[S. Mary Monthaut.] Queen Hith Ward. [St. Michael Queen Hith.]212

[S. Mary Monthaut.] Queen Hith Ward. [St. Michael Queen Hith.]

an antient House, and large Rooms, builded of Stone and Timber, which sometime belonged to the Mounthauts in Norfolk. Radulphus de Maydenstone, Bishop of Hereford, about 1234. bought it of the Mounthauts, and gave it to the Bishops of Hereford, his Successors. Charles, both Bishop of Hereford, and Chancellor of the Marches, about the Year 1517. repaired it. Since the which time, the same is greatly ruinated, and is now divided into many small Tenements. The Hall and principal Rooms, are an House to make Sugar-loaves, &c.

The Parish Church of St. MARY Mounthaut.


Next adjoining is the Parish Church of St. Mary de Monte alto, or Mounthaut. This is a very small Church, and at the first, builded to be a Chappel for the said House of the Mounthauts, and for Tenements thereunto belonging. The Bishop of Hereford is Patron thereof.
This Church was in part new builded, and very much inlarged and beautified, in the Year of our Lord 1609.

St. Mary de Monte alto.

Partly new built.


Robert Plunker,
Mark Bateman.

Benefactors towards this Building.

Robert Bennet, Bishop of Hereford.
Sir William Craven.
Sir Thomas Middleton. And
Dr. Erwold.

In the Year 1610. this Church was wholly glazed, at the Cost rnd Charges of Tho. Tiler, Haberdasher, and Rich. Tichburne, Skinner.

In the South Ile of this Church, hanged a very fair Picture of King JAMES I. with the Figures of Peace and Plenty, on either side of him. Peace with her Olave Branch, and Plenty with her Sheaf of Wheat in their Hands. Being the Gift of the aforenamed Robert Plunker, then Churchwarden.]

This Parish, together with several other Parishes, hath a Gift of 8s. per ann. left by Randolph Bernard, and paid by the Ironmongers.


J. S.

A Legacy of Rob. Warner, 1688. a late Inhabitant of the Parish, of 40s. per ann. for the Poor.

There was a Parsonage before the Fire; rebuilt 1677. and let out for Forty Years at 10s. a Year, to Rob. Warner.


No other Houses or Glebe; but 10s. a Year in the Middle Row in Fishstreet, sold to the City; and little Account given of it.]


Monuments in this Church of John Glocester, Alderman, 1345. who gave Salt-wharf, for two Chauntries there.


John Skip, Bishop of Hereford, 1539. sate twelve Years; died at London in time of Parliament, and was buried in this Church.

There was sometime a fair House in the said Parish of St. Mary Mounthaut, belonging to Robert Belkenape, one of the King's Justices; but the said Belkenape being banished this Realm, King Richard II. in the 12th of his Reign, gave it to William Wickham, Bishop of Winchester.

Robert Belkenape's House given to W. Wickham.

On the East side of this Old Fishstreet Hill, is one great House, now letten out for Rent. Which House sometime was one of the Halls pertaining to the Company of Fishmongers, at such time as they had six Hall-motes or meeting Places. Namely, two in Bridge street, or New Fishstreet; two in Old Fishstreet, whereof this was one; and two in Stockfishmonger Row, or Thames street; as appeareth by a Record the 22d of Rich. II.

One old Hall of the Fishmongers.

Fishmongers Hall-motes, six in number.


Next Westward, is one other Lane, called Lambard Hill; the East side whereof is wholly of this Ward, and but half the West side; to wit, from the North end of the Blacksmiths Hall.

Lambard Hill.

Blacksmiths Hall.

The Parish Church of St. MICHAEL Queen Hith.


Then in Thames street, of this Ward, and on the North side, over against the Queen Hith, is the Parish Church of St. Michael, a convenient Church.

St. Michael at Queen Hith.

This Church was repaired and beautified, great Cost bestowed on the Roof, the East and West Windows new built and glazed, with other Repairs about it, at the Cost and Charge of the Parish, in the Year of our Lord 1615.



Miles Gunthorp,
Stephen Scot.

This Church was burnt down also in the great Fire, built again, and Trinity Parish laid to it. The Communion Table was given by Mr. John Oliver, 1682. Two Damask Table Cloths, a long time since given; the Donors unknown.


J. S.

Charitable Gifts and Benevolences are registred in this Parish, with the Names of the Benefactors; and laid out according to the intent of the Donors.


No Parsonage House belongs to this Parish, nor did before the Fire; nor any Glebe. Nor any in the Year 1636. for ought appeared in the Parochial Visitation that Year.]


All the Monuments in this Church are defaced.

I find that Stephen Spilman, Gentleman of that Family in Norfolk, sometime Mercer, Chamberlain of London, then one of the Sheriffs, and Alderman; in the Year 1404. deceasing without Issue, gave his Lands to his Family, the Spilmans, and his Goods to the making or repairing of Bridges, and other like godly Uses. And amongst others, to this Church, wherein he founded Chauntry, and was buried in the Quire.

Also Richard Marlow, Ironmonger, Maior 1409. gave 20l. to the Poor of this Ward, and ten Marks to the Church.

Richard Gray, Ironmonger, one of the Sheriffs 1515. gave 40l. to that Church, and was there buried.

His Monument yet remaineth.

Queen Elizabeth hath a Monument in this Church, with the Inscription following.

Many Daughters have done Vertuously, but thou excellest them all.

On the one Side.
Here lyes her Type, who was of late
The Prop of Belgia, Stay of France,
Spain's Foil, Faith's Shield, and Queen of Chance:
In brief, of Women nere was seen,
So great a Prince, so good a Queen.