley, versus Aquilon. ad inveniend' Capellanum ad celebrand' Divina ad Altare Stæ Catherinæ in dicta Ecclia. pro Aia. sua Uxoris, Parentum Fratrum & Sororum.]

St. Dunstan predict.

Ubi supra.



Monuments of later date in this Church of St. Duntans in the West, there be these.

In the Chancel. For Capt. John Bridal, Esq; and Mary his Wife; and their Grandchild Anne Bridal. The said John departed 1694.

Monuments more Modern.

J. S.

On a Table hung up.

M. P. S. Siste Viator; lugubre mirare Marmor, quod non tegit vulgares Cineres. Obdormit in hoc funesto Repositorio Albertus Otho Faber Solmeius, natione Teutonensis, &c.

He was Doctor of Law, Chirurgeon General to the Emperor; afterwards Physitian to the Kings of Denmark and Sweden; and lastly to King Charles II. ob. 1684.

Damaris Turner, late Wife of Nathaniel Turner, Citizen and Skinner of London, and of this Parish, Linnen Draper. Daughter to the Reverend Dr. Worthington, sometime Master of Jesus College, Cambridge, and Rector of Fen Ditton, in that County. She had by her said Husband, eight Sons and four Daughters. She died 1703.

South Wall. Edward Marshal, Esq; formerly Master Mason of England. He left several Memorials of his Charity at his Death, 1675.

Near him, his Son Joshua Marshal, Esq; late Master Mason to King Charles II.

Whereas his Father, in his Life time, did give 10l. per ann. issuing out of a House in Fetter lane, during the Term of the Lease, for the daily reading of Divine Morning Service in this Church, he hath perpetuated it for ever. He died 1678. And Katharine Marshal, Widdow, Sept. 13. 1716. Aged 66. And Anne, the