[Streets, Courts, &c.] Faringdon Ward without. [S. Andrews Holbourn.]255

[Streets, Courts, &c.] Faringdon Ward without. [S. Andrews Holbourn.]

the West side have Pails and Trees before them, very handsome and graceful. Leopard Alley, hath a Freestone Pavement in the middle Part, which is but ordinary built; but the upper end is better, with Gardens to the Houses.

Leopard Alley.

Then in Gray's Inn lane, beyond Baldwin's Gardens, are these Places. Pinder Alley, very ordinary, both as to Houses and Inhabitants, which are only on the South side. This Alley hath a narrow dark Entrance to it, down Steps. Maidenhead Alley, hath a Freestone Pavement, with indifferent Brick Houses, only on the South side; which hath prospect into Kings head Inn, of chief Account for livery Stables. Rose and Crown Court, pretty large, but very ordinary; the upper end hath a passage into Cradle Alley, which leads into Baldwin's Garden. Nags head Court, small and ordinary. Barry's Yard, hath small Houses, and but ordinary. Cock and Dolphin Inn, Red Lion Inn, and Black Bull Inn, all three pretty good Inns, and well accustomed. Hamsted Coach Yard, chiefly for Stablings and Coach Houses.

Pinder Alley.

Maiden head Alley.

Kings head Inn.

Rose and Crown Court.

Nags head Court.

Barry's Yard.

Cock and Dolphin, Red Lion, and Black Bull Inn.

Little Grays Inn lane leads into Tattle street, and so into Leicester street; also into Middle Row, and thence down to the Bridge, over the Town Ditch, and so over into the Fields. In Little Grays Inn lane is Boxford's Yard, pretty large, and only for Stablings. All these Places are small Brick Houses, and chiefly inhabited by labouring People, or the like.

Little Gray's Inn lane.

Tattle street.

Middle Row.

Boxford's Yard.

Something Northward from Little Grays Inn lane, are Stafford's Alms Houses, for six Men and four Women, each having the Allowance of 10s. a Quarter. Flower de lis Yard, pretty large, but ordinary; with a passage into Middle Row.

Stafford's Alms houses.

Flower de lis Yard.

Rope lane, broad and dirty, as not paved; with poor Houses on the North side, and leads into the Fields.

Rope lane.

At the upper end of Gray's Inn lane, on the West side, is Kings Gate Road, which leadeth by Red Lion Fields, and goeth into High Holbourn. Something North of this Gate, is a very handsome and genteel Row of Buildings, with a Freestone Walk before them, and Gardens behind; their West Lights having the prospect of Gray's Inn Fields and Walks.

Liquor pond street comes out of the end of Gray's Inn lane, over against Kings Gate, and falleth into Leather lane, against Bedford street. The Street is handsome and large, with pretty good Buildings, indifferently inhabited. On the South side is Berry Court, a pretty open Place, with some good Houses; and hath a passage into Cox's Alley, on the back side of this Street, and fall into Leather lane. Cow Yard, long and ordinary. On the North side is Dering's Rents, which hath a passage into Tattle street; chiefly inhabited by labouring Men, and such like.

Liquor pond street.

Berry Court.

Cow Yard.

Dering's Rents.

Leicester street, falls into the Fields, against Middle Row; also hath small Brick Houses, which are but indifferently inhabited. On the East side is Wine street, which, with a turning passage by the Ditch side, falls into Bedford street; both Brick Buildings, and the Inhabitants much like those aforesaid.

Leicester street.

Wine street.

Bedford street.

Ayre street, comes out of Leather lane, and runs Northwards to the Ditch. On the East side of this Street, is Summers street, which falleth with a descent into Hockley hole.

Ayre street.

Summers street.

Windmill street comes out of Leather lane, and falls into Hockley hole, a dirty Place, with some ill Buildings, and runneth down to the Ditch. In this part are these Places, Brewers Yard, George Yard, Royal Oak Yard, and Barn Yard; all very ordinary, both as to Houses and Inhabitants.

