[St. Nicolas.] Queen Hith Ward. [Monuments.]210

[St. Nicolas.] Queen Hith Ward. [Monuments.]

Here lye buried the Bodies of Dorothy Halye, late Wife of Robert Halye, of Ipswich, in the County of Suffolke, Merchant. And of William Wymer, Son of William Wymer, and Mary his Wife, Daughter of the said Robert and Dorothy. Which William the Son deceased the 19th day of August; and the said Dorothy the 20th day of September next following, An. Dom. 1601.

A fair plated Stone by the Communion Table.

Hic jacet Magister Wil. Sandhill, Canonicus Eccle. magni London. Et hujus Ecclesiæ quondam Rector. Qui obiit 26 die Mens. Augusti, An. Dom. 1445. Cujus animæ, &c.

A fair plated Stone under the Communion Table.

Hic jacet in cossa,     
putredo mortis & ossa,
Cum mulieris quie     
in cœlis vivit amœnè,
Ut puto per vitam     
morum signis redimitam,
Anno Milleno     
qt. i. C.X. quæ seno
Bisque die deno     
cum perit en Elena,
Cum quarto pleno,     
requiem tenet hic in ceno,
Quo cujus Jane     
consternis corpus inane.]

A fair pla ed Srone in the middle Ile.

Add these antient Epitaphs and Inscriptions, which have formerly been taken by a diligent Herald, from the Monuments in this Church of St. Nicolas Cold Abby; together with the Dates and Coats of Arms ingraven.

MS. D.H.

St. George Mil. Garter.

J. S.

Walter Turk, sometime Maior, deceased 1352.
Hic jacet humatus Walterus Turk, vocitatus,
Audax formosus, pulcher, Civis animosus,
Pauperibus fomes, Piscenarius, Vice-comes,
Post Aldermannus, quem multus prefuit annus,
Maior tarum fuit Londoniarum.
Anno milleno triceno tempore pleno
Exiit omnimodo, quinquagesimoq; secundo
Octobris requiem tricesimoq; diem.

On the dexter Side is the Coat; Gules, a Chevron, Or. between three Libbarts Heads, erazed of the same. On a Chief, Or. a Griffin passant, Azure.

Hic jacent Willielm. Goggeshale, nuper Civis & Piscenarius London. ac Elizabetha Uxor ejus, & Liberi eorum. Qui quidem Willielm. ob. 7 Feb. 1426.

The Coat of Arms being on the dexter Side, was a Saltier between four Ermin.

Thomas Paddington, Citizen and Fishmonger of London, ob. An. Dom. 1485. An. 3tio Ric. III. His Coat here ingraven was a Fesse Cottised between three Talbots.

Orate pro animabus Richardi Hunsher, Civis & Piscenarii; ac etiam Matilde nuper Consortis ejus. Qui quidem Richardus ob. ultimo Aprilis, An. Dom. 1500. Et eadem Matilda migravit ad Deum 14 Maii, 1493.
No Arms.

Here ben buried the Bodies of John Orenge, Gent. and Agnes hisWife. Which John deceased one Thousand * six hundred And Agnes his Wife, deceased the 3d of Jan. 1504.

*This must be an Error for Five hundred.

There stood also their Coat of Arms, Baron and Femme. Baron bears quarterly, 1. Three Nags in pale galloping. 2. Three Ducks or Mallards, as it seems. The 3d as the 2d, the 4th as the 1st.

Pray for the Soul of William Clark, Citizen and Fishmonger, and Gager of London; and Jane and Christian his Wives. Which William ob. June 23, 1505.

The Coat is a Chevron.

Upon another Gravestone, a Chevron between three Cranes.

Pray for the Soul of Thomas Nicolls, Citizen and Fishmonger of London; and of Christian his Wife. Which Thomas deceased 27. Dec. 1527.

His Coat was a Bend, cottised, charged with three Spread Eagles, between six Crosses croslets fitche.

Pray for the Soul of Roger Hunning, sometime Purveyor of Sea Fish for our Soveraign Lord King Henry the Eighth. And Margaret his Wife. He dyed the 3d of May, Anno Dom. 1541.

The Coat here was Baron and Femme. 1. Parted per pale and fesse, a Lion rampant counterchanged. 2. Quarterly, a Fesse with two Flower de Lyse, between four Flower de Lyse. Second Quarter, a Chevron charged with a Flower de Lyse between three Martlets. The 3d as the 2d, the 4th as the 1st.

Divers Coats of Arms in this Church; among the rest, Rich Buckland, Armig. and his Wife, Daughter of Beaupere. Staughton's Coat, &c.



Lately, since the Fire, was buried in the Chancel, Frances Loringe, late Wife of Charles Loringe, of St. Nicolas Olaves, 1699.     
E. P. 1704.

Late Monuments.

J. S.

Upon a Gravetone in the Chancel, before the Altar.

Reverendi Domini THOMÆ MERITON, Corpus hic reponitur; In Vita & Morte Pietatis Exemplum præbuit. Decessit 14 die Februarii, An. Dom. 1704. Ætat. 72.

Upon other Gravestones there, Inscriptions for Elizab. Aston, late Wife of Rob. Aston, Citizen and Fishmonger of London. Feb the 14th, 1708/9. Aged 43. And for Elizab. Ayliffe, late Wife of Joseph Ayliffe, Citizen and Sopemaker of London. Jan. the 18th, 1714/15. Aged 27.

William Low, Citizen and Fishmonger of London, departed May the 19th, 1715. Aged 49. As also three Sons and three Daughters of the said Low.



Gifts and Charities belonging to this Parish are these.


Two Houses burnt down, situate in the Parish; rebuilt upon a Ground Rent of 31l. per ann. Out of which there is a quit Rent of 2l. 12s. 8d. per ann. payable to St. Bartholomew's