[S. Andrews Holbourn.] Faringdon Ward without. [Streets, Courts, &c.]254

[S. Andrews Holbourn.] Faringdon Ward without. [Streets, Courts, &c.]

Dean street, but ordinary, falls into Eagle street, over against Lee street, which leadeth into Red Lion Square. In this Street, on the East side, is a small Court without a Name, where is a Coffee House: The West side is a Garden Wall belonging to a House in Holbourn. Blue Boar Inn, also considerable as the Three Cups Inn, both which Inns have a back Gate into Eagle street. Rose Alley, narrow and ordinary, with a passage also into Eagle street. Heart Alley, but small and mean, seated not far from Kings Gate street.

Dean street.

Blue Boar Inn.

Rose Alley.

Heart Alley.

Kings Gate Street, or Kings Gate Road, as being formerly only the Road Way to the upper end of Gray's Inn lane, with Gates at each end, and the King's Locks thereon. This Street, after a good passage Northwards, turneth Eastwards into Thumbal's Row, and thence into Gray's Inn lane. Here are but few Houses in it; the West side being taken up by the Gardens belonging to the Houses on the East side of King street: And the North side, by the Stables and Coach Houses belonging to the Houses in Red Lion Square.

Kings Gate street.

Eagle street, seated on the back side of Holbourn; a Street of a good length, the West end falling into Kings Gate street, and the East end into Bedford Row. The Street is pretty broad, and better built than inhabited. On the South side is Fishers Court, a pretty handsome open Place, with a Freestone Pavement. Also Bidles Court, indifferent good, with a Freestone Pavement. Betwixt these two Courts is Rose Alley. On the North side of this Street, is Red Lion Inn, a Place chiefly for Stables and Coaches. And on this side of the Street are two other Yards, imployed for the said Use.

Eagle street.

Fishers Court.

Bidles Court.

Red Lion Inn.

Red Lion Square, a large Place, and much longer than broad. It hath graceful Buildings on all sides, which are inhabited by Gentry, and Persons of Repute; the Houses having Palisado Pails, and a Freestone Pavement before them. The middle of the Square is inclosed from the Streets, or passage to the Houses, by a handsome high Palisado Pail; with Rows of Trees, Gravel Walks, and Grass Plats within; all neatly kept, for the Inhabitants to walk in. Out of this Square are several Streets which lead to other Places: Viz. Lee street, Fisher's street, Orange street, Drake street, North street, Lamb's Conduit passage, Princes street, and Gray's Inn passage.

Red Lion Square.

Lee street, a good handsome broad Street, well built, falls into Eagle street, and thence into Dean street, and so into Holbourn. Fisher's street, better built than inhabited, falls into Kings Gate street. Orange street, a good broad Street, well built and inhabited; also falls into Kings Gate street. Drake street, and North street, both being broad, well built and inhabited, and have a passage into Thumbal's Row. Lamb's Conduit passage, but narrow, with a Freestone Pavement, and good Houses; falleth into Red Lion Fields at the upper end. Princes street, large and open, with very good Buildings, taken up by Gentry: It croseeth Red Lion street, and falls into Bedford Row. Gray's Inn passage, but narrow, with a Freestone Pavement; and is a Place of some Trade, as being a Thorowfair to Gray's Inn.

Lee street.

Fishers Street.

Orange street.

Drake street.

North street

Lambs Conduit passage.

Princes street

Gray's Inn passage.

Bedford Row, very pleasantly seated, as having a prospect into Lincoln's Inn Garden and the Fields; with a handsome Close before the Row of Buildings, inclosed in with Palisado Pails, and a Row of Trees; with a broad Coach-way to the Houses, which are large and good; with Freestone Pavements, and Palisado Pails before the Houses, inclosing in little Garden Plots, adorned with handsome Flower Pots, and Flowers therein.

Bedford Row.

Thumbal's Row, falls into Kings Gate street, a Place of no Account, and but meanly inhabited. Out of this Row, is Devonshire street, which runneth Northwards into the Fields, near unto the Devil's Conduit. And at the upper end of the said Street, is a designed Square, having the Foundation of some Houses laid. One of which is large, and designed for one of the Sons of the Duke of Devonshire, and therefore so called. The West side of this Street is built with good Houses, but the East side lieth yet open.

Thumbals Row.

Devonshire street.

More Eastward is Bedford Court, but indifferent, both as to Houses and Inhabitants. Near unto this Court, is a Row of good new built Houses, which runs up to Lamb's Conduit; the East side being not yet begun to be built, but the Street laid out. And at the upper end of this Row is another designed Street, to fall into Devonshire street. But this is like the Ruins of Troy; some of the Houses carried up to the Covering, others about a Story, and others only having the Foundations laid; and thus they have been for some Years, and no likelihood of finishing.

Bedford Court.

Gray's Inn lane, very long, comes out of Holbourn a little without the Bars, and runs Northwards into Hamstead Road. The West side, except a few Houses next to Holbourn, is taken up by Gray's Inn House and Garden. And the East side is a Row of old built Houses, for the most part Timber, and for the generality inhabited by Inholders, Cooks, Chandlers, such as let Lodgings; and is a Place of some Trade and Resort; being seated so near unto Gray's Inn. In this Lane are a great many Courts and Allies: Viz. Bishops head Court, pretty large, and indifferent well built and inhabited; but hath a narrow entrance. Fox Court, large and open, with very good Brick Buildings, well inhabited, and hath a passage into Brook street. This Court, since the building, was made wider, by the pulling down of Angel Alley, and laid unto it. This Court hath a passage into Feathers Court or Alley, which is long, and but indifferent. Bell Court, made out of Bell Inn, a very handsome large Place, with a Freestone Pavement; hath good new Brick Buildings, well inhabited. At the upper end is a turning passage which leads into White Hart Yard, a Place for Stablings, and so into Brook Market. Plough Yard, long and narrow, with a Row of Brick Houses on the North side. Spread Eagle Court, large and open, with pretty good Buildings on both sides, which are well inhabited.

Gray's Inn lane.

Bishops head Court.

Fox Court.

Feathers Court, or Alley.

Bell Court.

Plough Yard.

Spread Eagle Court.

Baldwin's Gardens, a large Place, containing several Allies and Places of Name. The Entrance into it out of Gray's Inn lane, is but narrow and ordinary, and with a Freestone Pavement, the rest being of a good breadth, well built and inhabited, especially since the new Buildings raised in the Place of the old ones, on the North side; where there is a handsome open Square, but not yet finished. It hath a passage into Leather lane, large enough for Coach or Cart, with a pair of Gates. In this Place are these Courts and Allies: Huns Alley, on the South side, small and ordinary. Then on the North side, Cradle Alley, also ordinary; which hath a passage by the Square, and so falls into Rose and Crown Court in Gray's Inn lane. The Boarded Alley, but indifferent; the upper end openeth into the new designed Square. Baldwin's Court, a pretty open Place, with a Freestone Pavement. The Houses on

Baldwin's Gardens.

Huns Alley.

Cradle Alley.

Baldwin's Court.