[S. Andrews Holbourn.] Faringdon Ward without. [Monuments.]249

[S. Andrews Holbourn.] Faringdon Ward without. [Monuments.]

day of February, Anno Domini, 1610. She left behinde unto her said Husband these Children at her death, Gerrard, William, John, Edward, and Katharine Parkinson. Which Gerrard died at Brazen Nose College in Oxford, the 4th day of January, Anno Domini 1611.

John Parkinson, her sorrowfull Husband, caused this Monument to be here erected, for a Memorial of her Vertue, and of their mutual Love.

Here lieth buried William Tipper, Esquire of the Body to our Soveraign Lord King James. Who departed this World the first day of September, An. Dom. 1613. being aged 71 Yeers. Hee was the Sonne of Henry Tipper, of London, Citizen and Grocer, and of Helen his Wife, Daughter of Randall Dodd, of Cheshire. This William Tipper married Mary, Daughter of Jo. Clarke, of London, Goldsmith, and had issue Robert Tipper.

A fair Stone before the Door of the Vestry.

Memoriæ Sacrum.
Michael Lewes, of Collyweston, in the County of Northampton, Esquire; Zealous in God's Truth, and Vertuous in Conversation; Did learnedly reade in the Common Law of Grayes Inne, Anno 1584. Ætatis 45. Whose Body lieth here buried, but his Soule is with Christ, at the Right hand of God, exepecting the glorious Resurrection of the Faithfull.
Vincemus mundi prælia pace Dei.

A small Monument in the Wall, at the East end of the Chancel.

Reginaldus Biens, ortu clarus, virtute Militari clarior, terris multum jactatus & undis; huic tandem libens, ac lætus appulit portui. An. Dom. 1611. Ætatis 49.

A comely small Monument in the Wall in the Chancel.

En! fuit, en! non est hic
qui sepelitur in umbris;
En! fuit, en! non est,
umbra, cadaver, homo.

Vixit sua tempora, nosque sequemur.

Monumentum Roberti Coke, de Milleham, in Comitatu Norfolciæ, Armigeri, Illustrissimi Hospitii Lincolniensis quondam Socii Primarii.

A fair Monument in the same Wall.

Qui ex Winefrida uxore sua, Gulielmi Knightly filia, hos suscepit liberos:
Edwardum Coke, filium, Majestatis Regiæ Attornatum Generalem.
Winefridam, Miloni Mingay, Generos.
Dorotheam, Gulielmo Franklyn, Generos.
Elizabetham, Richardo Osborne, Generos.
Ursulam, Georgio Ledys, Generos.
Annam, Francisco Stubbe, Generos.
Margaretam, Roberto Barker, Armig.
Etheldredam, Nicholao Bohun, Armig.

Obiit Hospitio{ Domini 1561.
prædicto 15 die{ Elizab. 4.
Novemb. An.{ Ætat. suæ 48.

Johannes Corbettus: à Chri. bene notus *.

*Per Anagram.

Hic jacet spe novissimæ tubæ Johannes Corbet, Armiger, filius Milonis Corbetti, Militis, natus quintus mortuus 2. unus Clericorum Serenissimi Jacobi à secretioribus Conciliis. Occubuit ix. Decembris, 1611.

A comely Monument in the South Wall of the Chancel.

Si totus parvam     
promêretur frater in urnam,
Flerem, sed pars est     
vilior ista sui,
Quam Tumulo clausam,     
pars altera vidit Olympo
Redditam, ut invidiam     
se modo flere velim.

Elizabethæ Ferreriæ unicæ filiolæ Joan. Ferrerius Galvidamus Carnutensis, & Franciscæ Juberta, mœstiss. Par. P. P. Anno M. D. LXX. Octavo Kalend. Sextil.

A small Monument under the other.

Here lie the Bodies of Richard Aldworth, Gentleman, and Elizabeth his Wife, who had issue six Sonnes and three Daughters. Which Elizabeth deceased the 24th day of August, 1603. And the said Richard, &c.

A gilt Plate in the South Wall of the Quire.

My Turtle gone,     
all Joy is gone for me,
I'll mourne awhile,     
and after flee:
For Time brings     
youthfull Youths to Age,
And Age brings     
Death, our Heritage.

They lived married together Foure and forty Yeeres.

Their Race is runne,
and Heaven is wonne.

Non illo melior quisquam, nec amantior æqui.

Radulpho Rokeby, à Marthamia (Oppido Richmondiensis agri) oriundo, Lincolniensis Hospitii Socio Primario, Xenodochii divæ Catharinæ prope Arcem Londoniensem Magistro; Augustissimaæque Anglorum Reginæ Elizabethæ à libellis supplicibus, non minus domi ac foris, quam pace belloque, de Principe, ac Patria benè merito. Cælibi septuagenario, fatisque demum 24 Junii, Anno post natum Messiam, 1596. feliciter functo. Heredes in Testamento scripti piæ gratæque memoriæ gratia posuerunt.

A comely Monument in the same Wall of the Quire.

Here lyeth the Body of Henry Topham, Esq; one of the Readers of Grayes Inne. Who dyed the first day of May, An. Dom. 1612.

Two fair Gravestones in the South Ile of the Quire.

Hic jacet corpus Saintmontis Welles, Generos. de Grayes Inne, qui cœlebs. obiit 18 Februarii, 1612.

Here lyeth the Body of Thomas Thorney, late Citizen and Barber Chirurgeon of London; who dyed the 4th of June, 1614. and lived 71. Yeeres. Being twice Master of his Company, and one of the Common Councell of this City. Who gave to the Poore of this Parish of St. Andrew, ten Pounds, to be distributed on the day of his Funerall; and ten Pounds a Yeere afterward, to ten poor Pensioners of this Parish, for ever. And twenty Shillings to the poore People of Acton, for ever. Who dyed without issue of his Body, and made Peter Thorney, Citizen and Barber Chirurgeon of London, (his Brother's Sonne) his Heire and sole Executor. Who kneeleth with him in this Module, being finished and set up in the Month of December, An. Dom. 1614. And at the onely Cost and Charges of the said Peter Thorney, in memory of so worthy a Member; who lived in good Credit, Name and Fame, all the days of his Life, and did many good Offices, and memorable Acts in this Parish.

A comely Monument in the South Ile of the Church, in the Wall.