[Monuments.] Castle Baynard Ward. [Monuments.]226

[Monuments.] Castle Baynard Ward. [Monuments.]

Barnard Randolph, Esq, 1583.

Joannes Sugar, Civis & Piscenarius London. Qui obiit 29 die Decemb. An. Dom. 1455, & Margareta uxor ejus, quæ obiit 13 die Novemb. Anno Dom. 1485. Quorum animarum, &c.

A very antient Tomb in the North Ile of the Quire.

A. M.

Here lieth buried the Body of Barnard Randolph, Esquire, while hee lived, Common Sergeant of this City of London. He died the seventh day of August, An. Dom. 1583. And of his Liberality hath been beneficiall to the City. As formerly hath been declared.

A fair Monument in the East end of the Chancel.

Here lieth buried the Body of Herbert Randolph, of Wardis, in County of Sussex, Esquire; Cousin, and next Heire to Barnard Randolph, Esquire, &c. He tooke Wofe Judith, the eldest Daughter of Anthony Shirley, of Preston, in the said County of Sussex, Esquire; and departed this Life (without issue) on the 9th day of April, 1604.

A comely Monument in the South Ile of the Quire.

In obitum lectissimæ feminæ Magaretæ Serle, nuper uxoris Alexandri Serle, Reg. Majest. Procuratoris, &c. Quæ obiit 8 die Mens. Martii, Anno Salutis humanæ (quæ nunc beatissima fruitur) juxta stilum Angliæ, 1605.

A Monument near to the other.

Virgo decem & septem vixi     
intaminata per annos,
Deme duos totidem     
tum pia nupta fui.
Funera gnatorum vidi     
lugubria quinque,
Deque novem, reliqui     
bis duo, nostra vident.
Casta domi vixi, invigilans     
prolique larique,
Sara viro, mundo     
Martha, Maria Deo.
Memoriæ Sacrum.

Selectissimæ feminæ Joannæ, uxoris Gilberti Dethick, fil. 2. Domini Gulielmi Dethick, Mtis filiæ Alexandri Serle, Regiæ Majestatis Procuratoris Genl & Margaretæ uxoris suæ. Quæ quidem Joanna 10 Martii, An. 1607. stilo Angliæ, sub certa spe venturæ in Christo Resurrectionis, Spiritum Deo, corpus terræ commendavit.

Another Monument beneath the former.

Ut semel partu geminas eodem,
Tristis enixa est tacitas, sorores,
Languido tandem placidè quievit.
Quindecim virgo pia vixit annos,
Quindecim menses pia nupta facis
Tum piè cedens, pia mens fit alti,
Incola Cœli.
Virgo dum, spes hæc & amor parentum,
Nupta dum, lux hæc & honor mariti,
Uxor & virgo, decor hæc, propinquis,
Et decus omnes.

George Coleman, Gent. a Freeman of this City of London, was born in Richmondshire, and afterward inhabited at Callis, in the time of the first surprize thereof by the French, An. Dom. 1558. Where he lost all his Lands and Substance; and at the Age of 95 Yeeres he died, the 16 of Sept. 1600. and lyeth interred on the North side of the Communion Table. By him is buried Alice his Wife, the onely Daughter of George Gainsford, Esquire, a younger Sonne of Sir John Gainesford, of Crohurst in the County of Surrey, Knight; and a Brother to the last Sir John Gainsford, of the same Place, Knight. Which Alice was sole Heire to her Mother Elizabeth, Daughter and Coheire to John Alphew, of Boare Place, in the County of Kent, Esquire.
Shee dyed the fourth of March, An. Dom. 1581.

A comely Monument with Arms in the same South Ile.

Epitaphium 1622.
Clarissimi viri Gulielmi Druræi, ex Antiqua & Illustri Druræorum Familiâ oriundi, Juris Cæsarii Doctoris, & Amplissimæ Curiæ Prærogativæ in Angliâ Dignissimi Judicis, jam olim defuncti, recenter vero Mariæ Uxoris ejus Fæminæ laudatissimæ, ex splendidissimo Southwellorum genere prognatæ.


Hac Gulielmus humo     
Terdenis dormiit Annis,
Nunc subiit tumulum     
juncta Maria viro,
Justitiæ fuit hic cultor,     
jurisque Magister;
Hæc quoque Magnanima     
Nobilitate, fide,
Sena prole ferax; virtutum     
exempla futuris
Æternanda Ævis     
liquit uterque Parens.
Felices nimium utraque,     
& Funere sponsas,
Dant quibus hæc unum     
Cor, Humus, Astra, Locum.

Charissimus suis Patri & Matri, hoc Carmine Parentavit.     
Gulielmus Druræus,

Hoc Monumentum in memoriam defunctorum Amicorum poni curavit Tho. Cotton, A.R.

Queen Elizabeth's Monument.

Here lies her Type, who was of late,     
The Prop of Belgia, Stay of France,
Spain's Foyle, Faith's Shield, and Queene of State,     
Of Arms, of Learning, Fate and Chance:
In brief, of Women, ne'er was seen,     
So great a Prince, so good a Queen.
Sith Vertue her Immortall made,     
Death (envying all that cannot die
Her Earthy Parts did so invade,     
As in it wrack'd Self Majesty.
But so her Spirit inspir'd her Parts,     
That she still lives in Loyall Hearts.

Many Daughters have done vertuously, but thou excellest them all.
I have fought a good Fight, I have finished my Course, &c.

Since the great Fire, and the rebuilding of the Church of St. Mary Magdalen, in the Chancel, is a flat Stone laid over Jeffrey Bliss, of St. Nicolas Olaves: And Elizabeth, Daughter of James Medlicot, of Ashsted, in Surrey, Gent. late his Wife. She deceased 1689.

Late Monuments.

A Brass Plate fixed up near the Font, where is the Representation of an old Man in a Gown, and the Year of our Lord, viz. 1586. set over him, and these Verses.

In God the Lord put all your Trust,     
Repent your former wicked Wayes;
Elizabeth our Queen most just,     
Bless her, O Lord, in all her Wayes.
So, Lord, encrease good Councellours,     
And Preachers of his holy Word;