[St. Sepulchres.] Faringdon Ward without. [Chauntries. Monuments.]242

[St. Sepulchres.] Faringdon Ward without. [Chauntries. Monuments.]

"Sowle of Sir Thomas Thwaythe, Kt. and for the Sowles of Tho. Stokys, and Helen his Wyfe; taking for his Salary ten Marks, by the Yere. And I ordeyn and make my Son George Stokes, myne Executor, to dispose for my Sowle; by the Oversight of Mr. Christofer Urswyk, Clerk, and my Son Rich. Lyster; whom I make Supervisors of my said Testament. And I give my Ring with a Dyamond, to Mr. Urswyk; and my Ring which I had of Bartholomew Rede, to my Son Lyster, &c.]"

William Cresewyk, Citizen of London, buried in the Chappel of St. Mary, in St. Kath. Creechurch, by hisWill, gives to the Minister and Churchwardens of the Parish of St. Sepulchre, and their Suceessors, for ever, a yearly Rent of 13s. 4d. to be received out of his Land and Tenement, called the Castle Inn, near the Bars of West Smithfield, for the Support of the Ornaments of the said Church of St. Sepulchre.

Regist. Lond.

Ed. Alex.

This Will. Cresewyk, was Executor of the Will of Sir Nic. Twyford, who was Lord Maior of London, and died 1390.

John Joyner, Citizen and Ironmonger, by Will dated the 28th of August, 1426. gives all his Lands and Tenements in Turnagayn lane, in the Parish of St. Sepulchres, London, after the Death of Isabel his Daughter, &c. to the Rector and Wardens of the said Parish, for a perpetual Chauntry in the Chappel of the Blessed Mary, founded in the same Church, for Augmentation of the Chauntry. And that they find, within a Year, one other Chaplain to celebrate in the said Chappel, for his Soul, and Souls of his Parents, &c.]

Regist. Lond.

Rich. Byernes, An. 1405. by his Will, gave Fabricæ Ecclesiæ Sti Sepulchri, Lond. xiid. annuatim; percipiend. de Gardinis suis, quæ tenet ad terminum annorum de Priore & Convent. Elien. juxta Trillemylle Brook.]

Lib. Broun.

Trilmill Brook.

Here under lieth the Body of the vertuous Lady, the Lady Elenor Sentleger, Wife to Sir Anthony Sentleger, Knight, Master of the Rolles of the Chancery of the Realme of Ireland, and one of her Majesties Privie Councell of the same Realme. The Daughter of Richard Markham, of Seggebrooke, in the County of Lincolne, Esquire, deceased. Who died the second day of February, 1598. being of the Age of 52 Yeeres, and Moneths odde.

A fair plated stone in the Chancel.

A. M.

Here lieth Dame Elizabeth Langton, late Wife of Sir Thomas Langton, Knight, Baron of Newton, in the Countie of Lancaster. One of the Daughters of Sir Edward Stanley, Kt. Lord Mounteagle. Which deceased the 17th day of June, An. Dom. 1533.

A fair Stone close by the other.

Here lieth buried the Body of Richard Snelling, of West Greensted in the County of Sussex, Esquire; who died the 25th day of August, An. Dom. 1611. He married Margery May, the eldest Daughter of George May, in the County aforesaid, Esquire. By whom hee had Issue two Sons and three Daughters. Which said Margery was living An. 1612. and caused this Monument to bee laid, desiring to be interred here under.

A fair plated Stone in the same Chancel.

Elionora præhonorabilis viri, Johannis Fortescue, Equitis Aurati, Ducatus Lancastriæ Cancellarii, à sanctioribus Regiæ Majestatis Conciliis, filia Edvardi Hubbard, Armig. defuncti, aliquando Conjux perquam dilecta, sub hoc Marmore jacet sepulta. Vixit annos 36. piè, justè, sobriè, quoad Deum, mundam, seipsam, gestos, in fidè, pace, spe Christi, conscientiæ, gloriæ. Obiit 10 die Mensis Julii, An. Regni Regis Jacobi, Angliæ, &c. 3. An. Dom. 1605.

A very fair plated Stone in the Chancel.

Qualis vita, finis ita.

Here under lyes the     
wonder of her Kinde,
The Quintessence     
of Nature and of Grace,
Wit, Beauty, Bounty,     
and (in Noble Race
The rarest Jewell)     
a right humble Minde.
Here lyes her Body,     
but her Soule refin'd
Above th' Empyreall,     
hath imperiall Place,
In Blisse so boundlesse,     
as no Words embrace,
Nor Art can feigne,     
nor mortall Heart can find.
Her Fame remaines     
a Monument of Honour,
Built by her Vertue,     
gilt with purest Gold,
With Lilly-flowers, and     
Roses strewed upon her,
Her Epitaph     
Urania thus enrol'd:
Milde Childe, chaste Mayden,     
and religious Wife;
The Even crownes the Day,     
Joane Essex Death, her Life.
Piè obiit die Martis Martii 15. Ann. ætat. suæ 26. Salutis nostræ, 1607.

A fair Stone by the Communion Table, richly done with Arms.

A Dorcas milde,     
a Mary full of Grace,
A Virgin Chaste,     
and of rare Eduacation,
Entombed lyeth here     
underneath this Place;
Whose Life and Name     
deserved Commendation.
But in the blooming     
Month of pleasant May,
Untimely Death hath     
stolne her Life away.
Yet spight of Death,     
her Virtue still remaineth;
And in the Heaven     
a better Life she gaineth.
Upon whose Tombe     
I consecrate this Verse,
In stead of Flowers,     
to decke her Funeral Hearse.
Nemo ante obitum fœlix.

Under the Communion Table, a fair plated State.

Joannes Brewster, Armiger, in obitum D. Elizabethæ Deane, uxoris ejus. Obiit 24 die Octob. 1609.

Made generous by Birth,     
and kept that Fount,
From Times pollution     
striving still to rise
Above the Earth, high     
in the Worlds account,
For outward and for     
inbred Courtesies.
Her Actions, Almes, her Life,     
Faith, Hope, and Love,
A suffering Spirit,     
rendring Right for Wrong:
Her Heart a Spheare, where     
all good Thoughts did move,
Whose Influence was
dispersed by the Tongue.

A very fair Monument in the Chancel.