[The Black Friers.] Faringdon Ward within. [The Persons Slain.]190

[The Black Friers.] Faringdon Ward within. [The Persons Slain.]

selves like unto God, when we are scarce Men.

Neither is this Pride simplex peccatum, a single and simple Sin, but it draws after it Excess and Riot, as it were with a Cart-rope: Unto which Luxury of ours, neither Persian nor Roman were equal. After which follow Fornication and Adulteries, which are so frequent in this Place, that in vain may we speak of the Bordellas of Rome, or the Stews of Venice, since the Suburbs of this sinful City, are as bad as the Suburraes of Rome and Venice.

Moreover, our Drunkenness is such, that although our Eyes look red, and our Hearts are as fat as Brawn with drinking of Wine, yet, we rise up early to drink strong Drink. Which when it hath inflamed our Blood and Spirits, we are ready, with Lot, to fall unto all Pollution and Uncleanness.

And last of all, we are so uncharitable, so stony-hearted and close-fisted, that we may be fitly compared unto lumps of Clay, tempered with Blood; although we are Statues of Flint, without the Blood or Life and Charity.

For this Cause, repent, O England, repent, O London! repent Protestants, repent Papists, for your Transgressions and Offences! Repent, repent; for by these wonderful Signs and Tokens, it doth apear most clearly, that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

A Note of such Persons as were slain by the fall of the Room wherein they were, in the Black Friers, at Father Drury's Sermon, Octob. the 26th, 1623.


MAster Drurie the Priest.
Mr. Redyate the Priest.
Lady Webbe.
Lady Blackstone's Daughter.
Thomas Webbe, her Man.
William Robinson, Taylor.
Robert Smith, Master Hick's Man the Apothecary.
Mr. Davison's Daughter.
Anthony Hall his Man.
Ann Hobdin, }
Mary Hobdin, } Lodging in Mr. Davison's House.
John Galloway, Vintner.
Mr. Pierson, }
His Wife, } In Robin Hood Court, in Shooe lane.
Two Sons. }
Mrs. Vudall. }
Abigal her Maid. }
Two more in her House. }
John Netlan, a Taylor.
Nathaniel Coales.
John Halifaxe.
Mrs. Rugbie in Holborn.
John Worral's Son in Holborne.
Mr. Becket, a Cornish Man.
Thomas Mersit, his Wife, and his Son and Maid. In Mountague Close.
Mrs. Summel, and Mary her Maid. In Black Friers.
Andrew White's Daughter, in Holborn.
Mr. Staker, Taylor, in Salisbury Court.
Elizab. Sommers, in Gray's Inn lane.
Mr. Westwood.
Judeth Bellowes.
A Man of Sir Lues Pemberton's.
Elizabeth Moore, Widdow.
John James.
Morris Beucresse, Apothecary.
Davie Vaughan.
Anne Field.
Mr. Ployden.
Robert Heisime.
One Medalfe.
Mr. Maufeild.
Mr. Simons.
Dorothy Simons.
Thomas Simons, a Boy.
Robert Pauerkes.
Anne Davison.
Anthony Hall.
Mrs. Morton and her Maid.
Francis Downes.
Edmond Shey.
Josua Perry.
John Tullye.
Robert Drury.
Thomas Draper.
John Staiggs.
Thomas Elis.
Michael Butler, in Woodstreet.
Edmund Rivals.
Edmund Welsh.
Bartholomew Bauin.
Davie, an Irish Man.
Richard Price.
Thomas Wood.
Christopher Hobbs.
Elizabeth Astime.
John Butler.
Clarentia, a Maid.
Jane Turner.
Mrs. Milbourne.
Frithwith Anne.
Mrs. Elton.
Mrs. Walsteed.
Margaret Barrom.
Henry Becket.
Sarah Watson.
John Bethoms.
Mr. Harris.
Mrs. Tompson.
Richard Fitguist.
George Ceaustour.
Mr. Grimes.
One Barbaret, }
One Huckle, }
Walter Ward, } inquired for.
Rigaret. }
John Brabant, a Painter in Little Britain.
A Man-servant of Mr. Bucket's, a Painter in Aldersgate street.]

One that was saved in this dreadful downfal of the House at Black Friers, was John Gee, M.A. who when all about him were slain, and he involved and covered with heaps of Rubbish, and dead Carcasses, by wonderful Providence escaped without Hurt. This Man went thither, not so much out of Zeal to the Popish Religion (which he had now left) as out of Curiosity to hear Father Drury preach. Upon this his singular Deliverance, he wrote a Book, entituled, The Foot out of the Snare: Wherein he detected sundry late Practices and Impostures of the Priests and Jesuits then in London, and other Places in England. And said he penned the said Writing, as a Monument of his Thankfulness.

A Note of John Gee, that escaped in this Ruine.

J. S.

Yet some others that escaped, were so zealous, that they repined at their Deliverance, and pretended to be sorry they had not been among the Slain. And the Reason they gave was, because since that Accident, after every Mass, (whereof there were great Numbers then said) the Priest or Clerk started up presently upon the Benediction, and called aloud to the People to say three Pater-nosters, and three Ave Maries, for those that died at Black Friers. So that they thought it could not otherwise choose, but their Souls must soon be

And others.