[St. Dunstans in the West.] Faringdon Ward without. [Monuments.]258

[St. Dunstans in the West.] Faringdon Ward without. [Monuments.]

the County of Essex. Hee had by his Wife Jane Tate, (descended from the Line of honourable Ancestors) five Sonnes and one Daughter; who likewise is here with him buried. Both lived in the feare of God, and dyed in his Favour. Shee, in the 57th Yeere of her Age, the 24th day of November, 1577. And hee, in the 88th Yeere of his Age, the 26th day of June, Anno 1601.

Stephen Powle, Esquire, their onely surviving Sonne, and Successor to his Father in the Office of one of the sixe Clerks of the Chancery; in dutifull Pietie, consecrated to lasting Memory this holy Monument.

Corpus fœtidum     
carcer, Mors libertas,
Vita mare procellosum,     
Sepulchrum portus,
Mundus vaga peregrinatio,     
Cœlum Patria.
Disce ergo mori,     
dedisce vivere.

In God is onely my Trust: { God is my Defender.

My Friend, whoso this Place of mine     
Thou be that shalt behold,
With Patience pawse, and heare a Friend     
His Minde to thee unfold:
Seeke not with heapes of Worldly Toyes,     
To furnish thy Delight;
Nor let him fancy high Degree,     
That hopes to live aright.
If thou have Wealth, supply their want     
That languish and decay,
And linger not thy good intent,     
Until the later Day.
If Poverty oppresse thy Minde,     
Let Patience be thy Guide;
Let rigour faile to false thy Faith,     
What hap so thee betide.
For, as from Death no way there is,     
Whereby thee to defend;
So, Happy may no Creature be,     
Before his finall end.
Wherefore, of God his Mercy crave,
Who hath of Mercy store;
And unto him commend my Soule:
(My Friend) I crave no more.

A Brazen Plate on a Pillar in the Chancel.

Here before, lieth buried in the Vault, Robert Whitchcotte, of Lyons Inn, Gentleman, the Sonne of Thomas Whitchcotte, Esquire. Who deceased the 9th day of August, Anno Dom. 1557.

An antient Marble Tomb in the South Ile of the Quire.

Here lieth the Body of Sir Roger Cholmeley, Knight for the Body to King Henry the Eighth. Which Sir Roger deceased the 28th day of April, An. Dom. 1538.

Another like Tomb close adjoining.

Ranulphus Cholmeley clara     
hic cum conjuge dormit.
Binaque Connubii     
corpora juncta fide,
Hæc brevis urna tenet     
veros disjungere amantes
Nec potuit mortis     
vis truculenta nimis.
Justitia insignis     
nulli pietate secundus,
Ranulphus clara     
stirpe creatus erat.
Non deerant Artes     
Generoso pectore dignæ;
Doctus & Anglorum     
Jure peritus erat.
Ille Recordator Londini     
huic extitit urbi,
Et miseris semper     
mite levamen erat.
Hujs acerba viri     
Londinum funera deflet,
Dicens justitiæ     
vive perennis honor.
Obiit 25 die Aprilis, Anno 1563.

Another Tomb by it, in the Wall.

Mors mihi lucrum.
Near to this Place lieth buried the Body of Elizabeth North, Wife to Roger North, Esquire, and one of the Daughters and Coheires of Sir John Gilbert, Knight, of Great Finborow, in Suffolke. Shee had issue, two Sonnes and one Daughter; Henry North, Dudley North, and Mary North. On the 29th of November, Anno 1612. (she being about the Age of 22 Yeeres) ended this Life. Leaving behind her many of the Gravest, that may justly imitate her Vertues and godly Course of Life.

A fair Monument in the east end of the North Quire.

Anno Domini 1556.
Hic jacet humatus Williel. Portman, Miles, Serviens inclitissimæ Principis H. 8. ad Legem, & illo tempore unus Justiciariorum suorum Placitum, coram ipso Rege tenendum, ac postea tempore, illustriss. Principum, Philippi & Marie, Regis and Reginæ Angliæ Capitalis Justiciarius hujus Regni Angliæ. Eoque officio summa æquitate ita perfunctus erat, ut in Deum in primis sanctus & pius; in Patriam ac Principem fidus & morigerus; in omnes denique semper æquabilis fuit & perseveravit. Ab hac autem luce in cœlestem Prætorum cœtum 5 die Februarii, Anno Regni præfat. Regis & Reginæ 3 & 4 emigravit.

An antient Monument in the South end of the Quire.

Here lieth Thomas Browke, Citizen and Merchant Taylor of London, and sometime Master of his Company, and Alice his Wife. Which Thomas deceased the first day of November, An. Dom. 1546. And the said Alice deceased, &c.

A small antient Monument in the East end of the South Quire.

Gerardi Legh, Generosi, & clari viri interioris Templi Socii, Tumulus. Civis & Hospes Interloquntores.

A comely Monument in the East end of the North Quire.

C. Hospes, siste pedem,     
Tumulum nec temne. Gerardus     
Legh jacet hac humili     
contumulatus humo.

H. Unde genus duxit?
C. Generoso è sanguine natum,     
Antiquæ stirpis     
en! Monumenta docent.     
Nec Generosus erat vir     
sola ex parte caduca,     
Sed virtute magis,     
mens Generosa fuit.     
Religio summa splendebat     
mentis in arce,     
Et sedes Veræ     
pectus amicitiæ.     
Ingenio ac raro morum     
candore refulsit,     
Mens violare fidem     
credidit esse nefas.

H. Quod studium vivo placuit?
C. Scrutare solebat     
Vivens clarorum     
magna Trophæa virûm.