[Benefactors.] Breadstreet Ward. [St. Mildreds.]201

[Benefactors.] Breadstreet Ward. [St. Mildreds.]

was her great delight, when alive, to draw near that holy Table, near which she now lies waiting for a joyful Resurrection.

Also Nutcomb Young, and John Nutcomb Young; the youngest of whom died in March, 1704.

A Grave stone before the Rails, for Richard Chase, Citizen and Grocer of London, Jan. 13. 1708/9. Ætat. suæ 65.

A Grave stone in the middle Ile, for Rich. Bagnal, Esq; Salter of London; Oct. 14. 1702. Aged 75.

And Richard Bagnal his Son, April 27, 1704. Aged 31.

And Mary Bagnal, Relict of the abovesaid Richard Bagnal, Esq. December the 7th, 1710. Aged 63.

In the 23d of Henry VIII. the 17th of August, two Priests of this Church fell at variance, that the one drew Blood of the other. Wherefore the same Church was suspended, and no Service sung or said therein, for the space of one Month after; the Priests were committed to Prison, and the 15th of October being injoined Penance, went before a general Procession, bare-headed, bare-footed, and bare-legged, before the Children, with Beads and Books in their Hands, from Pauls, through Cheap, Cornhill, &c.]

Church suspended.

The Steeple of this Church had sometime a fair Spire of Stone, but taken down upon this Occasion. In the Year 1559. the 5th of September, about Noon or Mid-day, fell a great Tempest at London, in the end whereof happened a great Lightning, with a terrible clap of Thunder, which struck the said Spire about nine or ten Foot beneath the top thereof: Out of the which place fell a Stone, that slew a Dog, and overthrew a Man that was playing with the Dog. The same Spire being but little damnified thereby, was shortly after taken down, for sparing the Charges of Reparation.

Spire of Alhallows Steeple smitten by Tempest.



Gifts and Bequests of several Persons to the Parish of Alhallows Breadstreet, London, and the several Uses: Viz.

Anno 9 Eliz. Mr. William Hitchcock gave out of the Moryans Head in Breadstreet, Lond. for 50 Years, five Marks per Ann. confirmed by Henry Brown, Esq; and by him given to the Parish for ever.

Mr. John Worthington.

An. 1588. Mr. Alex. Every gave 50l. to be let out towards Reparations of the Church, 40s. per Ann.

An. 1601. Mr. David Cocke gave to the Company of Salters, 100l. to be lent to two young Men of the Company, 50l. apiece; to pay for each 50l. the Sum of 23s. 4d. per ann. Out of which, the Company are to pay, for the Reparation of the Church, 40s. per Ann.

An. 1604. Mr. William Price gave a House in Breadstreet, Lond. wherein one John Green lived, the Rent 20l. per ann. Out of which, for a Lector on Sundays Forenoon, he gives for ever 13l. 6s. 8d. per ann. The residue of the Rent he gives for Reparation of the Church, and Relief of the Poor; viz. 6l. 13s. 4d. This Tenement is reduced by Fire to 10l. per ann. He gave also for ever, out of the Crooked Image, a Quitrent of 26s. 8d. per ann. which is to be paid to the six Alms-men of Salters Hall.

An. 1616. Mr. William Parker gave 100l. to make a Stock to be employ'd; the Benefit thereof to be for Reparation of the Church.

An. 1625. Mr. John Dunster gave, to be laid out in Lands or Tenements, 200l. the Rents and Profits to be for Reparation of the Church.

Sir Henry Martin, Judge of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, decreed out of the Estate of Robert Gray, deceased without Will, for the Use and Benefit of the Poor and Parish Church, 100l.

An. 1640. Mr. Edw. Rudge gave 200l. to purchase Lands and Tenements. The Profits to be for maintenance of a Lecturer Sundays in the Afternoon; to be chosen by the major part of the Parish Houses.

An. 1651. The Lady Middleton gave 100l. to pay 6l. per ann. to Thursday's Lecture, as appears buy Order of Vestry.

Mr Anthony Wright gave to this Parish 20l.

An. 1641. With 500l. of the Monies before specifed, was purchased a House in Breadstreet, London, called the Blue Bell; which was sold again to Mr. H. Sayer, in November, 1654. for 420l.

Ann. 1655. With the said Sum of 420l. and the remainder of the Monies before specified, was purchased a House in Cannon street, called the Three Legs. The Rent receiv'd thereof was 40l. per Ann. but being burnt by the dreadful Fire, Anno 1666. the Ground Rent was decreed by the Judges, at 18l. per ann. for sixty one Years, from Michaelmas 1668.

An. 1647. Mr. Simon Wood gave out of the Red Cross, Oak Tree, and Black spread Eagle in Watling street, London, a Rent charged at 4l. per ann. for the Uses following: Viz. For a Sermon Nov. the 5th yearly, 1l. For Ringers that Day, yearly, 6s. 8d. For Ringers in Commemoration of Queen Elizabeth, November the 17th, 6s. 8d. To the Clerk or Sexton for attending the Ringers that Day, making clean the Brass Branch given by the said Mr. Wood, and cleaning Mr.Stocke's and Mr. Price's Monuments, 6s. 8d. For Candles for the Brass Branch, and other Places in the Church, 1l. per ann. And for a Sermon and Ringers, yearly, on July the 25th, in memory of defeating the Spanish Armada, 1588. 1l.

An. 1629. Mr. Daniel Ellyott, gave out of the Manor of Stuc Minster Marshal, in the County of Essex, 20l. per ann. for ever, for Thursday Lecture in the Afternoon, every Week in the Year, to be chosen by the Parish.

An. 1656. Thomas Hussey, Esq; gave 50l. towards purchasing a House for the Parson or Lecturer; which 50l. was laid out by Order of Vestry, in Aug. 1658. for raising a new Room for the Minister over the old Vestry, and repairing his Study.

An. 1671. Mr. John Lane gave to this Parish 50l. which was ordered by Vestry, the 18th of April, 1673. to be laid out in Plate for the Use of this Parish.]

On the same side is Slaters Hall, with six Alms-houses in number, builded for poor decayed Brethren of that Company. This Hall was burned in the Year 1539. and again re-edified.

Salters Hall.

The Parish Church of St. MILDRED in Breadsteet.


Lower down on the same Side, is the Parish Church of St. Mildred the Virgin.

St. Mildred.

This Church was Repaired, and very worthily beautified, in the Year of our Lord 1628.

Repaired and beautified.