[St. Sepulchres.] Faringdon Ward without. [Benefactions.]244

[St. Sepulchres.] Faringdon Ward without. [Benefactions.]

Emma Tanner, late Wife of John Tanner; and with her five Sons, 1664.

Will. Walker, late Citizen and Ironmonger, and Susanna his Wife. He died 1675.

John Jacob, Pewterer, 1683. And Rachel his Wife, 1691.

Hic requiescit Gulielmis Buckby, Serviens ad Legem, & Capitalis Justiciarius apud meridionales Wallos, &c. 1685.

Richard Freeman, 1691.

Phineas Preston, Esq; of Dublin, 1673.

Gabriel Wettenhal, Citizen and Clothworker of London; sometime Deputy of this Ward, 1682.

Thomas Mason, 1668. Also Susan his Wife, 1679. He aged 82. She aged 81.

Margaret Sayve, Wife of Peter Sayve, 1695.

Against a Pillar, North.

H. S. E.
D. Tho. Davies, Miles, &c. In Toga, Prætor Cathedram suis meritis implevit. In Sago, Tribunitiam Potestatem cum laude exercuit, &c. ob. 1679.

Tho. Sawyer, 1672.

Body of the Church. Henry Melmoth, 1699. Buried before in this Grave, seven Sons and two Daughters.

North Ile. Edward Greenberry, Citizen and Inholder of London, 1694. And Elinor his Wife, 1681.

In memory of that great Pillar of Loyalty and Humanity, Anthony Hinton, 1678.

Thomas, Son of Thomas and Anne Wager, 1694. And Anne Wager, and Henry, the other Son, 1699. And Thomas Wager, the Father, 1702.

George Hawles, Son of George Hawles, of Moncton Winborn, in the County of Dorset, Gent. 1685.

John Edmunds, 1690. And William Edmunds, 1703.

William Waldron, Citizen and Haberdasher, 1699.

South Ile. Eliz. Clipsam, Wife of William Clipsam, 1694.

Thomas Allen, of Seven Oaks, in Kent, 1698. Aged 77. And John Allen, of Great St. Bartholomews, 1699.

Mary, late Wife of Richard Hays, 1684.

Upon a Gravestone at the South side of the Communion Table Rails.

Here lyeth interred the Body of the truly Vertuous Elizabeth, late Wife of Sam. Blackerby, of Stow Market, in the County of Suffolk, Esq; Daughter of Nathaniel Barnardiston, Esq; second Son of Sir Nath. Barnardiston, of Ketton, in the said County, Kt. &c. Dyed Nov. 8. 1691. in the 33d Year of her Age.

Here also lyeth the Body of Barnardiston, the youngest Daughter, and last Child, of the said Samuel and Elizabeth. Dyed March the 18th, 1689.

Also Jane, their second Daughter, July the 20th, 1702.

Also Lettice, Grand-daughter to the said Sam. and Elizabeth. Oct. 31. 1714.

Also the said Sam. Blackerby. Who departed Dec. 15. 1714. in the 61st Year of his Age.

Also Samuel, eldest Son of the said Nathaniel and Elizabeth. Dyed Sept. 6. 1715.

On the North side of the Communion Table Rails, an Inscription on a Stone, for Roger Reeve, late Citizen and Grocer of London. Feb. the 24th, 1690/1. Aged 65. And Elizab.

Reeve, Feb. 16. 1713/14, And Roger Reeve, Septemb. the 16th, 1692. And Deborah Reeve, Novemb. the 23, 1712.

Under a Stone near the Vestry, William Walters, Esq; late of Cundale, in the County of York. Jan. the 3d, 1712. Set up by his surviving Brother, Richard Walters, Esq.

Against the East Wall, South of the Communion Table, are fixed large Tables of Benefactors, their Names, Gifts, and for what Uses. As of,


1. Gifts and Givers, to the Repair and Maintenance of the Church of St. Sepulchres, for ever.

2. Gifts and Givers to the Maintenance of the Poor, for ever, in Money, Bread, Bibles, Cloth Gowns, Ringing the Prisoners Bell, &c.

3. Stocks of Money given to the Poor.

4. Perpetual Annuities.

5. Coals and Fuel for the Poor.

6. Gift Sermons.

A Memorial of the Benefactors Names are carefully kept in their Parish Books, with the respective Sums by them given.

There is a good Vicaridge House rebuilt since the great Fire, in which the Minister now doth inhabit, or lately did, adjoining to the Churchyard; with some other small Glebe.

Vicarage House.

In the Visitation, An. 1636. the Glebe was given in by the Churchwardens, to be in Value 17l. 13s. 4d.


Dr. Bell, sometime Vicar of this Parish, in the Year 1681. under his own Hand gave this Account of the Rights of the Vicar.

Rights of the Vicar.

The Parish lieth four Parts in London, and the Fifth in Middlesex.

Dr. Bell, Vic.

The College of St. Johns Oxon, Patron of the Living. The Parish, Impropriators: Both by Purchase of the Crown.

The Vicar was formerly endowed with a Third of the Tiths and Easter Book; to be paid without Defalcation for Collecting. By the late Act, his Maintenance of Tiths is to be 200l. a Year. Towards which, that Part of the Parish that lieth within London, payeth 80l. per ann, by quarterly Payments, by the Churchwardens; and giveth a Tith Book of 80l. more. For which the Vicar payeth the Collectors 2s. per Pound.

Middlesex Part should pay the other 40l. and have a Tith Book of 107l. per ann. but gather yearly not above 60l. Whereof they pay, once a Year, 20l. as a Third; and are not included in the Act for Augmentations. About 160l. is gathered from the whole Parish; much being lost by Tofts of Ground unbuilt, Houses unlet, and poor Inhabitants.

The Easter Book, formerly 150l. a Year to the Parish and Vicar, is reduced to less than 9l. yet collected still.

The Exchequer payeth about 19l. a Year. Whereof 14l. for daily Morning Prayer. One Shilling in the Pound to the Paymaster; and five Shillings for Debenture.

There is paid 1l. 6s. 8d. for Coalhouse.

The Sexton, a Sugar Loaf.