[Benefactors.] Castle Baynard Ward. [St. Andr. VVardrobe.]223

[Benefactors.] Castle Baynard Ward. [St. Andr. VVardrobe.]

by the last Will of John Par; who made the said Anne his full Executrix. And it was finished the 20th day of June, 1611.

William Smith his seventh Son, a willing Imitator of his Parents Virtues. Who deceased the 3d of October, Anno 1632. aged 68. He was the only surviving Son and Heir to his Father, Alderman's Deputy of the Ward for the space of 15 Years. He married Sarah the Daughter of William Feake, of London, Goldsmith. By whom he had issue Katharine, his only Daughter and Heir. Who was married unto Samuel Owfield, of Gatton, in the County of Surrey, Esquire.]

At the upper end of the South Ile, standing under, and adjoining to the Monument of his Father, David Smith.


Late Monuments since the Rebuilding of the Church, for

Late Monuments.

J. S.

Sir Robert Wiseman, Kt. Son of Sir Thomas Wiseman, of Rivenal in Essex; Dean of the Arches, 1684.

Steven Price, Doctor of Laws, Advocate in Doctors Commons, 1688.

A Table hanging up where a Monument stood before the Fire, for Tho. Nevet, and Obedience his Wife; both good Benefactors to this Parish.



The Benefactors and charitable Gifts belonging to this Parish, are thus accounted for.


There be three Houses, and a Toft of Ground, let to the Lady Jason, for 6l. per Ann. by Lease, for the Poor. Being the Gift of Mr. Arnold, of Doctors Commons.

The Embroiderers Company pay 10l. per Ann.

The Water House for the Poor.

For Sermons, 5l. per ann.

Mr. Gilbert gave 20s. per ann.

The Girdlers Copmpany is in Contest for the Gift for Bread for the Poor, at 40s. per Ann.

There is a small Toft of Ground where the Parsonage House formerly stood, let out for 20s. a Year.]


Something more must be said concerning the Gift of Mr. Edmund Arnold, above mentioned: Which was so brought in by the Officers of the Parish, at the Parochial Visitation, An. 1693. These three Houses so given, stand in Knightriders street; two of them are the first and second of the eight Tenements, called Erkenwald's Tenements; and the third is called the Stone House, with a Toft of Ground near adjoining. This held by Lease from Merton College, Oxon. The two former from the Dean and Chapter of St. Pauls. Which together, besides the Rents and necessary Taxes, are now worth 50l. a Year to the said Parish.

Arnold's Gift to St. Benets.

Arnold gave these three Houses, by his last Will, dated May the 6th, 1675. to the end that the Common Council Men, Churchwardens, and Overseers of the Poor, with six or eight others of the more substantial Parishioners, do yearly, out of the Profits, distribute 10l. per ann. to and among the Poor of the said Parish of St. Benets; 5l. yearly, to the Poor of St. Mary Magdalen, Old Fishstreet; and with the remaining Profits, yearly to put out poor Children of the said Parish of St. Benets, Apprentices, and for the setting them up when they come out of their time. Reserving 5l. per ann. for ever, to be paid to the Hospital of Bridewel, to the Use of the poor Boys, or other Children there.

This Gift was almost lost by some unjust Trustees, who refused to give Account of the Rents, and Receipts, and Disbursements, of and about the said Premisses, unto the Officers of the Parish. But at length, by the Pains and Industry of some, and chiefly Mr. Evan Pugh, one of the Inhabitants, recovered to the Parish, by a Decree in a Commission of charitable Uses. To which, when Exceptions were taken by the said Trustees in the Chancery, after three Years, and the Expence of 200l. the said Decree was confirmed in the said Chancery.

Mr. Evan Pugh.

In this Parish of St. Benets, in Thames street, stood Le Neve Inn, belonging formerly to John de Mountague, Earl of Salisbury: and after to Sir John Beauchamp, Kt. Granted to Sir Thomas Erpingham, Kt. of Erpingham in Norfolk, and Warden of the Cinque Ports, Knight of the Garter.]

Le Neve Inn.

Pet. le Neve, Norroy.

Pat 1 H. VI. pt. 3. m. 9.

West from this Church, by the South end of Adle street, almost against Puddle Wharf, there is one antient Building of Stone and Timber, builded by the Lords of Barkley, and therefore called Barkley's Inn. This House is now all in Ruin, and letten out in several Tenements; yet the Arms of the Lord Barkley remain in the Stone-work of an arched Gate; and is between a Chevron, Crosses ten, three, three, and four.

Barkley's Inn.

Richard Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick, was lodged in this House, then called Barkley's Inn, in the Parish of St. Andrew, in the Reign of Henry VI.

The Parish Church of St. ANDREW Wardrobe.


Then turning up towards the North is the Parish Church of St. Andrew in the Wardrobe, a proper Church.

St. Andrew in the Wardrobe.

This Church was Repaired and worthily Beautified, at the Cost and Charges of the Parishioners, in the Year of our Lord 1627. With a fair Window on the South side of the Church, with this Inscription.



This Window was glazed at the Charge of Peter Leonarts, the Elder, of East Smithfield, Brewer, Anno Domini 1627.]



It hath but few Monuments. Among which, we may venture to place that of John Wenlock. Who by his last Will, dated 1477. the 17th of Edw. IV. bequeathed his Body to be buried in the Parish Church of St. Andrew by Baynard Castle, where he had ordained his Tomb and Epitaph. And a Chauntry in that Church, to pray for the Soul of the Earl of Shrewsbury, and the Lady his Wife; for the Soul of John Wenlock, and Isabel his Wife, &c. He willed there should be expended upon a Tomb, near the Lady Shrewsbury, where she is buried before IHS 100l. if the Dean and Chapter of Pauls would give Licence thereunto.]
John Parut founded a Chauntry there.

John Wenlock buried here.

J. S.

Hic jacet Joannes Ley, Armiger, de Comitatu Wiltz. Qui obiit 7 die Junii, Anno Domini 1604. Ætat. suæ 54.

A plated stone under the Communion Table.

A. M.

Hic jacet Joannes Barnard, nuper Civis & Scissor Lond. ac Alionora & Alicia, uxores ejus. Qui quidem Joannes obiit 21 die Novemb. An. Dom. 1503.

The like stone by the other.