[St. Bartholomews.] Faringdon Ward without. [Monuments.]232

[St. Bartholomews.] Faringdon Ward without. [Monuments.]

The Hospital of St. BARTHOLOMEW.


Beyond this Pie corner, lieth West Smithfield, compassed about with Buildings. As first, on the South side, following the Right hand, standeth the Parish Church, and large Hosiptal of St. Bartholomew, founded by Rahere, the first Prior of St. Bartholomews, thereto near adjoining, in the Year 1102.

West smithfield.

Hospital of St. Bartholomews.

Alfune, that had not long before builded the Parish Church of St. Giles without Criplegate, became the first Hospitaler or Proctor, for the Poor of this House; and went himself daily to the Shambles, and other Markets, where he begged the Charity of devout People for their Relief; promising to the liberal Givers (and that by alledging Testimonies of the Holy Scripture) Reward at the Hands of God. Henry III. granted to Katharine, late Wife to William Hardell, twenty Foot of Land in length and breadth, in Smithfield, next to the Chappel of St. Bartholomew, to build her a Recluse or Ankorage; commanding the Maior and Sheriffs of London, to assign the said twenty Foot to the said Katharine; Charta 11 Hen. III. The Feundation of this Hospital for the Poor and Diseased, and their special Sustentation, was confirmed by Edw. III. the 26th of his Reign. It was governed by a Master, and eight Brethren; being Priests for the Church; and four Sisters, to see the Poor served.

The first Master or Proctor of the Hospital of St. Bartholomew.

A Recluse of Ankorage by St. Bartholomews Hospital.

The Executors of Richard Whitington, sometime Lord Maior of London, of his Goods repaired this Hospital, about the Year 1423.

Sir John Wakering Priest, Master of this House, in the Year 1463. amongst other Books, gave to their common Library, the fairest Bible that I have seen, written in large Vellam, by a Brother of that House, named John Coke, at the Age of 68 Years, when he had been Priest 43 Years. Since the spoil of that Library, I have seen this Book in the Custody of my Worshipful Friend, Master Walter Cope.

The Priory, upon the Death of Rob. Tollerton, their Prior, petition King Richard III. for Licence to elect another. The King's Grant ran in these Words. Supplicarunt nobis humiliter dilecti nostri in Christo Superior & Conventus Monasterii sive Prioratus & libere Capelle nostre Sti Bartholomei in West Smithfield in Suburbis Civitat. Lond. Ordinis Sti Augustini, &c. That whereas the said Monastery or Priory, and free Chappel, by the Death of Domp. Rob. Tollerton, the last of the same, is deprived of the Government of a Pastor, that we would give our Licence for the electing another Prior and Pastor, &c. Which the King granted, April 24.]

Rob. Tollerton, Prior.

K. Rich. III.

J. S.

The Parish Church of St. BARTHOLOMEW the Less.


This Church remains a Parish Church to the Tenants dwelling in the Precinct of the Hospital.

St. Bartholomew the Less.



Monuments in St. Bartholmew's Church, of the Dead, and Benefactors thereunto, be these.

Monuments in the Church.

Elizabeth, Wife to Adam Hone, Gentleman.


Bartilmew Bildington.

Jane, Wife to John Cook.

Dame Alice, Wife to Sir Richard * Isham.

*Richard Ysham.

Alice, Wife to Nicolas Bayly.John Woodhouse, Esq.

Robert Palmer, Gent.

Idona, Wife to John Walden, lying by her Husband on the North side, late new builded, 1424.

Sir Tho. Malifant, or Nanfant, Baron of Winnow St. George, in Glamorgan, and Lord Ockeneton and Pile, in the County of Pembrook, 1438.

Dame Margaret * his Wife, Daughter to Thomas Astley *, Esq; with Edmond and Henry his Children.



Richard Shipley, and Alice his Wife.

William Markeby, Gent. 1438.

Whose Inscription, with his Wives, was thus transcribed by another Hand.

Hic jacet Willielm. Markeby, de Londoniis Gentilmann. Qui ob. 11 die Julii, An. Domini 1439. Et Alicia uxor ejus. Quorum animabus propitietur Deus. Amen.]
Richard Shepley, and Alice his Wife.
Thomas Savel, Sergeant at Arms.

MS. D. Hen. St. George, Garter.

J. S.

Hic jacet Thomas Seyville, serviens domini Regis ad Arma. Et Elizabetha uxor ejus. Quorum animabus propitietur Deus.

MS. D. H. S. Geo.

J. S.

Orate pro animabus Henrici & Joannis Selman. Innocentium - - - - - - - -

Meaning perhaps Innocents day, to be the Day of the Obit.]

Edward Beastby, Gent. and Margaret his Wife.

The Inscription upon Malifant's Monument, was this.

Hic jacet Thomas Malifant, Miles, quondam Baronus de Winvoo, ac Dominus de Seynt George in Comitat. de Glamorgan, & Dominus de Unketon & Pylle in Comitat. de Penbroke, in Wallia. Qui obit 8vo die Mai, An. Dom. 1438. Et Dom. Margareta uxor ejus, filia Thomæ Asteley, Armig. Nevew de Dom. Asteley. Ac Edmund. & Henricus filii eorundem Tho. Malifant & Margaretæ uxoris ejus. Quorum animabus propitietur Deus.]

J. S.

MS. D. H. St. Geo.

Walter Ingham, Gentleman, and Eleanor his Wife.

Robert Warner, and Alice, Lady Carne.

Robert Caldset *, Johan and Agnes his Wives.


Sir Robert Danvers, and Dame Agnes his Wife, Daughter to Sir Richard Delabar *.


William Brookes *, Esquire.


John Shirley, Esq; and Margaret his Wife, having their Pictures of Brass, in the Habit of Pilgrims, on a fair flat Stone, with an Epitaph, Anno 1456. thus.

Behold, how ended is     
the poor Pilgrimage,
Of John Shirley, Esquire,     
with Margaret his Wife;
That twelve Children had     
together in Marriage,
Eight Sonnes, and foure     
Daughters, withouten Strife.
That in Honour, Nurture,     
and Labour, flowed in Fame:
His Pen reporteth     
his Lives Occupation,
Since Pier his life time,     
John Shirley by Name,
Of his degree, that     
was in Brutes Albion.
Thus in the Yeere of Grace     
deceased from hen,
Foureteene hundred Winters,     
and sixe and fifty;

John Shirley.