[St. Bartholomews.] Faringdon Ward without. [Monuments.]233

[St. Bartholomews.] Faringdon Ward without. [Monuments.]

In the Yeere of his Age,     
Fourescore and ten,
Of October Moneth,     
the Day One and twenty.

This Gentleman, a great Traveller in divers Countries, amongst other his Labours, painfully collected the Works of Geffrey Chaucer, John Lidgate, and other learned Writers; which Works he wrote in sundry Volumes, to remain for Posterity. I have seen them, and partly do possess them.

Jane Lady Clinton. Who gave ten Pounds to the Poor of this House, and was there buried, 1458. [According to her last Will, bearing date the 12t of January, 1457. wherein she is called Johan Clinton.]

J. S.

Agnes, Daughter to Sir William St. George.

Dame A

John Rogerbrook *, Esq.


Richard Sturgeon *, Clerk of the Crown.]


Thomas Burgan *, Gent.

First Edit.

Elizabeth, Wife to Henry Skinard *, Daughter to Chincroft *, Esq.




William Fitzwater, Gent, 1466.

Dame Annys Say, Widow, by her last Will, made June the 11th, 1478. bequeathed her Body to be buried in the Parish of St. Bartholomew the Little, in London, nigh the Tomb whereas Sir John Fray, Kt. late her Husband, lay buried. And she bequeathed to a Priest, to sing for the Souls of the Lord Wenlock, Sir J. Fray, and Sir John Say, her Husbands, the Trental of St. Gregory; in a Place assigned him by Dame Margaret Leynham, the Wife of Sir John Leynham, Kt. Which Margaret was the said Dame Annys her Daughter.]

Dame Annys Say.

J. S.

Here Robert Balthorp lies intombd;     
to Elizabeth our Queene,
Who Sergeant of the Chirurgeons sworne,     
neere thirty Yeeres hath beene.
He died at sixty nine of Yeeres,     
December ninth the day,
The Yeere of Grace Eight hundred twice,     
deducting Nine away.
Loe here his rotten Bones repose,     
till Angels Trumpet sound,
To warn the World of present Change,     
and raise the Dead from Ground.
Vivit post funera Virtus.

A comely Monument in the South Wall of the Chancel.

A. M.

i.e. 1591.

Thomas Bodleius, Eques Auratus, fecit Annæ Conjugi piissimæ, atque omnibus exemplis benè de se meritæ, cum qua dulciter vixit Annos 24.

A Monument in the North Wall of the Chancel.

John vir honoratus     
jacet hic Nedham tumulatus,
Qui prudens, gratus,     
justus fuit & moderatus.
Fratribus ille suis     
fuerat præ quatuor Annis,
Quem mors crudelis     
29. q; Decembris
M.C. quater Domini     
septem simul X. numerandi,
Cujus spiritui     
sint Cœli gaudia regni.

A fair plated Stone by the Communion Table.

J. Needham.

i.e. 1417.

The fouteenth Hundred Yeere     
of our Lord Seventy,
Passed Sir William Knight     
to God Almighty,
The 15. day of July:     
Master of this Place;
Jesus for his Mercy     
receive him into Grace.

Under the Communion Table.

Hic jacet Dominus Joannes Byry, quondam Magister istius Hospital. Qui obiit 28 die Septemb. An. Domini, 1417, Cujus, &c.

By the same Table.

Ecce sub hoc Tumulo     
Gulielmus conditur Honus,
Vir justus, verbis     
integer, atque Deum
Corde timens. Qui cum     
Guilda sit functus in Aula,
Cumque palam in Templo     
bis legerat Anglica jura,
Cunctorum sanè     
non sine laude virum;
Mors hominem accersens     
supremum dixit adito.
Sic moritur, corpus terræ,     
vermique relinquens,
Scandit at excelsis     
sidera mente poli.
Hoc posuit Conjunx     
dilecta Jocosa Sepulchrum,
Dicta Jocosa licet     
plena dolore tamen.

An antient Tomb in the North Wall, beneath the Quire.

Sub præsenti marmore requiescunt corpora Walteri Ingham, Generosi, ac Ælianoræ consortis suæ. Qui quidem Walterus ingressus est viam universæ carnis 7 die Mensis Martii, Anno Domini 1464. Et prædicta Ælianora, uxor sua terrenæ mortis degustavit pocula 25 die Septemb. An. Dom 1466. Quorum, &c.

At the entring into the Quire in the middle Ile.

Hic vir pacificus     
Shipley Richardus humatur,
Verus Catholicus domus     
hæc hoc testificatur.
Esurientes ac sitientes     
namque fovebat,
Pace fruentes, justa     
petentes corde gerebat.
C. quater & Mille,     
X. & * M.V. cadit ille
Luce Maii deca terque     
monas fit humus sibi mater,
Conjux postque sua     
finivit Alicia flamen,
Quos manus tua salvet     
precor O Deus. Amen.

A fair Stone lying close by the other.

Rich. Shipley.

*Rectius forte I VI. And then the Year is 1422.

Hic vir Catholicus bonus     
ecce Richardus humatur
Sturgeon pacificus, quem     
mors rapuisse probatur.
Armiger hic Regis fuit,     
& vir Nobilitatis,
Mandatum legus servans,     
celsis * probitatis.
Annis trigenis fit     
Clericus ipse Caronæ.
Et quivus plenè hunc     
cape Christe bone.
Mille, quater centum     
semel L. sex tempore Christi.
Dat fundamentum     
quindena Martius isti,
Uxor ejus quem * bonæ     
jungitur ecce Joanna,
Ut capiant dona     
Cœlorum Jesus Hosanna.

A fair plated Stone close by the Pilgrim and his Wife.

Richard Sturgeon.

*Forte Celsæ

*Rectius fortasse, cui jam.

Here lyeth now Dead,     
which late was Quick,
The comely Corps     
of Anne Westwick;

At the Foot of the same Stone.