[St. Mary Somerset.] Queen Hith Ward. [S. John Evan. Monuments.]213

[St. Mary Somerset.] Queen Hith Ward. [S. John Evan. Monuments.]

On the other Side.

Sith Vertue her Immortal made     
Death (envying all that cannot dye)
Her earthly Parts did so invade     
As in it wrackt Self Majesty.
But so her Spirits inspir'd her Parts,
That She still lives in loyal Hearts.
I have fought a good Fight, I have finished my Course, &c.

The Parish Church of St MARY Somerset.


At the West End of that Church, going up a Lane, called Pyellane, on the same North side, at the South end of St. Mary Mounthaut lane, is the Parish Church of St. Mary Somerset; over against the Broken Wharf. It is a proper Church.


St. Mary Somerset.

And was repaired and beautified, in the Year of our Lord 1624.



Robert Violet,
Thomas Cumbers.

Dictum Thomæ Burtoni Rectoris Ecclesiæ, tempore reparationis & exornationis hujus Ædificii.

On a Table hanging close by the Pulpit.

Dominus Petra mea & Arx mea, & Liberator meus, Adjutor meus. Sperabo in eum. Psal 18. 2.

That is,

The Saying of Thomas Burton, Rector of the Church in the time of the Reparation and Beautfying of this Building.

The Lord is my Rock and my Fortress, my Deliverer, my Helper, I will hope in him. Psal. 18. 2.]

This Church was burnt down by the great Fire; was rebuilt, and finished Feb. 16. 1695. There is a handsome Font, which was given by John Tooly, Deputy of this Ward, 1699. the Foot pace of black and white Marble. He also wainscotted the Vestry; where his Coat of Arms is set up.




The Monuments are all defaced, except a Gravestone lately there laid, with this Inscription.


Here lieth buried the Body of Master Richard Randall, of this Parish. Who had Issue ly Margaret, his first Wife, four Sons and seven Daughters; one only Daughter surviving, named Joyce. He was by Freedome a Pewterer, by Trade a Brewer, and one of the Governors of Christ's Hospital. He departed this Life the 7th day of June, An. Domini 1616. being aged 75 Years.

A fair plated Stone in the Chancel, by the Communion Table.

A. M.

No cause to mourne, though here he lye,
That gave to many cause to cry.
For though his Body turn to Dust,
His Soul doth live among the Just.

Of these Monuments that antiently were erected in this Church, and long since defaced, and hitherto lost, I retrieve and restore these few that follow.

Monuments in this Church restored.

MS. D. H.

Sir George Mil. Garter.

Hic jacet Johannes Epus' Dromorensis, & Rector istius Ecclesie. Qui ob. 12 Jun. 1433.

J. S.

Hic jacet Thomas Cane, Notarius & Rector istius Ecclesie. Qui ob. 18 Sept. 1444.


John Blundel, sometime Citizen and Fruiterer of London; and Margaret and Alice his Wives. Which John died the 23d of May, 1474.

Johannes Ravening, Civis & Salter London. Et Johanna & Elizabetha Uxores ejus. Obiit ille 17 Feb. 1481.

Hic jacet Arthurus, filius & heres Dni. de Dacre. Qui ob. 26 die Aprilis, 1489.

Orate pro anima Johannis Denham, quondam Rectoris istius Ecclesie. Qui obiit 1511.

Benet Brocas, Servant to the Earl of Surrey, and Treasurer of England, desireth you to pray, &c.

Under this Inscription is the Coat of the Earl of Surrey, then a Coat Baron and Femme. 1. Within a Bordure engrailed Arg. the Field Sable, a Lion rampant gardant, Or. 2. Arg. two Brocks couchant, Az. A Flower de Lyse in the nombril Point.

Orate pro bono statu Benedicti Brocas, Generosi, & pro eorundem. Verum etiam ac Margarete nuper Uxoris, & filiorum filiarumq; mortuorum, An. Dom. 1511. Again,

Pray for the Soul of Benet Brocas, Gentleman, who dyed the 11th of Feuvrier, An. Dom. 1511. Cujus anime propitietur Deus. Amen.

Robert Hill, Grocer, kneeling in the Window.

Of your Charity pray for the Soul of Peter Baliell, Fesyscon [i.e. Physician] and Surgeon of London; and for the good Estate of Annis his Wife. The which Peter departed to God the 2d day of October, 1516.

Pray for the Soul of Thomas Hottby, Citizen and Grocer of London; Alice, Joan, and Margaret his Wives. Which Thomas died the 22d of March, An. Dom. 1528.

Pray for the Soul of Thomas Ungil, and Elizabeth his Wife. Which Thomas dyed the 6th of Novemb. 1537.

Here lyeth Frauncis Barantine, of Hasely, in the County of Oxford, Esquire. Who dyed the the 23d of Aug. 1557.

Here was also Queen Elizabeth's Monumental Memorial, with these Verses taken out of the Scripture.

Modern Monuments.

Psal. 112. The Righteous shall be had in everlasting Remembrance.

Prov. 6. The Memorial of the Just shall be blessed.

2 Tim. 4. 7, 8. I have fought a good Fight, I have finished my Course, &c.

Of late Times, within the Communion Rails, under a fair Stone, lies the Reverend Father in God, Gilbert Ironside, Bishop of Hereford, with this Inscription.

J. S.


H. S. E.
Reverendus admodum in Christo Pater GILBERTUS IRONSIDE, S.T.P. Coll. WADHAMENSIS, in Acad. Oxon. Guardianus