[Present State Queen Hith Ward. of this Ward.]219

[Present State Queen Hith Ward. of this Ward.]

Lambart Hill, a Place well built, and inhabited by private Housekeepers. Of this Hill, the West side, about half way, viz. unto Green Dragon Court, is in Castle Baynards Ward, and all the rest is in this Ward. In which is Green Dragaon Court, being now a Timber Yard, and hath a passage into Thames street. On this Hill is Blacksmiths Hall, a good handsome Building, and the Alms Houses are in Castle Baynards Ward, and there spoken of.

Lambart Hill.

Green Dragon Court.

Blacksmiths Hall.

St. Peter's Hill, spoken of in Castle Baynards Ward. In this there are but two Houses and the Church, which before the Fire of London, which destroyed it, was but small; and is not to be rebuilt, but the Parish is united to St. Benets Pauls Wharf, near adjoining.

St. Peter's Church.

Old Fishstreet, a good open broad Street, well built, and inhabited chiefly by Fishmongers, from whom it took its Name. The North side is in Breadstreet Ward, and the South in this. It was formerly a Street of greater Request than at present, and much resorted unto for Fish Dinners.

Old Fishstreet

Here is seated the Parish Church of St. Nicolas Cold Abby, a very handsome Free stone Building, with a neat Spire Steeple. And since its destroying by Fire, is better built than formerly. And to this Parish is united St. Nicolas Olaves, which is not built.

St. Nicolas Cold Abby Church.

Near unto Cole Abby Church, is Moor's Yard, a pretty good Place. And beyond Fishstreet hill is Star Court, which is but small, and hath a passage into Five Foot lane.

Moor's Yard.

Star Court.

Great Trinity lane comes out of St. Thomas Apostles, and runs Westwards to Old Fishstreet. A Place pretty well built and inhabited; the South side is only in this Ward, the North side in Breadstreet Ward.

Great Trinity lane.

Adjoining to the Lutheran Church, formerly Trinity Church, is a small Place, called Swedish Court: And more Eastwards is Jack's Alley, both narrow and mean; but this Alley is in Vintry Ward.

Swedish Court.

Jack's Alley.

There are to watch at the several Stands in this Ward, every Night, a Constable, the Beadle, and Forty Watchmen.

The Watch.

The Jurymen returned by the Inquest, for this Ward, are to serve in the several Courts at Guild Hall, in the Month of October.]

The Jury.

This Ward hath an Alderman, and his Deputy, Common Counsel, 6. Constables, 9. Scavengers, 8. Wardmote Inquest, 13. and a Beadle. It is taxed to the Fifteen in London, 20l. And in the Exchequer, at * 19l. 16s. 2d.

The Government.

*20l. First Edit.

The Alderman of this Ward is Sir John Fryer, Bart.