[St. Andrews Holbourn.] Faringdon Ward without. [Monuments.]250

[St. Andrews Holbourn.] Faringdon Ward without. [Monuments.]

George Harrison, Gentleman, lyeth here,     
and Elizabeth his Wife,
Which in this Parish many a Yeere     
did live a gracious Life.
And he at her Departure gave     
to the Poore of Parishes twaine,
Saint Giles in the Field, and this,     
Annuity to remaine,
For Six and forty Yeeres to come,     
to give the poorest Soules,
One Yeere six and twenty Gownes,     
and two good Loads of Coales.
Next Yeere as many Shirts and Smocks,     
and as many Coales agen,
Till Six and forty Yeeres run out,     
to Women and to Men.
To Prisoners, and to many more,     
great Gifts she gave beside;
And in the Faith of Jesus Christ,     
they both assured dy'd. 1586.

A comely Monument in the North Wall of the Quire.

Quid superbis terra & cinis?

Huc oculos, Lector,     
versa, de corpore cæso
Jam cineres præter     
quod superest, nihil est.
Crede mihi de quo     
læterus corpore, digent, *
Jam cineres præter     
quod superest, nihil est.


Goergio Egeock, de Salford prioris, in agro Varvicensi, Armigero, viro omni virtutem genere instructo; integerrimæ fidei, cum erga Deum, tum erga homines, illæsæ probitatis, illibati nominis, de Patria, Conjuge, amicis, omnibus optimè merito. Dorothea (origine S. John) relicta m┼ôstissimi officii & desiderii conjugalis, triste argumentum, adjumentum memoriæ, Monumentum posteris, & nonnullam m┼ôroris ac viduitatis lenamentum posuit.

A comely Monument on a Pillar in the Quire.

Obdormivit in Domino fideliter ac feliciter Anno Salutis hum. 1601. Eliz. Reg. 43. Ætatis suæ circa 40. nexus Conjugalis 11 Mens. Martii 19. die Veneris, An. 1606.

Here rest the Bodies of Francis Jenner, sometime of Little Walsingham, in the County of Norfolke, Esquire, and sometime Fellow of Grayes Inne, and Margaret his Wife, (Daughter to William Hamon, of Acris, in the County of Kent, Esquire.) Who had issue one onely Daughter and Heire, named Frances Jenner, yet living. The said Margaret deceased in October, Anno 1603.
Aspice, Respice, Prospice.

A Grave at the Chancel Door.

Neer to this Place lyeth the Body of Elizabeth Ade, late the Wife of John Ade, of Doddington, in the County of Kent, Gent. and eldest Daughter of Thomas Waller, of Beckonsfield, in the County of Buckingham, Esquire. Who in her time was the Miroir of her Sex, replete with all the Gifts that Grace or Nature could afford. Religious toward God, and Charitable toward Men. Loving and Faithful to her Husband: Beloved of all, hated of none.

A very comely Monument upon a Pillar in the South Ile.


This World not worthy of her, she was translated to a better, the 3d of May, 1619. and about the 32d Year of her Age. Leaving, by her Death, a most infortunate Husband, three Sons, John, Edward, and Nicolas, and four Daughters, Dorothy, Elizabeth, Mary, and Frances.     
Whosoever thou art, that passest by,     
Learn here to live, and here to die.

Here lyeth buried the Body of Christopher Sherland, Esquire, Reader of Grayes Inne. Who dyed the 27th of January, An. Dom. 1631.

On the side of the Quire, on a fair Marble Stone.

Here lies a Maid, for Heaven     
by her pure Life
So fit, she could not     
stay to be a Wife.
And with her, half     
a Man lyes buried,
That is but half himself,     
now she is dead.
His other half lives     
but in hope to be
Inclosed in this Urne,     
as well as She.
In losing her, the     
LOVETS lost a Gem,
A Margaret, too rich     
indeed for them:
But not for him, to whom     
she went from hence,
Usher'd by Faith, Hope,     
Love, and Innocence.
Then you that are her Friends,     
your Grief forget;
In Heaven your Margaret     
is richly set.     
Obiit 4 die Febr. An. Dom. 1631.

Upon a Brass Plate near the North Door.

Antiquo Stemmate Nobilis, avitis suis virtutibus clarus; hic jacet Johannes Ashburnham, nuper de Ashburnham, miles. Qui obiit in festo Sancti Petri, 1620. Ætatis 49. Relictis Conjuge, charissimis Johanne, Gulielmo, Elizabetha, Francisca, Anna & Catherina.

Domina Eliz. Ashburnham,
Vidua F. Thomæ Beaumont, de Staughton, in Com. Leicestr. Militis. Hoc amori & officio consulens, meritissimo lugubris posuit, 1621.]



Of later Times have Monuments been set up for these Persons.

Late Monuments.

J. S.

In the Chancel. For Jane the Wife of Gerard Fowke, eldest Son of Gerard Fowke, of Backacar Hall, in Staffordshire, 1689.

South Ile. Robert Barcroft, Gent. Son of Hugh Barcroft, D.D. 1679.

Dorothy Gryme, late Wife of Rob. Gryme, late Citizen of London, 1681. And Robert their only Son, 1674.

Davis Knight, Citizen and Brewer of London, 1679. And Elizabeth his Daughter.

Against the North Wall. For Will. Horsenell, Gent. Principal of Thavies Inn, 1656. buried in the North Churchyard with his Wife.

Against the South Wall. For Richard Dewe, of Bampton, in Oxfordshire, 1687. And Edward Dewe, 1668.

Against the North Side, high, and placed out of reading, a Monument for Susan and Margaret Bourchier, Daughter of Walter Bourchier, of Barnesly, in the County of Gloucester, Esq. Susan died 1690. and Margaret the same Year.

A Gravestone at the West end of the Church, upon William Gerard, (Son of Philip Gerard, of Grays Inn Esq;) Clerk of the Petty Bag; of the antient and worthy Family of Gerards in Lancashire. Who lived a just Man, loyal Subject, loving Husband, kind Father, and faithful Friend. Died March the 1st, An. Dom. 1660. Aged 62.