[The present State Faringdon Ward within. of this Ward.]197

[The present State Faringdon Ward within. of this Ward.]

good resort. Phenix Court, and Gingerbread Court, both small and ordinary.

Phenix Court.

Gingerbread Court.

St. Austin's Church, it was wholly consumed in the great Fire of London, and is now beautifully rebuilt, with a most neat Spire, of curious Workmanship. To this Parish, is that of St. Faiths under St. Pauls united.

St. Austins Church.

Passing out of this Street, through St. Austin's Gate, (which Name it retaineth, although the Gate, since the Fire of London, is not built, but lieth open) you enter into St. Paul's Churchyard; a spacious Place, and on all sides begirt with with very good Buildings, inhabited by great Traders. The East and South sides generally by Wolen Drapers and Cane Chair Sellers. Part of the East side is taken up by Pauls School, a fine and large Building of Free-stone, and held in great Esteem for the well training up of Youth in Learning. The North side, which is the most spacious, especially from the North Door to the East, is taken up by Booksellers. And the West side fronteth Ludgate street, where it is very spacious, and hath a very beautiful Prospect, from St. Pauls now finished.]

St. Paul Church Yard.

St. Pauls School.

There are to watch at the several Stands in this Ward, every Night, one Constable, a Beadle, and Forty Watchmen.

The Watch.

The Jury returned by the Inquest, for this Ward, are to serve in the several Courts holden in the Guild Hall, in the Month of September.

The Jury.

It hath an Alderman, his Deputy, Common Council, 12. Constables, 17. Scavengers, 18. Wardmote Inquest, 18. and a Beadle. And is taxed to the Fifteen in London, at 50*l. † And in the Exchequer, at 53l. 6s. 8d.

The Government.

*54l. First Edit.

†This Clause left out in the after Editions.

The Alderman of this Ward is Sir William Withers, Kt.