[St. Sepulchres.] Faringdon Ward without. [Monuments.]243

[St. Sepulchres.] Faringdon Ward without. [Monuments.]

Religion was her Compasse,     
Truth her Starre,
In sundry Seas     
of Worlds Prosperity;
Wealth her bad Angel,     
Flesh and Bloud her Warre,
Yet Wisedome made     
this Discord Harmony.
Then Marble keepe     
to all Posterity,
Her Lives deare memory,     
Upon whose Urne
And to her Obsequies     
(O, obsequiously)
In Loves sweet Odours     
Hearts shall ever burne.
And let each Christian Heart     
joyne with my Pen,
T'imbalme her Vertues     
in the Hearts of Men.

Thou Bed of Rest,     
reserve for him a Roome,
Who lives a Man divorc't     
from his deare Wife:
And as they were one Heart,     
so this one Tombe
May hold them neere     
in Death, as linckt in Life.
Shee's gone before,     
and after comes her Head;
To sleepe with her     
among the blessed Dead.

Here is buried the Body of Henry Cotton, Gentleman, eldest Son of Thomas Cotton, of Connington, in the County of Huntingdon, Esq; by Dorothy Tamworth, his second Wife. Hee living honestly, died the 11th day of June, 1614. And made his Executors, Sir Edward Montague, Knight of the Bath, married to Frances his second Sister, and William Mulsho, Esq; married to Rebecca his third Sister. Who in requitall of his kindnesse to them, erected this Remembrance for him.

A Monument on a Pillar in the Body of the Church.

Barkly sublatus, jacet hic     
sub marmore stratus,
Qui pueros docuit multos,     
veluti bene sciunt.
Quem rapuit Dominus,     
sed vivis spiritus ejus,
Inter seculas quo obierunt *     
qui bene formas
Annis millenis     
quingentenis simul octo,
* Quod Domini migrat     
qui non cursum sibi pigrat.
Mense Decembre fero,     
de quo non plus majus edo.
Binas uxores habuit     
senas quoque proles:
Quarum tres nati,     
nata tres atque fuere,
Quos nece truncavit     
Christus quicunque creavit.

A Gravestone at the North Ile entring into the Quire.


*Quo ad Dominum.

To the living Memory of his deceased Friend, Captain JOHN SMITH, sometime Governour of Virginia, and Admiral of New England. Who departed this Life the 21st of June, 1631.
Acordiamus, Vincere est Vivere.

On the South side of the Quire.


Here lyes one conquered     
that hath conquered Kings,
Subdu'd large Territories,     
and done Things,
Which to the World     
impossible would seem,
But that the Truth     
is held in more Esteem.
Shall I report his     
former Service done
In honour of his God     
and Christendom?
How that he did divide     
from Pagans three,
Their Heads and Lives,     
Types of his Chivalry.
For which great Service,     
in that Climate done,
Brave Sigismundus,     
King of Hungarion,
Did give him as a Coat     
of Armes to wear,
These conquered Heads,     
got by his Sword and Spear.
Or shall I tell of     
his Adventures since,
Done in Virginia,     
that large Continent?
How that he subdu'd     
Kings unto his Yoke,
And made those Heathen flee,     
as Wind doth Smoke:
And made their Land,     
being of so large a Station,
An Habitation for     
our Christian Nation.
Where God is glorify'd,     
their Wants supply'd;
Which else, for Necessaries     
must have dy'd.
But what avails his Conquests,     
now he lyes
Interr'd in Earth, a Prey     
to Worms and Flyes?
O! May his Soul in     
sweet Elysium sleep,
Until the Keeper,     
that all Souls doth keep,
Return to Judgment:     
And that after thence,
With Angels he may have     
his Recompence.]



The more modern Monuments in this Church of St. Sepulchres, are for these Persons following.

Modern Monuments.

J. S.

In the Chancel. Before the Communion Table, within the Rails, a Monumental Stone for William Bell, D.D. sometime Rector of this Church; who died An. 1683. An excellent Preacher, and exemplary for his Charity.

Tho. Drake, M.A. and late Curate of this Parish, 1675.

Tho. Glover, Citizen and Ironmonger, 1677.

Anne, Wife of William Richardson, Keeper of Newgate, 1693.

Roger Reeve, Citizen and Grocer, and Susanna his Wife. He 1672. Aged 78. She, the same Year, Aged 64.

John Murdock, Citizen and Merchant Taylor, 1684.

Henry Kettle, late of this Parish, Brewer, 1671.

Ralph Brisco, of this Parish, Inholder, 1673.

Will. Hempson, Esq; 1679.

Mary, Daughter of Edward Mills, 1684.

Philip Knevet, 1694.

Mr. Deputy Tho. Streames, 1678. And Mary his Wife, 1674.