Windmil street.

Hockley hole.

Brewers Yard.

George Yard.

Royal Oak Yard.

Barn Yard.

Perpole lane comes out of Gray's Inn lane, and falls into Leather lane; a Street of no great Account, being old Buildings, and none of the best inhabited, nor much frequented. Here are these Places of Name: White Horse Inn, but indifferent, and chiefly for Stablings. Blackborn Court, hath small Brick Houses. Hoop Alley, hath a pretty broad passage, with Brick Houses on the West side. Banner's Rents, an open Court, but ordinary. Falcon Inn, pretty large, and of a reasonable Trade. Three Tun Court, but ordinary. Par's Rents, pretty large, containing two Courts one within another; the furthermost is large and open, with better Houses. Sugar loaf Court, long and mean. Half Moon Court, hath Houses only on the East side, the West inclosed with Pails. Bradshaw's Rents, a pretty handsome airy Court, with Brick Buildings; to some of which are Gardens and Trees. Cock Alley, hath a passage through an Entry, down Steps. The Houses which are on the East side, are but mean; the West side only inclosed by a Pail. Rose and Crown Court, a pretty good Place, and indifferent well inhabited; the House at the upper end being the best, and hath a good large Garden. Crown Court, but indifferent, with mean Timber Houses. Kings head Brewhouse, of a great Trade; and the House is very large, and gracefully built of Brick. Sned's Rents, severed from Pump Court by a Pail, which is but ordinary. But Sned's Rents is better, and hath a Coopers Yard at the lower end. Red Horse Inn, of no great Account; hath another Gate into Leather lane.

Perpole lane.

White Horse Inn.

Blackborn Court.

Hoop Alley.

Banner's Rents.

Falcon Inn.

Three Tun Court.

Par's Rents.

Sugar loaf Court.

Half Moon Court.

Bradshaw's Rents.

Cock Alley.

Rose and Corwn Court.

Crown Court.

Kings head Brewhouse.

Sneds Rents.

Pump Court.

Red Horse Inn.

Leather lane, of a great length, the South end coming out of Holbourn, and passing by Grevil street, Beauchamp street, Doddington street, Baldwin's Gardens, and Perpole lane, on the West side; and Charles street, Cross street, and Hatton Wall, on the East side; runs Northwards as far as Liquor pond street. The East side of this Lane is best built, having all Brick Houses; and behind them several Yards for Stables and Coach Houses, which belong to the Houses in Hatton street. In this Lane is White Hart Inn, Nags Head Inn, Kings head Inn, and Kings head Yard, all indifferent. Also the George Brewhouse, and Green's Brewhouse; both of a good Trade. And by the corner of Windmill hill, is Maiden head Court, which is but ordinary.

Leather lane.

White Hart Inn.

Nags head Inn.

Kings head Inn and Yard.

Maiden head Court.

Hatton Wall fronts Perpole lane, and falls to Vine street, leaving Hatton street on the South side. This Street is indifferently built and inhabited. On the South side is Bull Inn, very old, and hath a passage into Windmil hill.

Hatton Wall.

Bull Inn.

Vine street, runs down a steep Descent unto the Ditch, where there is a Bridge, that leadeth unto Clarkenwel Green. On the North side is Vine Court, but ordinary. And on the South side is Anslow street, but indifferently built and inhabited; hath a passage into Bull head Alley, a very mean Place, which leadeth into Saffron Hill. In this Anslow street is Small Beer Alley, which is but mean.

Vine street.

Vine Court.

Anslow street.

Bull head Alley.

Small Beer Alley.

Hatton Garden, is a very large Place now, containing several Streets: Viz. Hatton street, Charles street, Cross street, and Kirby street; all which large Tract of Ground was a Garden, and belonged to Hatton House; now pulled down, and built into Houses. Which said Streets are very gracefully built, and well inhabited by Gentry; especially Hatton street, which is

Hatton Garden.

Hatton street.

Charles stroet.

Cross street.

Kirby street.